Big E Reveals When He Found Out About WWE Title Cash-In

WWE Champion Big E recently spoke with Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report and said going to RAW for the Money In the Bank cash-in on Bobby Lashley was a last minute decision.

Big E announced via Twitter on Monday morning that he would be cashing in on the WWE Champion later that night. He noted that when he started the loop of live events, he was supposed to be home Monday morning, but was then told at the last minute he was going to RAW instead. He also revealed that there was the possibility of just teasing a cash-in on RAW or going back to SmackDown to cash in on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.


"When I started this loop, my intention was that I was supposed to be home Monday morning after the live event Sunday and I realized I was going to Raw last minute," Big E said. "That was a bit of a last-minute decision. There was also the option of maybe I go out there and do some teasing and come back later when it's time to actually cash in or go back to SmackDown and cash in there.

"I wasn't really sure. It was an afternoon, that day decision and it all happened very, very quickly. For me, it was definitely not something that was set in stone days and days ahead."

It was noted how few Money In the Bank winners have announced the date of their cash-in ahead of time and were successful, and none have done it earlier in the day. Big E said he hopes this cash-in sets the tone for a special title reign as he wants to do things uniquely.


"I just want to do things uniquely," he said. "I think a lot of people clamored for me to be a world champion or to be in this position but that I needed to be more serious and fit a certain mold. One of my things as a performer is that what I learned in our journey was, honestly, it was so much more rewarding to do it our way.

"There were so many people back in 2014 that said we needed to be a certain way or carry ourselves a certain way or that Kofi should get rid of me and Woods. We were stubborn about wanting to do things our way in a way that felt right and genuine to us. Those are lessons I carried over as a singles competitor. I want my run to feel unique. I don't want to feel like I had to shave off the edges of who I am and to fit a certain mold. It felt like a bit of a unique way to handle the cash-in and I want my championship run to have a bit of that same feeling."