Big E WWE Roster Update, Backstage Note On His WWE Title Win, Big E Talks Roster Status

New WWE Champion Big E is officially a member of the RAW roster now.

It was believed that Big E would be moved to the red brand after successfully cashing in his Money In the Bank briefcase on Bobby Lashley this past Monday, but WWE has now moved him to the RAW roster on their website.

It's always possible that Big E and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will switch brands in the 2021 WWE Draft that takes place next month, but nothing has been reported on that direction. As noted, the Draft will begin with the SmackDown from Baltimore on October 1, and then wrap with the RAW from Nashville on October 4.

We noted earlier this week, via Mat Men's Andrew Zarian, that Big E's WWE Title win was supposed to happen during the original WWE Draft date for RAW. Zarian has since clarified, noting that the plan has always been for Big E to be on the red brand. The WWE Draft was originally scheduled to happen earlier this month, but it was moved. WWE officials kept the plan for Big E to cash in his Money In the Bank briefcase to win the WWE Title.

Big E spoke with Bleacher Report's Graham Matthews this week and indicated that he wasn't 100% clear on his roster status, but he was assuming that he was moving to RAW.

"That is a great question," Big E said. "My assumption is that I'm now a Raw guy. Until I hear differently, that's my assumption. I really loved my time on blue. I think I was on SmackDown for the last four years. I'm really appreciative, I love that show, and such an incredible roster. But now it looks like my time is here on Raw and I'm excited to do all the things with Kofi and Woods. There's a whole different avenue of guys I can mix it up with now. As far as I know, again, 99.95 percent of me wants to say I'm purely a Raw guy, but as I'm sure you know, in this business and in this industry, you never really quite know."

It will be interesting to see if Big E makes one final blue brand appearance this Friday, but WWE has not announced him for the show as of this writing.

Stay tuned for more.