Brian Cage’s Wife Melissa Santos Says He Is Being Misused In AEW

Former Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground talent Melissa Santos feels like AEW is misusing her husband, Brian Cage.

Santos took to Twitter today and posted a quick clip where she said her husband is a Superstar, but being misused right now.

"You see, Brian Cage is a superstar," Santos began. "Those people who know him from indies, Impact, Lucha Underground, where I met him, know that he's a superstar. All you have to do is Google him and watch all his matches, [including] PWG. He's a superstar and he's being misused right now."

Santos later posted a screenshot from a Q&A that a writer named Doug Maynard published on his website. She tagged the official AEW and AEW On TNT Twitter accounts in the post and captioned it with, "I'm just going to leave this right here. @AEW @AEWonTNT #briancage."

The question asked, "Is AEW misusing Brian Cage? He should be on a Brock Lesnar level ripping through talent with Taz being his mouthpiece."

The writer responded with, "Cage is, to me, lost in the shuffle right now in AEW. He and Powerhouse Hobbes could be an excellent tag team and Cage in his own right is a top guy in every sense of the word. AEW just hasn't seemed to realize that yet. Hopefully, once the dust settles from all the new arrivals, Cage will get his opportunity and have a chance to shine."

Cage responded to Santos' tweet with the writer's Q&A screenshot, and made it clear that she didn't write it, she just posted it and agreed with it. He did not reference her video clip where she said he's being misused, or any of her other tweets.

"Everyone who has an opinion on this (which you are rightfully allowed to do so)I just wanted to inform you all that Melissa didn't write that statement about me being misused, she's just posting and agreeing with it," Cage wrote.

Cage also responded to the screenshot post with a Will Smith GIF, indicating that he agreed with what was said.

One fan responded to the screenshot post and asked Cage how he thinks re-posting it will help him.

"Who said it would," he wrote back.

Santos responded to that same fan post and wrote, "I don't know if it will but as his wife I had to say it. It's special and deserves respect. Period!"

Another fan wrote that he thinks Cage and Lance Archer are the most misused wrestlers in AEW right now, and that he hopes things change.

"That's a deja vu conversation," Cage responded.

Santos agreed with another fan who said Archer is in the same situation as Cage.

One fan criticized Santos for her posts and she responded, "Or maybe he is my husband and I know what I'm talking about?? Just a thought right?"

Santos also responded to a fan who said her video clip was the wrong kind of attention needed. She responded, "Ooooooohhhh you think this is bad attention? His wife making an opinion on this career that I'm well connected with??? Oh really? Tell me what attention you think he needs? I'll wait..."

Another fan commented that AEW gave Cage so many chances but he failed to click with the audience, and that you can't blame AEW for not trying time and time again. Santos responded, "Oh yes you can. They control the narrative. You clearly have no idea what ur talking about."

Santos also used the "#freebriancage" hashtag and agreed with a fan who wrote, "When he came into the company he should have destroyed the entire locker room. The guy invents moves! Who else can say they do that? And then he's super safe! The guy is a champion. And for the record you two are missed!"

Santos was also asked if she watched Cage's match with Adam Page, which could've been Cage's win on the April 28 Dynamite or Page's win at Double Or Nothing. She responded, "Yes it was amazing. He has been there 2 years and you literally can only mention that match. That is the issue here."

Santos made several related tweets, which you can also see below.

Cage, who signed with AEW in January 2020, is currently feuding with Team Taz after being booted from the group back in July. He dropped the FTW Title to Ricky Starks at Fyter Fest Night 1 on July 14. Since then he has worked 4 AEW matches – an Elevation win over Rickey Shane Page on the August 9 episode, an Elevation win over Joe Keys on the August 16 episode, an Elevation win over Anthony Bowens on the August 30 show, and a loss to Powerhouse Hobbs on the September 1 Dynamite. A vignette aired on this week's Dynamite to continue the Cage vs. Starks feud.

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