Charlotte Flair Explains Why She Wants To Be “The Female John Cena”

In a recent interview with DAZN, RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair was asked if she views herself on the level of John Cena.

Charlotte prefaced her response by giving Cena his props, but went onto admit that she does aspire to be "the female John Cena" and "embody WWE" both inside and outside the ring.

"First, I want to say there will never be another John Cena," Charlotte said. "He has meant that much to the industry. But I do know when I first started, and to this day, that is who I want to mold myself after and be like. Unfortunately, I am a bad guy on camera, and Cena is the ultimate good guy. But I never lose that density or passion of wanting to embody WWE, wanting to do as much on the outside, for instance, media and the Special Olympics.

"There's so many community events that we take part in. I hope to be mentioned in the same sentence as him. He's John Cena. I'm a talent in the same company as him. Not even a peer but as a co-worker, and I still say it like that. He's John Cena. Yes, I want to be the female John Cena. And if people say that, then I'm going to continue, even if I don't feel like I've gotten there yet, but I'm going to continue to work as hard and feel that I want to be that way with everything I do."

When asked about Roman Reigns recently taking credit for SummerSlam breaking several records, The Queen said: "I'm pretty sure everyone was on their feet when I won for the 12th time. Roman has had an incredible year. There are levels to this, but I'm on a different level myself."

On this week's RAW, Charlotte lost to Nia Jax in singles action. The match received a lot of attention on social media, with some fans speculating if the two Superstars were shooting on each other.