Chelsea Green Recalls WWE Tough Enough Producers Having Her Kiss Contestant On The Show

Before she officially signed with WWE in 2018, Chelsea Green was a contestant on the sixth season of Tough Enough in 2015. On the latest episode of the Green With Envy podcast, Green discussed her time on the show.

While Green at first stated that she had never gotten used to having the microphone attached to her, she corrected herself and noted that she may have gotten a little too comfortable with it. Green admits that she had gotten in quite a bit of trouble with WWE and the producers of the show from a moment where she was talking with some of the other contestants and forgot that she still had her microphone on. While speaking with Giorgia "Gigi" Piscina and Mandy Rose, Green advised them not to stress about the competition.

"They were stressing about like are we going to be voted off of Tough Enough and this and that," Green said. "I said to them, 'like guys, this reality TV show is so fake, and so planned, trust me they have already decided on who is winning'."

Green got heat with the producers for that statement since the entire competition is about being stressed and nervous about being voted off.

The microphone was on at all times, even when going to the bathroom, Green said. She felt that the producers played with the emotions of the characters by taking full control of the area. She noted that the competitors had all fought to get their phones back after the producers had taken them away at the start of the show. They eventually got the phones back after about a week and a half.

"The producers control all the light switches, there are no clocks so you can never tell what time it is, there are no windows so you really do not know what the f–k is going on," Green stated. "All to up the drama a little more."

Green admitted that some contestants were hooking up during the show. She revealed that the producers had her kiss a contestant on the show, which she hated.

"Yeah, definitely," Green replied when asked if contestants were hooking up. "I didn't, but like that definitely happened.

"I actually had to kiss somebody on-camera that producers chose who that would be and they forced that on me and that was really awkward and really uncomfortable. Me and the guy both hated it. It was not at all cute."

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