Chris Jericho Reveals Elimination Chamber Was Originally Supposed To Be WarGames

AEW star Adam Cole recently sat down with Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast to reflect on his WWE career and look forward to his AEW career. Jericho had revealed an influence Cole had had for one of his matches, and he revealed why Vince McMahon never did a WarGames match.

"When we had our Blood & Guts WarGames match, I watched your WarGames match just to try and get some ideas of a modern day version," Jericho revealed. "You can watch the ones from the '80s, which is one mindset, then I watched your guys' version, great job, great match. Just a little tidbit, Elimination Chamber was originally going to be WarGames, but Vince didn't want to do WarGames because he said it was too WCW, so then we created our own. Hunter (Triple H) always wanted to do WarGames, and then he brings it to NXT and there you go."

The Elimination Chamber was created by Triple H and introduced by Eric Bischoff in 2002. NXT brought in WarGames in 2017, Cole last competed in a WarGames match against Pat McAfee's team. Cole talked about his experience in WarGames matches.

"That was so awesome because I actually just arrived in NXT," Cole noted. "My first appearance there was at a Takeover. The next Takeover was the first WarGames so was thrown right into the fire there, but man, I was so pumped. I was such a fan of those matches and watching those matches, and then thinking about, like what you said, how to modernize it in some ways, was really interesting.

"And I liked that, so far in NXT, I've been and the Undisputed Era has been in every single WarGames match, so it's been cool and challenging to make it a little bit different. I felt this way every single time where right before the match starts, the sirens go off and the cage's lowering and getting set up, and just the buzz in the arena was always a little bit different. They were like, oh, we're gonna see some violence. I am terrified of heights, so the fact that I've somehow ended up getting thrown off the top in every single one was a little disheartening."

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