Doudrop recently spoke with Alistair McGeorge of Metro UK and revealed how she wasn’t sure about her new ring name when she was first brought to WWE RAW from the WWE NXT UK brand.

The former Piper Niven debuted on RAW back on June 14, and the Doudrop name was confirmed the following week. Doudrop is currently feuding with Eva, and has her own theme song. Fans were worried about Doudrop when her storyline with Eva and the new name were revealed. She noted in the interview that she shared that concern with fans.

“When it was first pitched to me, not gonna lei, I was bit like, ‘Ah OK, I’m not really sure about this, but OK’. It did take me a minute to get comfortable with it,” she said.

Doudrop added that getting her own theme song and seeing younger fans respond positively is what made everything click. She noted that she’s very happy with the gimmick now, and she believes fans will feel the same way in a few months.

“I saw the kids dancing. We do this thing with the Doudrops, and to see them do that – I was like, I really understand this now,” she said. “I get who Doudrop is and who she’s supposed to be, and I’m super comfortable with it and I’m super happy. I know a lot of people are still resistant to the name change but just give me a couple of months and you’re gonna be like, ‘I love Doudrop.'”

Doudrop revealed that she had just three weeks notice before she had to move from the UK to Florida to begin her main roster run.

The 30 year old Scottish wrestler also revealed a moment from her first meeting with WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, recalling how Vince howled with laughter when she offered the perfect explanation of a wrestler’s job. Vince promised Doudrop that they would have a lot of fun with her new character on RAW.

“I met him on the first day that I got to Raw and I was super scared because obviously I’ve been a wrestling fan for the majority of my life,” she said. “He was super cool, he just said, ‘Welcome to Raw, so glad that you could come over, we’re gonna have a lot fun with your character.’ I was like, ‘Oh good, I like to have fun, I consider myself a professional play fighter’, and he was just [laughing and applauding].”

Doudrop continued and said the boss always seems very happy with her when she returns backstage.

‘So that was a really cool experience! He’s always super happy with me when I come back and seems to absolutely love it when I kill people so I’m just gonna keep doing that!,” she added.