EC3 Says Adam Scherr “Has To Kill Braun Strowman”

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with EC3 ahead of Free The Narrative 2: The Monster In Us All this Saturday night on FITE. Hausman noted that EC3 and Adam Scherr, f.k.a. Braun Strowman, will main event the show, but EC3 made a correction on that statement.


"It's not really a main event," EC3 noted. "The Narrative doesn't have main events. This is not a wrestling show, per se. This is an experience. It is the final fight on the Free The Narrative feature, for sure, but by no means is it a wrestling match, by no means is there a paid audience in an arena or a stadium, by no means is there a timekeeper or security, by no means is there any authority in the ring. There's no referee. This is a fight, and the fight isn't just between myself and Adam Scherr. The fight is between Adam Scherr and the monster within him."

Free The Narrative will be Scherr's first major appearance since being released by WWE. During the build-up to EC3 and Scherr's fight, a theme of self discovery has been highlighted, and EC3 gave more details to his upcoming confrontation with Scherr.


"Whether friend or foe, in The Narrative, you fight because again, the fight isn't against an opponent in the ring. The fight is against the person inside you, and Adam Scherr is going through an awakening right now," EC3 said. "He's lost everything that has meant something to him. He's not only lost his cushy job as being a star in a corporate wrestling world, but he's also lost friends.

"He's lost family along the way, and the only person that's accountable for that is himself. So in Free The Narrative: The Monster In Us All, Adam Scherr is going to have to confront him himself, the creation that he's become. He's not his own man. He was created. He was created in a sports entertainment lab by a mad scientist. He's Victor Frankenstein's monster, and to eventually get past that, to move forward with his life and his career, he has to kill what's been created. He has to kill Braun Strowman. He has to kill the monster. I'm just happy to assist."

In one of EC3's pre-match promos, he told Scherr that he was not "his creator's favorite son" and referenced Roman Reigns. Scherr and Reigns had a longstanding feud with Reigns for the WWE Championship but was never successful in his pursuit. EC3 spoke on referencing Vince McMahon and Reigns.


"By no stretch of the imagination, the chosen son is Roman, the top star in wrestling and rightfully so," EC3 stated. "He's extremely talented, has all the tools, all the intangibles and the work ethic to be that top star, and I know Adam very well and I know that he looked up to his creator as a father figure, but I also know that the father figure probably looked at him as the the step son more so than the actual son, so to speak. So to light a fire under his ass, I kind of hit him where it would the most, and that's the emotional aspects. He's a monster, yes, but he has emotions. He seeks acceptance. He seeks the love of others, and perhaps, it wasn't reciprocated on the end of the person that he looked up to so much, his father figure."

EC3 presents Free The Narrative 2: The Monster In Us All this Saturday night on FITE. You can follow him on Twitter @TheRealEC3.

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