On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with Heels star Allen Maldonado. The main star of Heels is Stephen Amell, who has wrestled matches in WWE and at All In. Maldonado discussed what it was like to work with Amell on the Starz series.

“Just an incredible actor – I’ll start there. Everybody on the show, we’re following his lead,” Maldonado stated. “He’s the captain of the ship, and he sets the tone just acting-wise, and being really really present, and having this great grasp on a character. And it kind of just trickles down on everyone.

“And then, also, being able to have the experience of actually wrestling in the WWE. That’s something that none of us can even fathom at this point. His education, his experience, his leadership, I’m honored to be a part of Stephen Amell’s show. Everyone on the cast is pretty much jockeying off or bouncing off of his energy.”

One of the other stars of Heels is AEW star CM Punk. Maldonado described what Punk is like behind the scenes, and he revealed whether or not he got to pick Punk’s brain about pro wrestling.

“Punk’s cool, man. I actually didn’t have any scenes with CM, but I got to be on set with him a couple of times and kind of just talked about wrestling, talking about different things,” Maldonado said. “He’s an incredible, incredible, dude. Super cool. That’s always great when you meet people that you are fans of and they’re just great people, as well as the talents that you fell in love with. We were just having great conversation. We really didn’t even get into the wrestling part. It was kind of later on in the season. Not to say that I wouldn’t have taken any advice, but we were just kind of having a conversation amongst men.”

Amell has revealed that he has been “poking and prodding” Cody Rhodes about an in-ring return. Hausman asked Maldonado if he would like to see the cast of Heels in an AEW ring.

“I would love it. I’m an action junkie,” Maldonado noted. “Anything like that would be right up my alley. I have to try to convince James [Harrison] to do it, but I would love to get in there and actually do a real match, just to have fun, just to knock it off the bucket list.”

A brand new episode of Heels premieres every Sunday night, 10/9c, on Starz

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