Impact Wrestling Results: X Division Title Tournament Match, Street Fight, Women’s Tag

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- Video package hyping Josh Alexander vs. Impact World Champion Christian Cage at Bound for Glory.

- Earlier today, Christopher Daniels enters the building.

Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne (X Division Tournament Title Match)

Winner heads to Bound for Glory as one of three wrestler who will battle for the vacant X Division Championship. All three getting in shots, couple hurricanranas from everyone, triple dropkick (nobody hits), triple kip-up and the three pause for a moment. Zayne with an ankle pick on Miguel, twisting shooting star by Zayne on Miguel. Trey out to the floor, so Laredo and Zayne wrestle on in the ring. Laredo with a single-leg drop kick to get rid of Zayne. Miguel gets back in the ring and lands a hurricanrana.

Laredo to the apron, Miguel with a hurricanrana over the ropes, sending Laredo down to the floor. Zayn with an asai moonsault on both guys. Zayne takes down both guys, Miguel ends up on the second rope and drops Zayne to the mat. He goes to the top, Laredo blasts him with a forearm and heads up, Miguel flapjacks Laredo down. Zayne leaps over Laredo, but gets shoved down to the mat.Miguel with a muta lock on Zayne. That gets broken up, multiple pin attempts by Laredo.

Laredo lifts Zayne, he fights out of it and hits a german suplex on him. Miguel grabs Zayne's hands hops up to the top rope, Laredo also goes up top and sends Miguel down. Zayne with a powerbomb on Laredo. Miguel back up and double stomps to the back of Zane's neck. Laredo hits a wild cutter off the top rope on Miguel, bringing him down on Zayne, cover, two. Zayne with a wild flipping slam on Laredo, cover, Miguel kicks him off and Zayne goes out to the floor. Miguel up top, meteora, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Trey Miguel wins and advances to Bound for Glory

- Backstage, Matt Morris cuts a promo about watching Laredo Kid and how he creates art in the ring. He says he knows Laredo isn't hiding behind the mask, it's just the world doesn't understand lucha libre. He says next week, he wants Laredo to comes to his canvas and show the world their art. Looks like a match challenge.

- Earlier today, we see medical staff checking on Sami Callihan after the backstage attack from W. Morrissey and Moose that has taken him out of action. Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey is a Street Fight and Moose is banned from ringside.

- Backstage, Eddie Edwards cuts a promo and says tonight things will end once and for all between him and Morrissey. He's then coming for Moose next.

Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne vs. Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering (Number One Contenders Match)

Dashwood and Ellering get things started, Ellering working over Dashwood's wrist, bringing her down to the mat, cover, one-count. Dashwood able to get a side headlock for a moment, but Ellering lifts and brings her down. Dashwood out to the floor, pulls Ellering out to the floor. Rayne with a cheap shot to the back of Grace, Rayne and Dashwood taunt the other team.

Back in the ring, Ellering and Grace regain control after Dashwood was sent into the barricade on the outside. Grace and Ellering with back and forth tags. Ellering holds Dashwood over her knees, Grace drops down on her, slow to cover, two-count. Double suplex on Dashwood, pin, two-count. Grace tries for a roll-up, kicked to the ropes, Rayne with a cheap boot to the head, roll-up on Grace for two. Rayne tags in, and keeps Grace away from her corner, knees to the face, cover, one.

Dashwood splashes into Grace, running low crossbody, pin, two-count. Grace bonks her opponents heads together. Ellering tags in with a bunch of clotheslines and chops to Rayne. Fireman's carry into a cutter on Dashwood. Spinebuster on Rayne, cover, two. Rayne getting beat up in the corner, sent to the mat, Grace with a vader bomb, Kaleb put Rayne's boot under the rope during the pin to stop it. Rayne spins and plants Grace's head into the mat. Dashwood with a single-legged boot to the head, cover, broken up by Ellering. Ellering kicks Rayne in the head, suplex, pin, Dashwood stops that and Graces tosses her out to the floor. Some weirdness out on the floor, Rayne boots Ellering in the face. Dashwood and Rayne with a double facebuster for the win.

Winners: Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood via pinfall to become the new number one tag team contenders

- Backstage, Christopher Daniels says when he helped build the house, he doesn't have to knock on a forbidden door to come back to Impact. He says he'll show what he can do against Fulton later tonight. Josh Alexander comes over and thanks Daniels for helping him last week. Christian Cage shows up and talks some trash. Daniels tells them to keep it civil, and ultimately he has his own agenda that he will tell them about one day. Cage then gives some advice to Alexander, if he wants to be the World Champion, he's gotta keep those emotions in check.

- "The Most Professional Wrestler" Brian Myers does a new segment about being in excellent physical condition. We see a bunch of his trainees struggling with push-ups. VSK is just standing next to Myers and they ask why he didn't have to do any. Myers said he did — and finished ten minutes ago. Myers says they better step it up if they want to stay under his learning tree and leaves with VSK.

- Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers talk about all the things they've been doing lately (drinkin, selling merch, beating up Jon Moxley). They go over some of the other wrestlers, Bullet Club ("still living on our name"), and FinJuice. Gallows says they need opponents at the PPV. So how about FinJuice vs. Bullet Club and whoever wins, gets the champs at Bound for Glory.

- Out in the country at a farm, Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo drives up looking for Mickie James. Purrazzo gets out of the car and her way over to a barn where James is at. She walks in and surprises James with a forearm to the face. James throws some hay in the champ's face, then sends her into the barn walls. Purrazzo with a bucket to her upcoming opponent's head. She shoves a wheelbarrow full of hay on her and tries to lock her in the stall. James shoves the champ away and jams her face into some bars, "You want to come to my house?!" The two battle on until Purrazzo kicks her to the ground, more buckets, and she grabs a pitchfork, "I'm gonna f***in' kill you, Mickie." She swings (rather than stabs?) the pitchfork and misses. James puts her down and yet another bucket shot. James grabs a helmet and smacks Purrazzo with it. James brings Purrazzo outside, slams her into a barrel. Purrazzo with a kick and then chokes James with a rope. James sprays Purrazzo in the face with a hose to stop that. She launches a plastic barrel at Purrazzo. She recovers and shoves James' face in a bucket of water, but someone yells "What's going on over there?!" Purrazzo stops, talks some trash, and leaves.

- Backstage, FinJuice says they were outnumbered by Bullet Club yet again, three vs. two. Finlay says it's the numbers game every single time. They found a plus one though, Chris Sabin walks in. He says it's a honor to wrestle with them and he hates Bullet Club. He offers up a trios match on next week's show.

Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin) vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels goes right to work against Fulton, drops the big man, Daniels with a slingshot elbow down on his opponent. Daniels looks for punches in the corner, but gets sent about halfway across the ring, big boot, running splash, cover, two. Fulton just throwing Daniels' head into the top turnbuckle big splash in the corner, Fulton then chokes Daniels for a few moments, second rope crossbody, cover, two.

Daniels able to counter into a big DDT, multiple running forearms, kick to the face in the corner, Daniels with a second rope hurricanrana, broken STO, cover, two. Fulton with a bunch of back elbow to get Daniels off him, tilt-a-whirl slam, cover, two-count. Fulton chokes him, ref yells at him, Austin with shots from the floor. Josh Alexander runs out and blasts Austin. The two battle to the back. Angels wings by Daniels, cover, and just a one-count! Daniels keeps the offense going, best moonsault ever hits! 1-2-3.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via Pinfall

- Johnny Swinger gets (sort of) dressed up at his casino (Swinger's Palace). Scott D'Amore walks in and asks Swinger what the deal is and asks him what's up? He asks D'Amore not to take Bound for Glory to Las Vegas and he gets to keep his casino! D'Amore wonders what the deal is? It doesn't benefit him at all. Swinger tries to sweet talk him and ultimately says he'll just bring the palace out there and put out the casino's there. D'Amore says it's likely he doesn't have a permit to operate in Las Vegas. Swinger laughs and says they don't, and they don't even have one in Tennessee! D'Amore thanked him for that info and says he's shutting this down.

- Backstage, Austin talks with Fulton and says that match was his to win! They go and talk with Scott D'Amore, Austin is upset and says the inmates are running the asylum around here. Fulton says he had the match won! D'Amore says fine, how about a match against Christian Cage and Josh Alexander and they can all settle their problems. It'll happen next week!

- Three members of Violent By Design head out to the ring, minus Rhino. It's time to make his decision if he's going to stay with the group or not. Young  on the mic and says this group had all the momentum and power, but someone made a mistake. Rhino let the sickness come in and control things. He says it's time for him to decide to make the right choice — stay with the group or walk away. Rhino makes his way out to the ring. Young asks him what's he going to do? "Gore!" chants from the crowd. Rhino just stands there as Young tries to convince him to stay. The other two circle around Rhino. Heath's music hits and he's back. Heath walks out and starts swinging away on Deaner and sends him out. He then tosses Doering out of the ring. Young bails out of the ring. Rhino is standing in the corner of the ring still. Heath looks over at Rhino and offers up a hug. Rhino thinks it over an steps out of the ring. Rhino ends up just walking out through the crowd, so he's not joining Violent By Design, nor did he embrace Heath.

- The Impact Digital Media Championship was announced as the company's newest title. A single-elimination tournament is set to begin next week to determine the inaugural champion, which will be primarily defend through the promotion's digital social media and Impact+ streaming service. Matches will be on Tuesdays/Wednesdays on Impact Plus, then they will appear shortly after on YouTube Ultimate Insider. The finals will take place at Bound for Glory on October 23. The following announced matches for next week are: John Skyler vs. Zicky Dice;  Hernandez vs. Crazzy Steve.

- Next week on Impact:

* Heath will address the Impact Zone

* Black Taurus vs. Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams (X Division Title Tournament Match)

* Bullet Club (Hikuleo, Chris Bey, and El Phantasmo) vs. Chris Sabin and FinJuice

* Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. Impact World Champion Christian Cage and Josh Alexander

Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey (Street Fight)

Moose is banned from ringside. The two battle and things spill out to the floor. Edwards with a trash can lid to Morrissey, but gets dropped and sent in the ring. Morrissey cracks him with a plastic sign a few times. Edwards sends Morrissey out to the floor, looks for a suicide dive, and takes a hart shot to the head. Morrissey charges again, Edwards with another low bridge, another suicide dive try and it works this time. "Eddie!" chant from the crowd. Morrissey beating up his opponent out on the floor. He then tips the steel steps on its side.

Multiple chairs in the ring now, table is set up in the corner, Edwards is getting nothing offensively at the moment. Morrissey whacks him over and over in the head with a trash lid. Morrissey charges in, misses, Edwards looks for blue thunder bomb, no luck. Edwards grabs a trash can lid and smacks the big guy a few times. Blue thunder bomb on a trash can! Edwards goes under the ring and brings out a barbed wire wrapped chair. Morrissey kicks the chair away. He grabs a different chair and hits Edwards over the back, then chokes him with the chair. Edwards it put up on the top turnbuckle, four chairs are set up near him. He whacks Edwards with a baking sheet, then heads up.

He goes for a move, but Alisha Edwards runs in with a kendo stick and whacks away on Morrissey's back. Edwards slips under and powerbombs him through two of the chairs. He goes for a cover, but only a one-count! Morrissey yells out. Edwards with a bunch of kendo stick shots. He lines up the boston knee party, Alisha stops him. She holds up the barbed wire chair in front of Morrissey's face, he then hits the boston knee party, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall

- Post-match, Moose attacks Edwards. Alisha tries to help, but she shrugs her off. Moose then spears Edwards through that table that was set up in the corner. Moose looks over a fallen Edwards. Alisha walks over to her husband to check on him. Crowd boos Moose. Morrissey is up now and walks over with Moose to where Alisha is. Morrissey gives her a weird smile and forces her to watch. Moose puts a chair around Edwards' neck and throws him right into the ring post out on the floor. He then cracks him with another chair with the first chair still around his neck. He does it yet again. Alisha finally gets back to her husband, who is down and out. Moose and Morrissey slowly make their way to the back as the crowd chants for Eddie.