Impact Wrestling’s “Victory Road” Results: Christian Cage Vs. Ace Austin

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D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Victory Road! We kick things off with a triple threat match!

Steve Maclin vs. TJP vs. Petey Williams

Steve Maclin comes into this will with all the confidence in the world. Maclin divides his time between Williams and TJP. Williams catches Maclin with a baseball slide. TJP grabs a lift from Williams with a nice dive on Maclin. Back in the ring, Maclin goes for a crossbody turned vertical suplex for a near-fall. Maclin steps out of the ring and takes care of TJP up on the ramp. Maclin returns to the ring and almost knocks Williams head off. Maclin looks for a cover, and Williams pops free at two.

Maclin maintains control with a textbook German suplex for two. Maclin hoists Williams up with a double underhook backbreaker. Maclin hits another cover. But this time, TJP breaks it up. Maclin takes his frustrations out on TJP with a choke in the corner. Williams climbs over to save TJP. Maclin stacks Williams and TJP in a double tree of woe position and smashes into both of them! Maclin drags Williams out of the corner and hooks the leg for a near-fall.

Williams starts to feel himself with a suplex, followed by a running knee strike. On the outside, Williams pops a perfect hurricanrana. Williams returns to the ring with a codebreaker for a two-count on Maclin! TJP spikes Maclin. All three men trade haymakers in the center of the ring. TJP and Williams create a brief alliance and corner Maclin with some top rope punches. Williams applies the sharpshooter on Maclin. TJP locks Williams up in an octopus stretch. Maclin topples the pile and breaks it up. Williams misses a Canadian Destroyer attempt on TJP. TJP fires a suplex on Maclin. TJP hits two running kicks on Maclin and Williams.

TJP plants a Detonation Kick on Maclin. Williams catches TJP with a Canadian Destroyer. Maclin hits his Mayhem for All finisher on Williams and heads back to take the pinfall victory on TJP.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Up next, we have a Five-Man Scramble!

Trey Miguel vs. John Skyler vs. Jake Something vs. Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid 

Black Taurus and Laredo Kid send Jake Something up and over the top rope. Everyone jets off to the outside except Kid and Taurus. Taurus and Kid have a magical exchange showcasing all of their Lucha Libre skills. John Skyler joins the fray. Jake Something slides back into the ring and hits a triple clothesline! Laredo Kid and Something is battling now. Kid escapes a powerbomb attempt by sending Something into the corner with a hurricanrana.

Kid executes a missile dropkick on Something. Something rolls out of the ring. Trey Miguel slides back in. Both Kid and Miguel exchange monkey flips. John Skyler catches Miguel with a spear in between the ropes! Black Taurus plants a Samoan Drop on Skyler. Miguel jumps off the top with a beautiful Meteora seconds before Something spikes a DDT. Something chokeslams Kid on top of Miguel! Taurus and Kid rekindle their fight from before. Taurus catches Kid with a crucifix bomb! Skyler flies in with a spear on Miguel for just a two count!

Trey Miguel dives out of the ring with a somersault senton! Laredo Kid hits Laredo Fly on Skyler to pick up this victory!

Winner: Laredo Kid

Tenille Dashwood (w/Madison Rayne & Kaleb) vs. Taylor Wilde (w/Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering)

The fans fire up some claps. Tenille Dashwood comes in with the ruthless shots on Taylor Wilde. Wilde returns the favor with forearm smashes of her own. Wilde looks for the first pin in the match. Dashwood kicks out. Wilde swirls around Dashwood with a tilt-a-whirl takeover. Dashwood sends Wilde into the corner. Dashwood charges towards Wilde and eats a back elbow. Kaleb grabs hold of Wilde's leg. Wilde donkey kicks him off. Kaleb slams back into the barricade. Madison Rayne gets involved, too. But it doesn't help Dashwood pick up the pinfall on Wilde.

Dashwood continues her hold on Wilde with a Full Nelson lock. Dashwood receives another near-fall attempt before locking the same move back in again. Dashwood stacks Wilde up for a two-count. Wilde hammers away some shots on Dashwood. Kaleb climbs up on the apron and starts chatting with the referee. Madison Rayne tries to step in again. The referee ejects everyone from ringside. Dashwood is pleading for them Kaleb and Rayne to come back. Wilde stacks her up with a schoolgirl pin. Dashwood finds away out. Dashwood then rolls Wilde up. Wilde pops out.

Wilde catches Dashwood with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for another near-fall! Wilde recovers from some heavy offense from Dashwood to go for a nice suplex. Wilde's luck strikes again when she forces Dashwood onto the mat with her Wilde Ride finisher for the victory.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Backstage: Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards believe hell has frozen over since their teaming together tonight. Can the Joker and Batman corporate fully to take Moose and W. Morrissey down? Alisha Edwards demands she's at ringside during their match tonight.

No Disqualification Match: Rohit Raju (w/Shera) vs. Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona comes storming out just as Rohit Raju and Shera make their way down to the ring. Raju and Shera take turns flattening the former GCW World Champion. Shera backs off to let Raju finish the job. Cardona comes back into this hot. Cardona takes Raju and slams in back-first into the barricade. Raju drags Cardona around the ring and finds a chair to use. Raju slams Cardona's throat onto the steel chair and continues the brutal assault by stomping on Cardona's throat. Raju ducks underneath the ring and brings out two more steel chairs.

Back in the ring, Cardona hammers down some forearms. Raju puts a chair on top of Cardona's chest just as he hits a cannonball in the corner. Raju goes for the first pin in the match. Cardona jumps out at two. Raju's head crashes into a chair in the corner. A trash can joins the fray, and Cardona drops Raju on top of it with a TKO for just a two-count!! Raju recovers and connects a DDT for a near-fall. Raju scales the ropes and hits a double foot stomp while Cardona lays between two set chairs. Raju quickly looks for a cover. Cardona breaks it up. Cardona fires back with Radio Silence. Cover. Shera drags Raju out of the ring.

Cardona runs to the outside and hits a Radio Silence on Shera, who's standing on the ramp! Chelsea Green is back! She plants a shot on Cardona to help him hit another Radio Silence on Rohit Raju for the win!

Winner: Matt Cardona

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs. FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)

Juice Robinson and Chris Bey kick things off. Bey loves poking fun of Robinson's leg injury. Bey ducks several of Robinson's offenses. Robinson catches Bey's leg and drops him with two nice power slams. Robinson makes a tag out to David Finlay. Finlay jumps off the top with an axe handle. Finlay only gets a two-count on Bey. Robinson is back in with a jumping senton. Robinson sends Bey to the ropes. Bey slides under with a chop block on Robinson's injured leg. Bey makes a hot tag to the Hikuleo. Hikuleo is having a great time working on Robinson's injury. He goes for a pinfall attempt, but Robinson breaks it up immediately.

Bey soars back in. He cuts the ring off from Robinson. Robinson gets trapped in Bey's corner. Robinson connects a heavy elbow to escape out and make a desperate tag to Finlay. Finlay catches Bey with a nice dropkick. Hikuleo steps into the ring and slams Finlay on the mat with a short powerslam! To say Hikuleo is the muscle in this match is an understatement! Bey takes advantage of this with a lateral press. Bey hasn't won this thing just yet. Hikuleo is legally tagged back in. Hikuleo hurls Finlay to the corner. Finlay climbs out, and Hikuleo holds Finlay in the vertical suplex position. Finlay barely kicks out from that.

Finlay fights Bey and Hikuleo off but is still too far away from Robinson. Finlay sends Bey out of his way to make a long-awaited tag to Robinson. Robinson whales on Bey with some powerful left-hand shots. Robinson tells the referee to shut up when he advises him to back up. Juice lands a series of his famous jabs and fakes Bey out with a DDT in the end. Bey has had enough and tags Hikuleo back in. Finlay sends Hikuleo up and over the top rope. Robinson saves Finlay with a Pescado on the outside! Bey cracks a chair onto Robinson's injured leg, while Hikuleo finishes David Finlay off to gain the victory for Bullet Club.

Winners: Chris Bey & Hikuleo

- They recap how Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards built their alliance heading into this bout. Their match is up next!

Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards (w/Alisha) vs. Moose & W. Morrissey

Moose and W. Morrissey take the fight to Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards moments before the bell rings. Callihan and Edwards turn it around with in-stereo dives on the opposite side of the ring! Callihan works Morrissey with several chops. Edwards is tagged back in to do the same. Edwards and Callihan exchange more quick tags and keep chopping the soul out of Morrissey's body. Moose joins in on the chop party. Morrissey collects himself with Moose, and they both knock Edwards and Callihan off their feet.

Edwards topples off the top turnbuckle from a boot shot by Moose. Morrissey keeps Edwards grounded and delivers a massive slap on Edwards before Moose becomes the legal man. Moose traps Edwards in the ropes and tries to pull Edwards' arm out of socket. Moose makes a tag out to Morrissey. Morrissey charges in with hammerlock fists. Morrissey tosses Edwards to the corner with an Irish Whip. The fans are rallying behind Eddie as they chant his name in unison. Edwards slips out of Morrissey's attack and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb. This allows Edwards to bring Callihan back in. Moose is also in.

Callihan drives his thumbs into the eyes of Moose. Callihan drives Moose to the mat with a Death Valley Driver. The Death Machine looks for a cover. Moose bails at two. Callihan climbs to the top rope. Moose sends Callihan flying with his Go to Hell (sitout choke bomb. Callihan and Edwards join forces with Edwards dropping Moose with a Tiger Driver. Morrissey steps back in and breaks it up. Moose and Edwards are hanging out in No Man's Land. Moose and Edwards crash onto the mat with a superplex! The fans are loving this! Edwards reaches Callihan's outstretched hand for the tag.

Callihan took too long to set up his Cactus Special '97 (stump piledriver) on Moose. Morrissey makes the save. Moose grabs a kendo stick and runs in the ring with it. Edwards steals the stump piledriver from Callihan's playbook and applies it on Moose! Morrissey captures Alisha and taunts Eddie. Eddie turns around and gets rammed with the Lights Out spear. Morrissey and Moose drag Alisha into the ring. Morrissey powerbombs Alisha to the mat. Eddie takes Alisha to the back. It's all up to Callihan to settle the score.

Callihan gives Moose and Morrissey the one-finger salute and whales on them! Morrissey and Moose stop Callihan in his tracks and send him collapsing to the mat. Moose and Morrissey carry out the contest.

Winners: Moose & W. Morrissey

Now, the title matches begin!

- A video recaps how Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans inserted themselves into the battle for Havok and Rosemary's Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Decay (Havok & Rosemary (c) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Rosemary and Havok jumpstart this match early. Rosemary and Tasha Steelz exchange some fast-paced offense before Havok is tagged in by Rosemary. Havok demands that Savannah Evans steps into the ring with her. Evans comes in like a firecracker and lands combo strikes after combo strikes on Havok. Once Havok traps Evans in the corner, Havok connects some heavy hits before tagging Rosemary back into this fight. Evans turns a wrist lock into a short arm whip in the corner. Rosemary gets the last laugh with the Upside Down.

D'Lo Brown informs us that Alisha Edwards is seeking medical treatment following the horrendous acts by W. Morrissey from the previous match.

Havok makes her way back in, and so does Tasha Steelz. Steelz runs roughshod on Havok before bringing Evans back in. Evans continues softening Havok up. Havok finds a way to escape and make a desperate tag on Rosemary. Steelz is back in, too. Rosemary creates an opening from Steelz that allows her to get Havok back in. Havok lands a big boot in the corner on Evans. Evans seems rocked by it and tags Steelz in. Havok drives Steelz to the mat with a Sky High for only a near-fall. Rosemary spits some green mists into Evans' eyes on the outside. Havok throws Steelz on top of Evans!

Rosemary drags Steelz back into the ring. Havok sends Steelz away with a tombstone piledriver. 1-2-3, Decay still retains their hard-earned titles!

Winners: Havok & Rosemary

Backstage: Ace Austin, who will square up with Christian Cage later tonight, admits that Cage is a legend in this business. However, it's time for the future to rise. Austin believes he is the face of this new era and thinks holding the Impact World Championship is inevitable. Austin plans to become the youngest man to ever hold this main stake title tonight.

Up next, the Impact World Tag Team Championships are on the line!

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

The two powerhouses of the group, Doc Gallows and Willie Mack, start things off. Mack is on top of Gallows in the beginning. Mack traps Gallows in the corner with some top rope punches! Gallows is rocked for a moment, allowing Mack to make a tag to Rich Swann. Gallows lays in some offense before tagging Karl Anderson. Swann hits a nice soccer kick on Anderson's back. Mack comes back in for Swann. Mack mousetraps Anderson in the corner. Anderson drives his thumbs into Mack's eyes to escape out. Anderson tags Gallows back in. Swann makes his way back in as well.

Anderson drops Swann in the center of the ring for a two-count attempt. Anderson storms over and knocks Mack off the apron. Anderson bites Swann's forehead and turns to make a tag to Swann. Swann returns the favor on Anderson by biting him in the leg. Gallows tosses Swann out of the ring and welcomes him back in with a big boot to the face. Gallows gives everyone the "Too Sweet" gesture and hooks the leg on Swann. Gallows doesn't have this match in the bag just yet.

Up next is Anderson, who throws Swann to the corner with a powerful Irish Whip. Swann was fingertips away from making a tag to Mack, but Gallows stopped him. Gallows rains down elbow shots on Swann's shoulder blade. Swann counters with an enziguri, creating some space between the two. Gallows makes it in time to drag Anderson back in. But Swann isn't so lucky. Anderson grabs Swann's leg. Swann rolls through and makes a desperate tag to Mack. Mack plants a Norman Smiley-inspired slam. Anderson then eats a pop-up forearm! Anderson shifts the momentum with a nasty spinebuster. Anderson hooks the leg on Mack. Mack jumps out at two!

The Good Brothers hoist Mack up for The Magic Killer. Mack turns it around with a neckbreaker, and Swann comes in to make the save. Gallows catches Mack with another big boot to the face. On the outside, Gallows drops Swann on top of the apron with a vicious powerbomb! Anderson surprises Mack with a Gun Stun. This allows them to set up The Magic Killer on Mack, and that will do it. The Good Brothers are still your Impact World Tag Team Champions.

Winners: The Good Brothers

- A video recap explains the long and winding road Chris Sabin has taken to cement his 8-time TNA X-Division Championship reign. Tonight, it will be a contest to determine if Josh Alexander has what it takes to add his name to a long list of stars, like Sabin, who's considered one of the greatest X-Division Champions the company has ever seen. Or, will Sabin take home the gold, smashing Alexander's goal, and become the first-ever 9-time X-Division Champion?

X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Chris Sabin

The fans are split on who they're rooting for during this historic bout. Their chess-playing skills are up to par in this fight tonight. For every move, the other one has a counter for it. Josh Alexander sends Chris Sabin to the ropes. Sabin comes off the ropes and eats a back elbow. On the apron now, Sabin flips on top of Alexander. Sabin plops Alexander on the mat for two. Then, he locks in a front facelock. Alexander finds his way out. Sabin continues to wear down the champion by focusing on his head and neck. Alexander drives Sabin to the corner to break it up.

Sabin is up on the middle rope. He jumps off, and Alexander transitions it into a flatliner turned ankle lock. Sabin is out on the outside, and Alexander rolls him back in. Alexander drops Sabin on his knee with a backbreaker for two. Alexander holds Sabin down for a cover. Sabin rises free at two. Sabin turns a vertical suplex attempt into a cradle. Alexander pops out. Alexander stretches Sabin out. Back on their feet, Alexander launches Sabin to the corner with an Irish Whip. Alexander blocks Sabin's offense with a bodyslam for another near-fall. Sabin rolls out of the way in time before Alexander hits a moonsault from the top.

Sabin catches Alexander with a running neckbreaker on the outside. Sabin follows it up with a twisting neckbreaker and hooks the leg on Alexander for two. Alexander rises to his feet and turns things around with a big boot on Sabin. Sabin refuses to go down with the C-4 Spike just yet but eats a knee instead. Sabin stacks Alexander up for a cover. Alexander kicks out. Sabin floats over and puts Alexander in a LeBell Lock. Alexander wiggles out, causing Sabin to reposition himself. Alexander saves himself from a tap out.

Sabin gets crafty with hammerlock. Alexander drops him on his head with an air raid crash for another near-fall count! Alexander has Sabin in the ankle in the dead center of the ring. Somehow, Sabin bridges over and turns it into a pin! No! Alexander fights free. Alexander gets the final say in this match when he sets Sabin up for the C-4 Spike, which sends Sabin out cold. Josh Alexander has just cemented his greatness by beating one of the best to ever do it! Alexander is still your X-Division Champion.

Winner: Josh Alexander

Post-Match: Both men shake hands. Chris Sabin whispers something into Josh Alexander's ear that's inaudible. Sabin embraces Alexander with a hug before leaving the ring.

And now, the main event!

Impact World Championship: Christian Cage (c) vs. Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton)

The bell sounds, and the fans are on their feet! Christian Cage backs Ace Austin into the corner but makes a clean break. Cage pulls Austin to the ground and uses some catch as catch can on the young star. Cage interrupts Austin's attempt off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. Cage holds Austin a tight wristlock. Austin escapes out with a nice counter. Austin goes face-first into the mat with a flapjack. Austin misses Cage on the outside and crashes following a dive. Cage follows after Austin with a low dropkick. Madman Fulton injects himself into the match and lands a nasty shot on Cage.

Austin takes a few moves out of Cage's playbook. The first move he pulls is a standing rope choke. Then, he hits a corkscrew sunset flip. Austin lands a shotgun elbow that sends Cage out of the ring. The referee catches Fulton's second attempt on Cage, leading the ref to eject Fulton from ringside. The fans sing him out. Cage slides back in the ring with an inverted tornado DDT for a near-fall count. Cage lands a few short combat shots before going up and over the ropes to hit a slap on the outside. His momentum continues with a jumping European uppercut. Cage hits 20 top rope punches on Austin! Austin recovers quickly and stacks the champion up. Cage pops out at two.

Both men exchange nail-biting pin attempts. Austin rolls in just as Cage soars off the top with a frog splash. Austin is ready to end it all with The Fold. Austin charges towards Cage. Cage meets him halfway with a spear! Will this be enough for Cage to retain? Not yet! Madman Fulton sneaks back down to the ring and lays roughshod on Cage. Cage recovers in time to catch Austin with the Killswitch. He hits it! 1-2-3. "Captain Charisma" retains the Impact World Championship!

Winner: Christian Cage

Post-Match: The X-Division Champion Josh Alexander comes out and walks into the ring. With a microphone in hand, Alexander potentially teases he might relinquish his title for a shot at Cage's World Championship at Bound For Glory.

EDIT: Josh Alexander has relinquished his X-Division Championship and will officially challenge Christian Cage for the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory on Saturday, October 23!

That concludes Victory Road. Thanks for watching!