Independent Wrestler Seriously Injured In Deathmatch, Fundraiser Taking Place

This past weekend at a Primos Premier Pro Wrestling event in Denver, Colorado, an indie wrestler named Benny Cumberbatch sustained a serious neck injury.

The spot that left Cumberbatch in the hospital occurred during the finals of a deathmatch tournament. He received a Canadian destroyer (flipping piledriver) off of a balcony into a collection of tables and other debris. What added to the risk factor was the fact that all the padding in the ring was removed, leaving nothing but exposed wood below the tables.


Cumberbatch, a local favorite in Colorado, is currently in the hospital, with one source telling Wrestling Inc. that "things are not looking so good" for him.

A Gofundme page to assist Cumberbatch and his family in paying medical bills and any other related expenses has been organized in honor of the indie wrestler. You can access that fundraiser at this link.  

The fundraiser page includes a passage that reads, "Professional wrestlers take huge risks every time they step in the ring, and when the risk is successful, the fans delight. However, those risks can have serious consequences when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, something went wrong for one of those wrestlers and he needs our help.


"All funds will go to Benny and his family to use to cover medical costs or however they choose. Please give what you can, and if you can't give anything, please share with your friends and family. Any help is appreciated. Thank you."

Primos Premiere Pro Wrestling, the organization that hosted the event where Benny was injured, has also committed to helping the cause. They have contributed all proceeds from the deathmatch tournament to Benny's medical bills.

You can see their tweet below: