Jacob Fatu Comments On Dark Side Of The Ring “Plane Ride From Hell” Episode

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. MLW Fightland will air on Vice TV as a one-hour special on October 7 after the Dark Side of the Ring episode on Ion Croitoru (aka Johnny K9, Bruiser Bedlam). Fatu gave his reaction to his big title vs. title match airing as part of the special.

"Well, see, the crazy thing is, coming from my point of view, I was already a fan of Vice way before Court [Bauer] and MLW got linked up over here," Fatu noted. "I'm just a fan of Vice period, but as a fan of Vice, to air on October 2, right after Dark Side, man, sh*t, that don't get no better.

"I'm excited about that because I've been watching Vice way before that, but it feels good though, man, just with everything coming together. It doesn't get no better, bro, for real. October 2, with Hammerstone, with the Opera Cup, with the women's division, just with everybody on that card, the timing is great right now and it just feels good for us to give back. Give back to the fans, but not only that, do what we all love to do."

Fightland will be held at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA. With Fatu saying he is a fan of Vice and their programming, Hausman asked Fatu his thoughts on Dark Side of the Ring.

"I'm a fan of Dark Side of the Ring, absolutely," Fatu stated. "I watch that all the time, but I was more of a fan of all the other sh*t that they was doing like documentaries, flying overseas, all that weird stuff going on because, wrestlers, we're all weird. I've been a fan of Vice ever since they introduced it to me about four years ago, and now to actually be on it, it's pretty cool, man. It's awesome."

Dark Side of the Ring came out strong with the continuation of season three with the "Plane Ride From Hell" episode. The episode created headlines surrounding the resurfaced allegations made against Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer defending Flair's actions on the documentary. Fatu gave his thoughts on the episode and the overall culture of pro wrestling.

"I actually watched it with one of my best friends. I was in LA when that came on," Fatu recalled. "I don't know [my reaction] because when you run into wrestlers now, half of them is fake. I don't think half of them ever really been in a fight, and I don't give a damn what anybody thinks after they see this, but back in the day, there were some real tough cats. The era my dad came up in, there weren't no punks, no sneak dissing. For that era, I don't know, man. It's kind of hard for me to say. The ribs, cutting hair, wrestling against the exit door, I can see that, but all that other weird sh*t, I don't know brother. I can't call it. That ain't my forte."

Hausman noted that for legacy talent like Fatu, some of the other episode in Dark Side of the Ring may seem normal as opposed to fans who may be reliving or experiencing some of these stories for the first time. Fatu commented on Dark Side of the Ring's ability to explain aspects of wrestling to the laymen.

"Oh yeah, for sure, all the other episodes, absolutely, that seems normal, but you asked about the plane ride from hell, I can't call that one," Fatu admitted. "But everything else, hell yeah. They're doing a great job over there. They really are, and I think for cats that have grown up in the business, we do kind of look at it like, 'that sh*t seems kind of normal,' but to other fans, if you don't know professional wrestling, I feel like Dark Side of the Ring, they're doing real good explaining everything and really breaking it out. Who's what. What's what, plus I feel like they're putting all the episodes in the right place though too."

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