AEW World Champion Kenny Omega had an exchange on Twitter today with RevPro British Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay over the PWI 500 list

As noted earlier today, Pro Wrestling Illustrated announced that Omega ranked #1 on their annual list of the top 500 wrestlers in the world. Ospreay ranked #7. You can click here for the top 10 list, along with the cover photo of Omega and more.

The exchange began when Ospreay responded to a fan tweet on the top 10, and took a shot at Omega.

“I’d beat up number 1 any day of the week and twice on Wednesdays…..just saying,” Ospreay wrote.

Omega responded with a shot at Ospreay and NJPW.

“Your promotion has been so ice cold since I left that not even Meltzer can convince his followers that you were part of any BITW conversation. It hurts me, bruv. One of you dorks should have been the guy. Turned out a bigger dog was my only competition,” Omega wrote back.

Ospreay responded to that tweet and defended NJPW.

He wrote, “Last chat we had was ‘you need to be the guy’ Since then you left we sold out MSG, sold more tickets at the Tokyo dome than ever before, and put on banger after banger. A pandemic put the breaks on & you know it. Open that door, let’s have this conversation”

That was the end of the exchange, at least as of this writing.

Omega and Ospreay have competed in several multi-man matches in Japan. Their only singles match came at PWG’s All-Star Weekend XI Night 2 event on December 12, 2015, which Omega won.

You can see their full tweets below:

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