Kenny Omega Believes 90% Of Talent In WWE Want To Be With AEW

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently took time to speak with Tokyo Sports about the progress AEW continues to make in the world of professional wrestling. According to Omega, the appeal of AEW is the alternative showcase of wrestling they offer. Or, in his words, the way it actually "should be".

"It's all about taking a different approach to wrestling, and the fact that the wrestlers are very good. Fortunately, the fans understood [AEW]," Kenny said, translated by Google. "And to put it a step further, the wrestlers who were actually performing in WWE began to think, 'I would like to do this kind of professional wrestling again.' [Jon] Moxley, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan all came here in search of what professional wrestling should be."

The current AEW World Champion is looking forward to one day facing CM Punk, as well as his opponent at AEW: Grand Slam, Bryan Danielson. He thinks there's a key difference in the way he's described as the "best" compared to Punk and Bryan.

"Both CM Punk and Bryan are the people who called themselves 'best', and wrestled in the place called the 'best'. But when I'm against them, I don't have to say that I'm the best because it was the fans, not myself, who started calling me the 'best'. Now, I want to prove them right," Omega said.

Kenny also noted how more WWE talent will debut with AEW somewhere down the line.

"Absolutely, more will come out in the future. I think about 90% of wrestlers in WWE want to be in AEW."

Given the choice to sign any pro wrestler to AEW, Omega chose the current WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

"There are already a lot of people coming... So I don't really know who. If I was forced, I'd say Roman Reigns. I think it's a good opportunity to prove who the real champion is."