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Cesar Duran welcomes us to a new era of violence with his four-part show, Fusion: Alpha! He runs down the three matches expected for tonight’s show.

Commentators Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent introduce us to the first match on tonight’s show!

Bunkhouse Brawl: The Von Erichs vs. Team Filthy (w/Kevin Ku & Kit Osbourne) (w/Tom Lawlor)

Before the match is underway, Tom Lawlor asks for a microphone and receives one. Lawlor opens his promo by saying it’s good to be back in front of a live crowd after 16 months. But he thinks the crowd for tonight are not the type of spectators he’d like to see and perform for. He doesn’t believe the fans deserve to see anyone from Team Filthy compete. The fans respond with resounding boos.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich make their way out and take their fight to Team Filthy. Ross and Marshall send both Kevin Ku and Kit Osbourne to the outside. Now, all four men spill out of the ring. Ku pounds a chop onto Ross’ chest. On the other side of the ring, Marshall puts Osbourne in a wheelbarrow and propels him towards the ring post. Ku, Ross and Marshall make their way back into the ring. The Von Erichs throw Ku to the turnbuckle with a powerful Irish Whip. Ross comes firing at him with a superman punch. Marshall then hits a standing moonsault for a two-count.

Osbourne slides into the ring. The Von Erichs hit a massive cutter for another near-fall. Marshall and Ku continue their brawl from earlier. Ku catches Marshall with a dragon screw leg whip. They retreat to the outside and exchange hard-hitting chops. Ross drops Osbourne onto the apron. Marshall hammers down forearm strikes on the back of Ku’s neck. Marshall plants a dropkick on Osbourne in the ring. Then to Ku. Tom Lawlor climbs up on the apron and distracts Marshall for a brief moment.

Osbourne connects a dragon screw leg whip of his own. On the outside, Ku drives a shovel down on the neck of Ross. Marshell lays down more chops on Osbourne. Ross whacks Ku across the face with the shovel while Osbourne hits a DDT on Ross. It looked like Ross’s landing was right near a two-by-four that was planted at ringside, but he never landed on top of it. Ku brings the shovel into the ring and smacks Marshall right in the leg with it. Ku gets Ross fired up after a round of chops. Ku crumbles from an enziguri by Ross, but he doesn’t stop there. Ross then drives Ku on the mat with a suplex-turned falcon arrow. Ross eagerly looks to end this thing, but Osbourne breaks it up.

Ross sets some steel chairs up. Osbourne slides in a piece of plywood. Ku and Osbourne team up on Ross. Ku sends Ross right on top of the chairs. Ku with a cover. Ross kicks out at 2.9! Lawlor heads to the apron with a two-by-four in hand. He tries to hit Ross with it, but Ross ducks down. Ku, instead, takes the brute end of it and gets thumped right on top of his skull! Marshall sends Lawlor into the ring post. Ross uses the two-by-four on Osbourne and only grabs a near-fall count.

The Von Erichs sent the plywood on top of the two chairs in the ring. Ku is underneath, and Osbourne is sitting on top. Marshall scales the ropes and comes down hard with an unbelievable moonsault! The board splits in two! Marshall climbs on top of Osbourne and Ku for a cover. 1-2-3, The Von Erichs reign victorious in this vicious contest!

Winners: The Von Erichs

– We look back at Battle Riot III that took place in July. The National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone outlasted all his adversaries and will now go on to face the MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu in a Title versus Title match at Fightland next Saturday! Their contest will air on Thursday, October 7, on Vice TV, at 10 PM ET!

– Still, to come, we’ll find out who will be joining MLW’s Women’s Featherweight Division.

– TJP reflects on his bout with Davey Richards. Their match will take the main event slot on tonight’s card.

– And now, we find out who will be part of MLW’s Women’s Featherweight Division. It’ll be:

* The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)

* Brittany Blake

* Holidead

* Zoey Skye

* Willow Nightingale

* Nicole Savoy

MLW will crown their first-ever Women’s Featherweight Champion soon. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting venture!

Backstage: Cesar Duran is admiring a portrait of himself. As he’s talking to his Renegades (what he calls his fans now), Matt Cross enters and calls Duran out on his mischief behavior. Duran wants a title shot. Duran entertains the idea but says nothing.

– Alicia Atout reports that The Von Erichs and Team Filthy are still going at it backstage following The Von Erichs’ victory earlier tonight. At this time, Tom Lawlor is being escorted to Cesar Duran’s office.

– Konnan introduces his new group, 5150. Those in his clique include Rivera (FKA Danny Limelight), Slice Boogie and Dr. Julius Smokes.

Up next, KC Navarro and Gino Medina will square off in singles action!

– Next week, MLW newcomer Alex Kane will be at Fusion: Alpha!

– Commentator Rich Bocchini details the upcoming fight schedule for MLW:

* On Saturday, October 2, MLW will host their Fightland TV tapings in Philadelphia.

* Then, on Thursday, October 7, Jacob Fatu and Alex Hammerstone’s highly anticipated clashing will air on Vice TV at 10 PM ET.

* Lastly, on Saturday, November 6, MLW will return to Philly to tape Intimidation Games.

And now, back to ring action!

KC Navarro vs. Gino Medina

Both men lock up. Gino Medina ducks under and puts KC Navarro in a tight waistlock. Navarro spins it around with a wristlock. Medina flips out, and both men stand across the ring, following their counter exchange. The fans clap in unison, and Navarro has a big smile on his face. Navarro looks for a handshake from Medina. Medina shoves Navarro straight towards the ropes. After exchanging some aerial offense, Navarro aligns himself with a wheelbarrow then turns it to an arm drag that sends Medina into the turnbuckles.

Navarro picks up steam in the corner and sends Medina to the floor with a perfect dropkick. Medina throws Navarro right back into the ring. Navarro slides through the ropes with a well-planned dive! Now, in the ring, Medina hits a nasty gut kick on Navarro, then follows it up with an enziguri for just a two-count. Medina puts a tight hold on Navarro. Navarro tries to turn it around with a crucifix but is having a hard time stacking Medina up. Instead, Navarro rolls Medina in a sunset flip for a near-fall count.

Navarro comes off the ropes with a nice clothesline and satellite DDT. Navarro with a cover. Medina, once again, kicks out. Medina recovers in time to drive Navarro with a spinning fireman’s carry/X-Factor combo for the pinfall victory.


Winner: Gino Medina  

– CONTRA’s own Josef Samael calls Alex Hammerstone arrogant for thinking he’ll be the one to dethrone Jacob Fatu of the World Heavyweight Championship. Samael guarantees the only thing Hammerstone will receive in that match is a body bag.

– Ahead of his main event match, Davey Richards introduces himself and explains his long and winding history with TJP. Their match is up next!

– Tom Lawlor stumbles into Cesar Duran’s office. Lawlor comes out of the gate and warns Duran that he is not intimidated by a guy like him. Duran is on the phone and hangs up. Duran gives Lawlor a big hug and says he’s wanted to meet him for a long time. After the embrace, Lawlor hints that he’s tired of being overlooked. He wants to be in the title picture again. Duran will give him a match next week against Alex Hammerstone for the MLW National Openweight Championship! Lawlor wants an MLW World Heavyweight Championship instead. Duran pushes him out the door before he changes his mind.

And now, the main event!

Davey Richards vs. TJP

Both men lock up. Davey Richards puts TJP in a sturdy headlock. TJP sends Richards to the ropes and walks right into a spinebuster. TJP denies an ankle lock by flinging him to the turnbuckles. TJP sends Richards down on the mat with an arm drag. They restart.

TJP hooks an abdominal stretch on Richards. Then, he turns it into a vertical head scissors takedown. Richards rises to his feet and stacks TJP up. TJP kicks out at two and traps Richards in another head scissors while giving the fans the finger in the process. Richards reverses the hold with head scissors of his own. TJP finds a creative way to break it up and turn it into an arm lock. Richards reverses it. Richards misses a dropkick as TJP webs himself in the ropes. TJP drops on top of Richards with a Pescado to the outside!

Back in the ring, Richards fires up some shots. TJP breaks his momentum with a harsh kick to the gut. TJP goes for a cover. Richards kicks out at two. TJP slows the pace down a bit. TJP locks in an octopus stretch on Richards. Richards finds the ropes. Richards is in trouble as TJP lands two suplexes. TJP and Richards are up on No Man’s Land. Both men trade some gruesome headbutts. It’s Richards’ that allows him to send TJP crashing to the mat with superplex! Both men trade forearm smashes. TJP eats a running heel kick and a German suplex for two.

Richards rolls through on TJP’s lockup attempt and lands a punt kick. Richards looks to finish this, but TJP fights out of the pin attempt at 2.8! Richards climbs to the top and misses a double stomp. He eats a big kick instead. Both men trade counters. TJP and Richards stack each other up for pins. TJP has Richards in the heel hook position. Richards is in the center of the ring. TJP grabs Richards’ arms just as he’s about to grab the rope. Somehow, Richards grabs the ropes!

Both men find themselves on the apron. Richards connects a series of big kicks. Richards plants an exploding brainbuster on the apron! Richards soars off the top with a double stomp on TJP. Richards with a cover. TJP kicks out. Richards hits a suplex for another near-fall. Then, Richards holds TJP in the ankle lock. TJP has nowhere to go. He softly taps the mat, allowing Richards to pick up this main event victory!

Winner: Davey Richards

Next Week:

* National Openweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Tom Lawlor

* Arez vs. Aramis

* Alex Kane’s debut

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!