PROGRESS Wrestling Results (9/18): Tag Team Titles Match, Cara Noir In Action

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 122: "Salsa Shark" was available on Saturday on Peacock and Demand Progress. 

In the main event, Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley successfully defended the PROGRESS Tag Team titles against Cara Noir and Chris Ridgeway. Sterling and Riley won the titles last Saturday at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 121 after defeating Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II.

Below are the full results: 

* Danny Black defeated Hari Singh

* Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II defeated LK Mezinger and Sandy Beach

* Raven Creed defeated Taonga

* Jody Fleisch defeated Man Like Dereiss

* Luke Jacobs defeated Ethan Allen

* Gisele Shaw defeated Skye Smithson

* Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley (c) defeated Cara Noir and Chris Ridgeway (PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Match)