Ridge Holland And Pete Dunne Talk Why They Turned On Oney Lorcan And Danny Burch

Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland have kicked Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch out of their group because the two were "dead weight."

Tonight's WWE NXT main event saw MSK retain the NXT Tag Team Titles over Burch and Lorcan, in what was supposed to be their shot at getting the titles back after being forced to relinquish the straps months ago due to Burch's shoulder injury.

After the match, Dunne and Holland entered the ring and attacked Burch and Lorcan, taking them out with a double team and leaving them laying. NXT went off the air with Dunne and Holland looking on, standing tall together.

As noted, Dunne will be in action next Tuesday night as he competes in a Fatal 4 Way to determine the new #1 contender to NXT Champion Samoa Joe for a future title shot. The other participants are LA Knight, Kyle O'Reilly and Tommaso Ciampa, who Holland has been feuding with. The match was announced tonight by NXT General Manager William Regal.

As seen in the post-NXT video below, a camera man caught up with Holland and Dunne for comments on the attack

"Oney and Danny are dead weight," Holland said. "As soon as Pete gave me the nod, all bets were off, especially with Oney Lorcan."

Dunne added, "Listen, I told Samoa Joe to his face to go fetch your mate Regal and make the match, and now they want to start putting people in front of me, and make it a 4-Way match. Well listen, people are gonna get hurt.

The camera man continued but Dunne warned him, "Shut up, stop talking. "

Holland added, "You better sod off if you know what's good for ya."

Dunne also tweeted on the attack after the show and wrote, "R E V A M P"

Stay tuned for more on Holland Dunne. Below are several related shots from tonight's main event and show-closing angle, along with the post-show video:

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