ROH Death Before Dishonor Results: World Title Match, Rok-C Vs. Miranda Alize

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of tonight's ROH Death Before Dishonor! The show takes place at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Coverage begins at 7 pm ET with the Pre-Show (free on ROH's YouTube and Facebook channels, HonorClub, and FITE) and the main card starts at 8 pm ET.


Th PPV streams on FITE, ROH HonorClub, and traditional PPV.

- Show opens with a ten-bell salute to Daffney, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 46. All the ROH talent and staff are around the ring.

- Hype video for tonight's ROH World Championship match involving Bandido, EC3, Demonic Flamita, and Brody King.

- Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcome in the fans to tonight's show.

15-Man Honor Rumble

Winner receives a future ROH World Title Match. Over the top rope with both feet hitting the ground will get a wrestler eliminated from the match. Brian Johnson out number one and has a mic. He says once he heard this match was for a future title shot, he wanted to be first on the list! He mentions being in his hometown...he's Allen Iverson and everyone else is Ben Simmons in the back. Brian Milonas is number two. Milonas looks for a handshake and actually gets it. These two seem to agree to Pure Rules wrestling for the time being. Milonas with a shoulder tackle and gets in a side headlock.


Beer City Bruiser enters number three. Tough luck for Johnson as Milonas' tag partner heads in. Milonas and Bruiser with some tandem offense. Dropkick/side suplex combo. Bruiser heading to the second rope for an elbow drop. Danhausen enters at number four. He gets a nice pop from the crowd and a big chant as he tries to face-off with Milonas. Milonas with a shot to the face, Danhausen with a lowblow. He looks for a double chokeslam on the big guys, nope, he gets slammed. Apparently, it's 16 men in this match as Caprice Coleman enters the match at five! Coleman takes his shirt off at commentary and gets in the ring. He tries standing up to the Bouncers, avoids a big splash, but has to battle Johnson with a back heel kick to the head.

Coleman cutter on Danhausen. Bruiser with a back elbow, but Coleman chases after him and clotheslines Bruiser out of the match. Sledge enters at number six. Coleman eliminates Milonas. Johnson then sends Coleman out of the ring. Sledge beats up Johnson a bit. Danhausen tells Sledge to throw Johnson out. Sledge boots Johnson out of the ring, but he didn't go over the top rope. PCO enters at number seven. PCO takes down Johnson. Sledge and PCO get into a shoving match. Danhausen gets them to relax, but PCO then throws Danhausen across the ring and throws shots at Sledge.


PJ Black enters at number eight. Black chops away at everyone in the ring. Black and Johnson work together, stomping away at Sledge. Dak Draper enters at number nine. He catches Black, fallaway slam sending Black into Johnson. He leaps off the top rope and chops both PCO and Sledge. Danhausen with a chop shot to the back of Draper's knee, getting his attention and a bunch of strikes in return. Silas Young enters at number ten. He blasts Danhausen, sends him to the ropes, he goes to the apron. Young with a clothesline, nearly eliminating Danhausen (who is the clear crowd favorite thus far). Draper is able to go low and eliminate Sledge as he charged in.

Rey Horus enters at number 11. He avoids a kick and boots Johnson. He heads to the second rope and hits a body scissor takedown on Young, then an enziguri, and a leg drop. More battling with everyone in the ring. Dante Caballero (from the ROH dojo) enters at number 12. He throws Black down with a big kick. He punches Horus, lefts him up on his shoulders and dumps him to the mat. Danhausen looks for his finisher, but Caballero drops him and Johnson eliminates Danhausen! Crowd isn't thrilled with that.


PCO looked for a chokeslam, but he has a short circuit and ends up eliminating himself out of the match. Flip Gordon comes out with his old 2018 look at number 13. He does a matrix dodge away from a kick, lands a few thrust kicks, and a slingblade on Johnson. Gordon sends Young out of the match. Ring is still fairly crowded with entrants. Joe Keys (from ROH Dojo) comes out at number 14. He takes down a couple guys. The other Dojo guy nearly sends Keys out of the ring. They shove each other and throw some big shots. Flip thinks they are Matt and Nick Jackson and tells them to stop fighting. He offers up "too sweet" and they double superkick him.

World Famous CB enters at number 15. Split leg dropkick on the dojo wrestlers. He blasts them with a couple big strikes. Draper boots out Caballero and suplexes Keys out of the match. The last wrestler to enter the match is former NXT star Alex Zayne! Draper nearly throws him out immediately. Zayne hangs out and flips in to take down Draper. Zayne gets locked into a mile high muffler though. Zayne hangs on to the ropes, uses his feet to flip Draper out of the match. Zayne gets dropped over the top rope by Johnson. CB and Horus are both eliminated. Down to Flip, Black, Johnson, and Zayne.


Stereo superkicks by Flip and Zayne. The two go against each other with a bunch of reversals. Zayne with a springboard hurricanrana, but gets superkicked by Flip. Flip with an inverted code red. Johnson with a clothesline off the top rope and another running lariat. Couple elbow drops on Flip, steps over him, and hits another drop. Johnson ends up getting eliminated by Johnson as he looked to take out Black. Zayne and Black on the apron. Zayne with a twisting DDT on Flip. Zayne battling two guys while they are on the apron. All three heading up the ropes (?) with Zayne getting shoved down to the mat. Zayne then leaps back up with a double hurricanrana.

Black puts Zayn up on the top turnbuckle and tries to shove him off. He gets kicked away, backflip samoan drop, running shooting star by Flip. Flip leaps up on the top rope, but Zayn shoves him out of the match! Black charges and looks to dump Zayne out, but Zayn hits a head scissors out of it. He pushes Black to the apron. Black with a springboard and catches a punch, but hangs on. Zayne slides under and out to the floor, but is not eliminated. Both back in the ring now. Zayne near the rope, Black charges and looks for a high crossbody, but ends up going out to the floor while Zayne hangs on.


Winner: Alex Zayne wins and earns a future ROH World Championship Match

- Quinn McKay heads out to the stage to talk about tonight's PPV. She introduces Maria Kanellis, who hypes up tonight's ROH Women's World Championship Match between Rok-C and Miranda Alize. Maria says there is no forbidden door, and anyone is welcome to come here and challenge the ROH Women's Division. Hype video package for the title match between Alize and Rok-C.

- Backstage, The Foundation catches up with ROH World Champion Bandido and say they are pulling for him and are happy there's a champion in ROH they can respect. Bandido thanks them and heads off with the two watching him go.

- Video package for Jonathan Gresham vs. Josh Woods for the Pure Rules Title.

- The new ROH World Tag Team Champions Kenny King and Dragon Lee come out to the stage. Lee notes that RUSH isn't here due to his knee surgery, but he's in Lee's heart and sends best wishes to RUSH. He then thanks the fans. Kenny King then hypes up LFI and how they are going to hold all the gold. King says they might not be able to replace RUSH in their six-man tag title match tonight, but it's about strategy. He specifically tells Shane Taylor he's going down tonight and will be looking up at King at the end of the night.


Dalton Castle vs. Eli Isom

Dak Draper joins commentary for this match. Back and forth chops as Castle is sent out to the apron and kicked down to the floor. Isom with a big flip out to the floor. Back in the ring, Isom with a release german suplex on Castle, but Castle hits one of his own. Back and forth action as Castle slams Isom down to the mat, sliding knee to the head, cover, two.

Isom with elbows and an enziguri, sending Caslte into the corner. Isom charges, running forearm, sidewinder slam, pin, two-count. Action spills out to the floor for a bit, Castle with a spin around the apron into a head scissors. Isom with a pop-up backbreaker. Draper feels like he needs to be at ringside and heads down to talk with The Boys. Draper then pulls Castle out of the ring before he got suplexed.

The group helps him out, Isom with a moonsault down to the floor on everyone but Draper and Castle. Draper ends up going into the ring, misses with a clothesline and takes a lowblow kick. Castle nearly hits his finisher, reverses into a pin, two. Castle ends up hitting bang-a-rang on the second try, cover, 1-2-3.


Winner: Dalton Castle via Pinfall

Jake Atlas vs. Taylor Rust

Two former NXT stars going at it in this match. Feeling out process as we get things going. Quick back and forth as Rust is able to suddenly stop everything with an ankle lock on Atlas. He finally breaks away and gets out to the floor. Atlas back in the ring, but doesn't have much luck as Rust locks down his elbow and stomps on it. Rust keeps working the wrist, flips Atlas over, pin, two.

Atlas with a superkick, picks the ankle while sliding out to the floor and lands a big elbow shot to the back of the head, cover, two.Rust keeps working the arm/shoulder, hits eat defeat, cover, very close three (ref actually had to slow up because of the late kickout). Rust with the Gaia Lock for the tap out. Commentary saying the two will make future appearances on ROH TV.

Winner: Taylor Rust via Submission

Homicide, Chris Dickinson, and Tony Deppen vs. John Walters, LSG, and Lee Mortiarty


Commentary noting how they wished ROH would see more of Lee Moriarty, but congratulated him on signing with AEW. Walter and Homicide battle as Walters look to keep him downed. Homicide tried for multiple pins without any luck. Walters won't let go for a side headlock, no matter what Homicide does. Dickinson tags in, gets tied up as LSG tags in and uses his agility to avoid Dickinson, cover, one-count. Moriarty and Deppen both tag in, lots of innovated offense by both guys. Moriarty tries for a pin, only one. Abdominal stretch on Dickinson, Homicide gets in there with a back rack. Moariarty puts Homicide in an abdominal stretch, too.

Walters tags in, drops Homicide, looks for a sharpshooter, but gives it up to duck Deppen's attack. He then connect Deppen and Homicide and locks in dual submission. Dickinson comes over, kicks Walters, he asks for another and Dickinson really boots him in the head. Homicide is able to gets some momentum with a submission. The two just start smacking each other until Walter connects with a lung blower. Dickinson and LSG tag in, LSG with a running double ax, chops against the ropes, modified stunner, kick to the check, cover, two. Moriarty tags in, double super kick with LSG. Moriarity with the assisted roll-up, two-count. Moriarty hits the ropes, but Homicide trips him up.


LSG plants Dickinson, springboard by LSG and he goes right into a high knee to the face. Moriarty with a suplex, kip up, suicide dive to the floor, then a springboard clothesline on Dickinson, cover, Deppen breaks it up. Moriarty and Deppen punch each other. Walters tags in and sends Deppen out to the floor. Dickinson gets right in the ring, Walaters looks for muta lock. He DDTs Homicide and ends up doing a double muta lock to Homicide and Dickinson. Deppen with a double foot stompon on Walters. LSG springboard crossbody on Deppen. Moriarty and Dickinson trade a bunch of shots. Moriarty with a big kick, pump kick to Deppen. Moriarty blocks cop killer by Homicide, but he then hits a nice cannonball senton out on all three opponents. Deppen drops Moriarty. Spicoli Driver by Dickinson on Moriarty, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Homicide, Tony Deppen, and Chris Dickinson via Pinfall

- Post-match, LSG, Walter, and Moriarty look to bicker with one another in the ring. Jay Lethal comes out with Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams and tells them not to fight. He says it's been a very long time since there's been a ROH PPV and he hasn't been involved in it. He enjoys watching from the back though and seeing all the wrestlers coming through and kicking butt. He says he's excited for the future of the company with guys like Eli Isom, a new women's championship to be crowned, and more. He shakes all three guys hands and gives them their props. Lethal says he wishes Moriarty was in ROH so they could have him in their Pure Rules division.


Lethal talks about the guys in the back and talks about studying people like Eddie Guerrero, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles. He says they love pro wrestling and the wrestling world, as a whole, is doing pretty darn good but pure wrestling needs to prevail! He then puts over Jonathan Gresham. Lethal said during the peak of pandemic, he heard people say the Pure Championship was "fresh, new, and exciting," but it wasn't, it's the same stuff that he grew up on! It's all right here in ROH! Lethal shakes all their hands in the ring and raises up their arms.

The Briscoes vs. The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett)

Couple early attempts at finishers, but no luck. Briscoes get the momentum early on. Bennett tries to fight back with chops, but gets taken down and kicked. Mark trying to choke out Bennett, but he fights back with elbows. Taven gets the tag and lands a boot to the face and dropkick off the second rope, cover, two.


Taven puts down Mark, pin, two-count. Jay gets the tag in, lands a big kick. Mark then boots Bennett down to the floor. Taven lands a kick, but then takes some punches, kicks, and a DDT. Bennett looks for a doomday device out on the floor, Briscoes stop that. Briscoes try the same, Taven also stops the move from happening. Taven and Mark battling up high. Taven then hit a moonsault down on Bennett and Jay. Mark gets on the top rope and nails a flying elbow on the group. Taven sent back into the ring, Mark hits a clothesline, as does Jay, cover, two.

Jay cracks Taven with a neckbreaker, cover, two-count. Bennett with a knee strike and locks in an arm submission, but takes a dropkick from Mark to stop that. Mark trying to fight off OGK, runs into a superkick and then takes a spear from Bennett. Mark with some redneck kung-fu, fighting off both guys. Bennett throws him into the rope, but Mark nails Taven with a dropkick. Bennett out to the floor and Mark nails him with a blockbuster. Jay sends Taven into the ring. Jay with a big lariat on Taven. Mark off the top rope with froggy bow, cover, Bennett sneaks in for the save.


Chair is brought into the ring and set up. They look for a move, but Bennett spears Jay. Ref tosses the chair out of the ring. Mark with death valley driver on Bennett. Taven takes a big shot while up on the top rope. Mark sets the chair up flips out to the floor on BeNNET. Jay driller is blocked, Taven reverses into a roll-up, but Jay says his shoulders weren't down (it looks liked Taven's might have been).

Winners: The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) via Pinfall

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Josh Woods (ROH Pure Championship)

Commentary noting Gresham has put on ten pounds for this match. Both guys have only three rope breaks under Pure Rules. Test of strength with Woods sending Gresham down to the mat, cover, two. Another pin attempt for two. Greshman looks to bridge up, baits Woods into jumping on him, Gresham gets his feet to the midsection and sends Woods back to his feet. Gresham is able to get the better grip to slow Woods down.


Both end up in the ropes during a struggle and the ref says it's neutral so a rope break isn't taken away from either wrestlers. Both are shoving each other into the ropes until the ref has to break them up. Woods is holding Gresham into the ropes for a four-count. Both keep going into the ropes and the ref has had enough of them not breaking when he says, so he calls for rope breaks on both guys. Both have two rope breaks remaining. Knuckle lock and Gresham is sent to the mat. Gresham reverses into a locking his legs around Woods' neck. Woods fights out of it, another knuckle lock and more pin attempts for two.

Both men up, Gresham with a couple boots as he tries to climb up the turnbuckle, but Woods then tosses the champ down to the ring. Gresham on his back, Woods holding his feet, Gresham claps his feet together to slam Woods' thumbs together, lol, amazing. Woods look for a suplex, but can't do it after all the damage Woods has taken. Both in the ropes again, neither break! Ref is hot! "Listen up! I'm not going to tell you again!" Back and forth shots as they continue to look for some momentum. They both go to the ropes and nobody breaks again. Ref charges both guys another break. Each wrestler have one left. They argue a bit, but the ref is having none of it.


Roll-up that goes round and round and round until they stop and the referee counts the pin for three! Gresham thinks he lost, but the referee says that both shoulders were down and the match is a draw. Announcer says Gresham retains the title. Gresham gets on the mic and tells the ref to give the title back to the timekeeper's table. He says he's the best and he's not letting this tarnish his record. After this match, he will be 13-0. He asks to restart the match and shakes Woods' hands. He then slaps him in the face. Woods fires back and slaps him back. Big chop by Woods, ankle pick by Gresham and looks for a kneelock as they roll near the ropes. Both kicking and chopping and wont' break. Referee finally decides to charge them their third break. That's all three! Pin or submission within or on the ropes will not get a break from here out. Gresham tries for a big sunset flip pin, two. Another trick pin, two. Woods reverses into a sleeper with the body scissors. Gresham is slowly fading, but wakes up at the last moment.


Gresham hyper extends the elbow of his knee, another kick to the knee. Gresham with an armdrag into a headscissor, then catches him with a pin, two. Woods rolls into a pin, two. Gresham up on the second rope, leaps, and gets a foot to the chin. Woods with chaos theory, leg gives out, tries for a suplex, Gresham lands on his feet. Gresham gets behind Woods and throws a flurry of elbows to the head, crucifix pin, two. Gresham goes right into the ankle lock. "Tap!" the crowd chants. Woods roll through with an ankle lock of his own. Gresham gets to the ropes, but no break. Woods yanks him to the center of the ring. Gresham with a kick to the knee to stop it. Woods with a chaos theory with the bridge, two. Gresham barely gets his shoulder up.

Back and forth shots, enziguri by Gresham, german suplex with bridge, two. Gresham with a big shot to the back of the head, cover, two, right into a kimura lock. Woods trying to slam his way out of it. He gets the champ up and just launches Gresham over his head, like a high-angle suplex with Gresham's head hitting the mat, cover, 1-2-3! New champ!


Winner: Josh Woods via pinfall to win the ROH Pure Championship

- Post-match, Gresham put the title around Woods' wait and shook his hand.

Shane Taylor Promotions (c) vs. La Bestia del Ring, Dragon Lee, and Kenny King (ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship)

This match is under lucha rules (tags aren't required). During Shane Taylor Promotions' entrance, Kenny King attacks Shane Taylor with a chair, hitting him over and over again before the others get over to him. Taylor is helped to the back and it looks like O'Shay Edwards is stepping in for him. Kaun using his power to keep Lee grounded as we get things going. Lee able to get back up and get some momentum, but Moses comes in front behind and just runs over Lee. Bestia tags in and tries to go toe-to-toe with the big man. He gets sent into the corner, Moses with a big splash, but Bestia charges out with a lariat. He then tags in King and goes against Edwards. King dodges a bunch of strikes and pops Edwards a few times until he gets clocked. King with a kick to the head.


King with a spinning heel kick, caught in midair and sent into the corner and takes a spinebuster. Bestia takes down Edwards out to the floor. Everyone battling now. Kaun jumps in and hits a knee to King's spine, cover, two. Lee really getting worked over by Shane Taylor Promotions for a few minutes. Bestia and King look to take down Edwards, both get dropped. Lee runs in and takes a sitdown powerbomb, King with a boot to the face to break up the pin. Pop-up cutter by Moses on King, but then takes a powerslam by Bestia. Kaun drops Bestia, shotgun dropkick by Lee on Kaun.

Everybody battling all over the ring. King gets planted in the middle of the ring, but nobody can get over and cover him. Edwards up to the second rope, splash, cover, Lee breaks it up. Bestia flies outside and takes down Edwards. Kaun flies and Lee then hits a huge flip down on Kaun. King with a spinning splash to the outside, but he hits Dragon Lee. Moses then takes out a bunch of people with a cannonball senton. Moses battles King and gets caught with a superkick. King with a spinebuster on the champ. King nails a springboard blockbuster. Shane Taylor gets backi n the ring and just clocks King over the head with it! Referee was outside checking on the chaos. Moses covers King and the champions retain.


Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions via Pinfall

- Post-match, Shane Taylor Promotions keeps a beaten King in the ring and all four guys step on him while holding up the titles. They do some celebrating afterwards.

Miranda Alize vs. Rok-C (ROH Women's World Championship – Vacant)

Alize is 7-0 in ROH and already has a win over Rok-C. Rok-C is 19 years old, but has more matches than almost everyone in the tournament. Crowd chanting for her as she makes her way into the ring. Maria Kanellis in the ring with the new title. Lenny Leonard on commentary for the match. Harsh slap to Rok-C's hand by Alize before things get going. They lock up and go to the corner, clean break. Another sequence leads to a stalemate. Rok-C now working over Alize's arm and then her ankle, but Alize was able to calmly work her way out.

Both trading wristlocks over and over until Rok-C looks for the fujiwara armbar, but Alize won't let it happen, gets to her feet, and backs away. Rok-C looks for a standing moonsault, nobody home. Rok-C then cartwheels out of a head scissors and bows to Alize, but then just takes a shot to the face. Rok-C jams her opponent into the corner, lou thesz press on Alize. Alize is able to slow down a fired up Rok-C with some big chops. Crowd chants for Rok-C, Alize tells them to shut up and lands a big kick to the corner, drops her opponent to the mat, cover, two. Alize with a headbutt and then ends up biting the fingers of Rok-C. Crowd really getting into this one, booing Alize, and cheering on Rok-C. Alize chokes Rok-C up against the ropes and then again in the corner.


Alize mocks the crowd with a "let's go Rok-C" chant as she applies a reverse chin lock. Rok-C fires back with some forearms as she gets to her feet. Back elbow to Alize, then sends her to the apron. Rok-C pulls her down over the rope. Alize with a basement hurricanrana as she steps through the second rope! Alize then yanks back on Rok-C's arm, but she gets up and lays into Alize, running double knees in the corner. Lou thesz press off the second rope, cover, two-count. Rok knees hits to Alize midsection, cover, two.

Alize with a ripcord knee to the face, pin, two-count. Alize drops Rok-C and locks in a bulldog choke. Rok-C tries to get a foot on the ropes, but Alize rolls her back to the center of the ring. Rok-C thinks about tapping, but claws her way over and gets a foot on the ropes. Rok-C out to the floor, Alize follows, gets tripped up and sent into the barricade. Rok-C in the ring and hits a suicide dive through the bottom rope. She yells out and the crowd cheers her on. Alize sent into the ring, Alize with a running dropkick and a wild suicide dive that led with her knees! Referee starts up his 20-count and both jump in at 19.


Rok-C with a flurry of shots to the back, Alize with a cutter, Rok-C is up and blasts Alize with a knee, slow to cover, two-count. Alize with a crucifix pin, two and goes right into miranda's rights submission (crossface). Rok-C rolls back and gets a crossface of her own locked in. Alize flips over, cover, two, couple kicks to the face of Rok-C. Drive by block with a kick, spinning heel kick, code roc (code red), cover, 1-2-3! Fantastic match!

Winner: Rok-C via pinfall to win the ROH Women's World Championship

- Post-match, Maria makes her way into the ring and hands over the title to the new champion. She gives Rok-C a hug and heads out. Rok-C celebrates with the title as the crowd claps and chants for her. Her family makes their way into the ring to celebrate.

Bandido (c) vs. Demonic Flamita vs. EC3 vs. Brody King (Four-Way Elimination Match for the ROH World Championship)


All four men face-off as the bell rings. Flamita bails out to the floor and offers they come out to him. The three battle away until EC3 and King take each other over the top rope and to the floor. Bandido and Flamita absolutely fly across the ring with multiple reversals into a stalemate. Bandido goes around and around Flamita into a head scissors. Flamita out to the floor, but Bandido follows with a fosbury flop. Crowd is very much behind Bandido in this one.

Back in the ring, EC3 slows things down a bit by keeping Bandido grounded. Back body drop on the champion, followed by a t-bone suplex. EC3 seems to be in the driver's seat thus far. EC3 powerbombs Bandido down on King. Flamita decides to bring a chair into the match and hits EC3 over the back with it. It does nothing to him. The ref apparently wasn't paying attention at the timekeeper's table. EC3 then cracks Flamita over the back with it. Ref saw that and EC3 is disqualified! Flamita laughs at EC3 and says "I'm more intelligent than you, idiot."


EC3 is eliminated.

Flamita tries to get Bandido (his former tag partner) to work with him against King. Brody runs them both over. The duo ends up working together for a moment, double standing moonsaults, and a little floss dance. Flamita hugs Bandido. The two with a flurry of kicks, assisted kick by Flamita. Wheelbarrow backflip by Flamita on King, cover, two. Bandido tries for one, too, two. They bicker for a moment, but then shake hands. King again takes them down.

He puts Bandido up on the top rope, Flamita hits King and puts him on his shoulders. Bandido looked to do a canadian destroyer, but it doesn't really work out and King takes a tough landing to the mat. He looks to be okay though. Flamita goes to launch off Bandido, but takes tough powerbomb, cover, two. Bandido then sends Flamita out and down on King. Bandido with a big moonsault off the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, King hits all seeing eye on Flamita to get the pinfall.

Demonic Flamita is eliminated.

They shake hands and get right to work. Bandido goes up top and hits a twisting splash on King. Bandido runs into King and is sent hard to the mat. Snap piledriver on the champ, cover, two. King with chops to Bandido. Bandido on the top rope, he chops King away, snap-rana on King, cover, two! Bandido with a crucifix pin, two-count. Bandido goes up top, shooting star press, cover, one-count?! King with spinning lariat that turns the champ inside out. King with gonzo bomb, no, Bandido with a flurry of pin attempts until one finally works on the big man.


Winner: Bandido via Pinfall

- Post-match, The Foundation comes to the ring, clapping their hands. Jonathan Gresham comes in a bit slower after his loss earlier in the night. They all shake hands. Gresham's hand shake lingers a bit longer as he checks out the title. Vincent (who has a future title shot, thanks to a win over Matt Taven) and his people come out to the stage and clap for the champion as the PPV comes to a close.