Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about the ROH Tag Team Championship Match between LFI and VLNCE UNLTD.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) make their entrance. Rey Horus & ROH World Champion Bandido make their entrances.

Bandido & Rey Horus vs. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay)

Jay and Bandido lock up. Jay locks in a waist-lock on Bandido. Bandido reverses it into a wrist-lock on Jay. Jay takes Bandido to the mat with a Fireman’s Carry takeover. Mark and Horus eventually exchange strikes. Mark hits a modified slam on Horus from off the top turnbuckle. Mark pins Horus for a two count. Horus connects with a back elbow to the face of Mark. Bandido is tagged in. Bandido hits a twisted cross-body from off the top rope on Mark. Bandido hits a Pop-Up Cutter on Mark. Mark attempts a neck-breaker on Bandido, Bandido dropkicks Mark. Horus tags in as Bandido hits a Moonsault to the outside on Jay. Horus hits Mark with a forearm before setting him on the top turnbuckle. Horus hits a Driver from off the top rope on Mark. Horus pins Mark for a two count. Bandido ascends the turnbuckles. Jay attacks Bandido, sending him to ringside. Horus ducks a clothesline attempt by Jay. Horus connects with a kick to the head of Jay. Horus goes to the second rope. Jay runs after him and gets him up on his shoulders as Mark gets to the top turnbuckle. Mark and Jay hit the Doomsday Device on Horus. Mark pins Horus for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes (Mark & Jay)

Will Ferrara (with Eric Martin) and Josh Woods make their entrances. ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham has joined Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary for this match.

Pure Rules Match:

Will Ferrara vs. Josh Woods

Ferrara attempts a single leg takedown in Woods, Woods doesn’t let it happen. Woods hits a Gut Wrench Suplex on Ferrara. Ferrara eventually locks in an arm-lock on Woods. Woods picks Ferrara up and slams him to the mat to get out of it. Woods pins Ferrara for a two count. Ferrara hits a single arm DDT on Woods. Ferrara rolls Woods up for a two count. Woods strikes the chin of Ferrara. Woods hits a German Suplex on Ferrara. Woods pins Ferrara for the win.

Winner: Josh Woods

Woods and Gresham shake hands in the entrance way.

LFI’s Kenny King and ROH Television Champion Dragon Lee make their entrance. VLNCE UNLTD’s ROH Tag Team Champions Homicide & Chris Dickinson make their entrance.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match:

VLNCE UNLTD (Homicide & Chris Dickinson) (c) vs. LFI (Dragon Lee & Kenny King)

They lock up. King locks in a headlock on Homicide. Homicide sends King to the ropes. King hits a shoulder-block on Homicide. Dickinson and Lee eventually exchange strikes. Dickinson locks in a waist-lock on Lee. Lee reverses that into a waist-lock on Dickinson. Lee pulls Dickinson into a knee strike to the face. Lee goes for a running knee strike, Dickinson catches his leg. Dickinson hits a Dragon Screw on Dragon Lee. Lee finally hits another knee strike on Dickinson. Lee pins Dickinson for a two count. Lee hits one more knee strike on Dickinson. Lee pins Dickinson for the three count as King prevents Homicide from getting in the ring.

Winners: LFI (Dragon Lee & Kenny King)

Death Before Dishonor is hyped as the show comes to a close.

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