Several Former WWE Superstars Officially Become Free Agents

Another round of wrestlers are officially free agents from WWE this week.

We noted back on June 25 how WWE released Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, Killian Dain, The Singh Brothers, Marina Shafir, Arturo Ruas, Curt Stallion, Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Ever-Rise, and August Grey.

Some of the wrestlers cut that day were under 30-day non-compete clauses, but others were under 90-day non-compete clauses as some deals changed when wrestlers were called up at various times. Those wrestlers are now free agents, such as Nese, Daivari, Dain, and The Singh Brothers, among others. While some of the wrestlers have made indie appearances in recent weeks, they are all now free to sign with whoever they want.

The Singh Brothers (The Bollywood Boyz) tweeted about their free agency today and wrote, "Officially Bollywood free agents. Representing 1.4 Billion [India flag emoji], 38 million [Canada flag emoji], Ready represent worldwide [Earth emoji]"

The Bollywood Boyz spoke with Wrestling Inc's own Raj Giri back in August and revealed that their deals were upgraded after the July 2017 Punjabi Prison match between Randy Orton and then-WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

"It was after the Punjabi Prison match actually," Harv said of when the contracts switched. "They saw that big bump and you know..."

"We got pulled in and we were told, 'Hey, we're switching your NXT contracts to main roster contracts,'" Gurv said. "I think that was like two and a half, three months later. As Harv was just saying, it was right after the Punjabi Prison there, so that must've been the badge of honor."

"I got a bonus for that bump," Harv said. "I remember Mike Chioda was checking up on me, and he was ribbing me and he was like, 'Oh, you're going to get a bonus for that.' I'm like, 'Whoa, what's going on here?'"

Dain (Big Damo) tweeted today and said he will be a free agent tomorrow. He said he can't wait to get in the ring to prove himself night after night, and also noted that he has a few final legal hurdles to get over before he can compete again.

"As of tomorrow I am a free agent. Thanks to everyone for all the support. I cannot wait to get back in the ring & prove myself night after night. I have a few final legal hurdles before I can compete but it will not be long now! DAMOMACKLE@YAHOO.COM," Dain wrote.

Nese is taking bookings via, and already has several indie bookings announced, and a new Pro Wrestling Tees store. He tweeted today, "Free agency begins now."

Daivari is taking bookings via He tweeted today and said he's looking forward to the future, writing, "Today, I'm officially a free agent. I'm looking forward to the future. New promotions, new opportunities, new fans and new goals! Thank you all for the support."

Grey and Stallion recently started with AEW and lost to FTR on this week's AEW Dark episode. They are being billed as Stallion Rogers and Anthony Greene.

Ever-Rise, now known as 2point0, debuted with AEW in early August and have received somewhat of a push.

Shafir launched her new merchandise shop this week, as seen below, and is taking bookings via

Breeze remains active with UpUpDownDown and runs the Flatbacks Wrestling School with Shawn Spears. He is taking bookings through

Fandango also has several indie appearances announced, now using the name Dirty Dango. He is taking bookings via

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