Video Of The Miz’s First Dance On Dancing With The Stars, Miz Reacts To Night One

Veteran WWE Superstar The Miz made his dancing debut on last night's season 30 premiere of ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

Miz is partnered up with professional Latin ballroom dancer and choreographer Witney Carson on the show. They danced the Cha Cha to "Butter" by DWTS.


You can see video from The Miz's first dance with Carson below.

Miz and Witney received a score of 24 out of 40 from the judges, via straight 6 scores. The 24 out of 40 was about average for the first night. The first elimination for this season will air next Monday night. Judge Bruno Tonioli praised Witney for "taming the beast" last night, while Miz was called "light on his feet, a well-oiled loving machine." They were also praised as being incredible for their first dance.

The Miz took to Instagram today and wrote the following on his first DWTS performance:

"Last night was Awesome. I'm still grinning ear to ear. If you would've told me 12 days ago when I first started this show that I would be praised by professional ballroom judges while millions watch at home for doing the Cha Cha I would've laughed and thought yeah right. My dance pro @witneycarson locked me in and took the time to teach as well as be incredibly patient with a guy who learned how to dance from watching music videos on MTV in the 80s. When I couldn't get a move she would figure out different drills to make sure I got it. When I had questions and trust me I had a lot of them she answered them without a roll of the eye even when they were probably really dumb questions. When I got down on myself she remained positive. Witneys passion for her work really shines every time she's on the dance floor and I'm incredibly thankful she's my pro. Last night was fun but watching the other talent I know I have a lot of work to do. Next dance starts today. I can't wait to see which I get and to what song."


There is no word on when The Miz will return to WWE TV to resume his feud with John Morrison, but it would likely depend on when he is eliminated. Below are clips from last night's show, along with his full Instagram post: