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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off in the women’s division!

Amari Miller vs. Valentina Feroz

Both women go straight for a lockup. Amari Miller turns it into a wrist lock. Valentina Feroz reverses it into a takedown. Miller rolls Feroz up for a pin. She only gets a near-fall. Miller is still cranking in that wrist lock. Miller switches her offense with some forearm smashes followed by an attempted hip toss. Feroz breaks it up immediately. Feroz returns in this match with an armbar. Miller counters with another wrist lock. Feroz comes back with another forearm and STO for a two count! Miller lands a nice kick for another near-fall.

Miller tries to wear Feroz down with a rear chin lock. Feroz recovers and plants a sunset flip. Cover. Miller kicks out! Miller maintains control with a strong Irish Whip into the corner. She rocks Feroz with a back elbow and looks for a different cover. Nothing. Miller stays on Feroz with a cobra clutch. Feroz fights free. Feroz starts picking up momentum with a judo throw. She misses a dropkick leaving her open for a double leg slam. But Feroz plays possum and applies another armbar submission which leads Miller to tap out.

Winner: Valentina Feroz

Up next, Malik Blade makes his in-ring debut!

Malik Blade vs. Boa (w/Mei Ying)

A very petrifying Mei Ying is watching this match rather closely. Boa lands a kick moments after the bell rings. Boa continues running roughshod with more kicks and forearm smashes. Boa sends Malik Blade into the turnbuckles. Blade fights free from there with an elbow, but Boa is back on top of him with more knee strikes. Boa goes for another turnbuckle shot by sending Blade in with an Irish Whip. Blade floats over and rocks Boa with a dropkick. Both of them spill to the outside.

Boa gives Mei Ying a look before striking Blade with a damaging kick to the chest, followed by an axe kick. As they make their way back into the ring, Boa sets Blade up onto the top rope and lands a running knee to the head! Ouch! Miraculously, Blade recovers with an elbow and punch, but Boa charges back with a forearm to his back.

Blade picks himself back up with more forearms and a spinning heel kick. Blade then hits a clothesline into the corner and a crossbody for just a two-count. Boa comes back in this fight with a knee and elbow smash before applying a dragon sleeper. Blade gave it his all, but Boa couldn’t be stopped after rocking Blade with a Slop Drop for the win.

Winner: Boa

And now, the main event!

Trey Baxter vs. Andre Chase

Following some back and forth takedowns from Andrea Chase and Trey Baxter, Chase takes over the driver’s seat in this match with a damaging back elbow. Chase’s lead continues with more vicious strikes, leading to a belly-to-back suplex. Chase receives the first near-fall in this bout.

Baxter fights free from ground control before planting a strike to the back of the head. Baxter kept his momentum on point with a springboard Asai moonsault. Baxter looks for his pin in the match, and Chase breaks it up at two. Baxter then climbs to the top rope but gets interrupted by Chase, who regained advantage moments later. Chase locks in a single-leg crab before transitioning to an STF! Baxter finds the ropes to break free. Chase tries to go for a tiger driver, but Baxter fights free. Baxter connects with a kick that sends Chase to the outside, allowing Baxter to land a tope.

Back in the ring, Baxter was looking for a springboard but ate a boot instead. Chase sets Baxter up in another tiger driver and hits it this time, but Baxter kicks right out of the pin. Chase, who’s sporting a frustrated look, hoists Baxter to the top rope. Baxter regains control. Baxter lands a double stomp after sending Chase to the mat. That’s all Baxter needed to do to secure this victory in this bout.

Winner: Trey Baxter

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!