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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with the first singles match scheduled for tonight’s show!

Xyon Quinn vs. Oney Lorcan

Both men go for a lockup. Xyon Quinn drags Oney Lorgan to the corner. Lorcan ducks underneath and breaks it up. Lorcan lands a nasty chop and forearm on Quinn. Quinn turns it around with an attack from off the ropes. Lorcan ground and pounds Quinn’s face in before connecting another thunderous chop. Lorcan hits Quinn with a chop block for two. Lorcan locks Quinn up with a rear-naked choke. Quinn quickens the pace with some vicious offense. Quinn turns Lorcan around with a short ripcord and decks him right on the chin. Lorcan is out cold. Cover. Quinn remains undefeated on the purple brand.

Winner: Xyon Quinn

– A vignette about Ikemen Jiro is shown. He shows off his very livewire jacket collection. Jiro will be in action next!

Ikemen Jiro vs. Malik Blade

Ikemen Jiro cartwheels over towards Malik Blade and looks for a collar and elbow tie-up. Blade shoves Jiro off with a nice dropkick, followed by an arm drag. Jiro clocks Blade on the apron. They meet up on the middle rope. Jiro drops Blade off the ropes and greets the camera with a huge grin. Jiro turns his focuses on Blade’s left shoulder by slamming onto the mat over and over again. Jiro lands a perfect senton for a two-count.

Jiro tries to get Blade off the ropes. At first, Blade doesn’t budge. Jiro flips him over with a beautiful moonsault/inverted arm drag for another near-fall. Blade’s momentum starts to climb with a clothesline in the corner. Blade flies off the ropes with a crossbody. Blade looks for a cover. Jiro is out at two. Jiro sets Blade up for his Ikemen Splash and nails it. Jiro picks up the pinfall victory in this bout.

Winner: Ikemen Jiro

Up next, Ember Moon will make her return to the purple brand in the main event!

Ember Moon vs. Cora Jade

The fans rally behind Ember Moon as she sends Cora Jake on the mat with a firm side headlock. Cora reverses the hold with an armbar. Moon looks for her own armbar as she cranks down on Cora’s neck. Cora climbs on Moon with a wheelbarrow and sends her to the other side with an arm drag. Cora tries to knock Moon out of this match with a jumping knee strike, but Moon refuses to let her pick up the pinfall that way.

Moon whales down shots after Cora strikes her in the stomach. Cora sneaks in another pin attempt for two. Moon holds Cora in the tree of woe position and kicks the life out of her. Moon seems to be changing into a more unruly competitor in this bout. Moon ejects Cora out of the ring and waits for her till the 9th count. Moon drives Cora into the mat with a powerbomb. Moon fires up an Eclipse from the top rope to secure the main event victory.

Winner: Ember Moon

That concludes this week’s show. Thanks for watching!