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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with two new debuts from the NXT women’s division!

Cora Jade vs. Amari Miller

The bell rings. Both women lay into each other with back and forth exchanges. This carried on throughout the match. Their blows would turn more impactful. The match’s pace changed course when Amari Miller connected further damaging offense. Cora Jade would rally back. Jade’s comeback would only last for a while before Miller countered a firewoman’s carry and turned into a lethal knee strike on Cora Jake. That knee strike was enough for Amari Miller to pick up her first pinfall on the purple brand.

Winner: Amari Miller

The second bout for tonight’s show is up next!

Joe Gacy vs. Josh Briggs II

Joe Gacy forced Josh Briggs into the corner and rained down some heavy strikes. A forearm strike from Gacy left Briggs rocked, but Briggs recovered with the same vicious shot he just received. Briggs’ then takes over the driver’s seat for a while. Briggs holds Gacy in the chinlock position.

Gacy starts to rise to his feet. Briggs sends Gacy right back down on the mat with a strong shoulder tackle. After an Irish Whip towards the ropes, Gacy fires back with a massive tackle. Gacy continues the onslaught with a belly-to-back suplex, followed by clubbing strikes against the ropes. Gacy adds a belly-to-belly suplex and then a crossface. Gacy was mere seconds away from winning this whole thing, but Briggs fights out of the pin.

Gacy’s frustration gets the better of him. He starts stomping away and clubbing Briggs. Seconds later, Briggs fights back with a roaring boot. Briggs looks for pinfall of his own. Gacy kicks out. Briggs sends Gacy back into the ropes. Gacy comes springing back with a handspring lariat for the pinfall victory. Both men are now tied 1-1 in this epic rivalry.

Winner: Joe Gacy

And now, the main event!

Xyon Quinn vs. Andre Chase

Both men start this bout with back and forth exchanges. Xyon Quinn holds power over Andre Chase. Quinn then tosses Chase around, making it look easier than it should. Chase sidesteps a spear, which sends Quinn crashing straight into the turnbuckle post.

More quick moves follow from Chase. Quinn hurls back by winning a striking exchange and closing their back and forth brawling with a Samoan Drop. Quinn hoists Chase onto his shoulders and connects a neckbreaker. 1-2-3, Quinn wins his first event in 205 Live.

Winner: Xyon Quinn  

That concludes this week’s episode. From all of us here at Wrestling Inc., we wish our followers a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!