WWE Monday Night RAW Results, Your Feedback And Viewing Party

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE RAW Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC.

- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up on the USA Network with a look back at how Big E cashed in his Money In the Bank briefcase to win the WWE Title from Bobby Lashley last week. We're live from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina as Jimmy Smith welcomes us. He's joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. They hype tonight's six-man match between The New Day and The Bloodline.


- We go right to the ring and The New Day's grand introduction echoes out over the arena, by new WWE Champion Big E. The music hits and out comes Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as fans cheer them on. They enter the ring, which is set up for Big E's Championship Celebration.

The New Day takes it all in as a "you deserve it!" chant breaks out. Big E says the fans are the best. He says he's here to thank the fans for their chants. He's thankful for everyone who supported him as he won the Money In the Bank briefcase, and he's beyond grateful for all who lost their minds when he became the new WWE Champion last week. He's grateful for everyone in the back and one incredible friend up above, which leads to a Brodie Lee chant. Big E says but tonight we have to cut the celebration short because The New Day has business with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and their little friend, their cousin, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Big E says RAW is The New Day's show and tonight they will send The Bloodline packing, and do you know why? Because... New Day rocks! Fans chant as the celebration continues.


The music interrupts and out comes The Bloodline – The Usos and Reigns, with Paul Heyman. They enter the ring and stare The New Day down. Reigns smirks at Big E and raises his title in the air as the pyro goes off on the stage. Big E steps closer and raises his title belt in the air at Reigns. Fans pop for the face-off. Graves says this match is coming next. We go to commercial with Reigns and Big E yelling at each other.

The Bloodline vs. The New Day

Back from the break and Kofi Kingston goes at it with SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso to start. Jimmy drops Kofi with a shoulder and then poses to boos in the corner. Kofi and Jimmy lock up now with Kofi working on the arm. Jimmy sends Kofi into the corner and hits a monkey flip but he lands on his feet. Kofi comes back and drops Jimmy for a 2 count.

Xavier Woods tags in and unloads on Jimmy. Kofi assists Woods before Woods nails the top rope flying elbow for a 2 count. WWE Champion Big E tags in and they double team Jimmy real quick for a 2 count. Big E keeps control and Woods comes back in to work on the arm as WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns watches from the apron. Jimmy counters and delivers a big headbutt, then a right hand. Jey Uso tags in and drops Woods, taunting him and talking trash while keeping him down.


Jey doesn't see Kofi tag in as he counters Woods' pin attempt. Kofi flies in off the top but Jey kicks out at 2. Jey turns it around on Kofi and tags back in Jimmy for a quick double team. Jey tags right back in to keep the assault to Kofi going. Kofi knocks Jimmy to the floor and counters Jey. Reigns tags in and ends up pulling Kofi to the floor. Reigns destroys Kofi with ease and tosses him through the air, over the announce table to the floor. We go to commercial with The New Day and The Bloodline having words at ringside.

Back from the break and Jey has control of Kofi in the ring. Jey charges in but gets sent to the floor. Jimmy tags in and knocks Woods off the apron with a superkick, preventing the tag. Kofi reaches for Big E but Jimmy stops him. Kofi with a shot to the ribs and a flying strike from the top. Fans rally for Kofi now as he crawls for a tag, as does Jimmy. Reigns and Big E tag in as fans pop big time.

The two champs meet in the middle of the ring ans face off. Reigns rocks Big E first. They trade big strikes in the middle of the ring. Big E ducks a right and hits a big belly-to-belly suplex, and another. Big E with a third big belly-to-belly. He stands up and plays to the crowd as they cheer him on. Big E clotheslines Jey off the apron but turns around to a big Uranage from Reigns. Big E kicks out and Reigns shows some frustration.


Reigns gets big heel heat as he calls for the Superman Punch. Big E meets him in mid-air with another big slam. Big E runs the ropes and delivers the splash in the middle of the ring. Big E gets the crowd hyped up now. Reigns blocks the Big Ending. Jimmy runs in but Big E sends him to the floor. Woods tags in . Kofi comes in and Big E launches him out to the floor to take The Usos out. Reigns with a Superman Punch to send Big E to the floor. Reigns goes for Woods but Woods fights back. Reigns with an uppercut. Woods with a superkick for a close 2 count.

Bobby Lashley runs down the ramp by himself and drops Big E at ringside with a Spear as fans boo loudly. Lashley scoops Kofi and rams him into the ring post. Lashley takes out The Usos next, sending them into the apron and the steel ring steps. Woods and Reigns slowly get up in the ring. Woods is distracted by Lashley. He turns around to a big Spear by Reigns for the pin to win.

Winners: The Bloodline

- After the match, Reigns slowly recovers and stands tall as the music hits. Lashley hits the ring and drops Reigns with a Spear for a big pop. Lashley goes back to ringside and puts Big E through the barrier with another big Spear. Lashley stands tall as his music hits. He poses and yells out at ringside, leaving The Bloodline and The New Day all laid out. We go to commercial.


- Back from the break and we see what just happened. Bobby Lashley is backstage now. He walks into the office of Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. He talks about how he's not done with Roman Reigns and Big E. This show is still about Lashley, the real champion. He says he'd beat Reigns in a one-on-one match, and the same goes for Big E, and he'd have no problem taking them out if they were put together because this is The All Mighty Era and it never stops. Lashley stares Pearce down and exits the ring.

- The announcers talk about MVP suffering a broken rib at the hands of RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton last week. Orton and Riddle are backstage now. Riddle goes on about syncing their playlists together. Riddle mentions how Orton will face AJ Styles tonight. Riddle goes on trying to encourage Orton to bounce back from last week's loss to Bobby Lashley. Orton talks Riddle into keeping Omos busy while he's dealing with AJ tonight. Orton gives Riddle props on the headphones. Riddle jams out to Orton's theme song to end the segment.

Eva Marie vs. Doudrop

We go back to the ring and out comes Eva Marie. Jimmy shows us recent happenings between Eva and Doudrop. Eva poses in the corner and blows a kiss to the crowd. Back to commercial.


Back from the break and out comes Doudrop as Eva looks on. Eva takes the mic and says she's not one for shaming or negativity, but look at her and then look at Doudrop. Fans pop for Doudrop as she smiles. Eva says she is put together while Doudrop is a mess. Girls like Doudrop can never be women like Eva. Fans continue booing Eva. The bell rings and Doudrop charges but Eva retreats to the floor.

Doudrop chases Eva around the ring and back in, then back to the floor. Doudrop chases Eva back in and Eva goes back out. Doudrop taunts Eva from the ring as the referee counts. Eva slowly comes back in and Doudrop attacks for a pop. Eva with a cheap shot to the eye to take control. Doudrop takes forearms to the face and just eats them, then stares Eva down. Doudrop catches Eva in mid-air and slams her, then nails a senton in the middle of the ring. Doudrop with her low crossbody for the pin to get the quick win.

Winner: Doudrop

- After the match, Doudrop stands tall and heads to the corner to pose as her music hits. Eva looks on from the mat. Doudrop looks into the camera and declares that the Eva-Lution is dead. Doudrop greets fans at ringside as she heads to the back.

- Big E approaches Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville in the back and he's angry. He wants Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns and he wants them tonight. Big E yells at them to make it happen, then storms off.


RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

We go back to the ring and out come the RAW Tag Team Champions – Randy Orton with Riddle. They hit the ring and pose as pyro goes off. Orton hits the turnbuckles to pose more as RAW goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Paul Heyman walks in on Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville as they're conducting business on the phone. Heyman rants about Bobby Lashley coming in earlier and says he's bringing a message from The Tribal Chief. There's some yelling before Deville announces a Triple Threat with Lashley vs. Big E vs. Roman Reigns. Pearce tells Heyman to let Reigns know the match is official. Heyman says he will do just that. Heyman tells them to have a great Monday Night RAW and then walks off. We go back to the ring and out comes AJ Styles with Omos. Riddle gets a "Randy!" chant going to start.

The bell rings as AJ and Orton lock up, going to the mat and trading holds. They break and have a few words. AJ goes to work on Orton's arm now. Orton turns it around and works on AJ's now. More back and forth now. AJ with chops into the corner. Orton ducks a clothesline but AJ blocks the RKO. Omos stares Orton down for a distraction. Fans chant for Orton as he kicks AJ and delivers a suplex for a quick pin attempt. Orton starts stomping on AJ to keep him down now.


Riddle poses at ringside with the straps for a pop. Orton continues to stomp on AJ before a 2 count. Omos trips Orton and he goes down. The referee has words with Omos and then ejects him to the backstage area. Riddle comes over and taunts Omos on his way up the ramp. Omos turns back around and levels Riddle with a huge uppercut. AJ takes advantage and knocks Orton to the floor in front of Omos. AJ launches himself out to drop Orton on the floor again. AJ and Omos have some words of encouragement before Omos heads to the back. Fans boo AJ as he smiles and stands over Orton at ringside. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and they're going at it. AJ with a chop block to take Orton down. AJ works Orton over in the corner as the referee warns him. Orton kicks AJ away but misses a clothesline. AJ collides with the middle turnbuckle and goes down. Orton unloads now and clotheslines AJ in the corner. Orton mounts AJ in the corner now and rocks him as fans count along. AJ sends Orton into the top turnbuckle. Orton with right hands now. AJ turns it around with kicks. Orton catches AJ with a powerslam for a close 2 count.

Orton takes AJ to the top for a superplex but he can't hit it. Orton fights off the counter with a big clothesline off the apron. AJ comes back and keeps fighting. More back and forth now. AJ with a Sleeper from the top rope to avoid the RKO. Orton breaks the Sleeper. Orton runs into a boot in the corner. Orton blocks the Tornado and keeps control, launching AJ overhead with a big suplex. AJ kicks out at 2 but Riddle is excited over Orton using his move.


Fans rally for AJ now. AJ unloads with kicks and punches. Orton blocks and hits him in the face but AJ drops Orton with a pele kick for the pin to win. AJ goes on but Orton blocks the Styles Clash for a 2 count. AJ comes right back with a sliding forearm. AJ with a big springboard moonsault for another close 2 count. AJ goes to the apron and waits now as fans boo. AJ stops and kicks at Riddle but misses. This allows Orton to get back up. He misses the RKO as AJ misses the Phenomenal Forearm attempt, and they point at each other. Orton nails the second rope draping DDT, then hits the mat to pound as fans cheer him on. AJ stumbles up and around as Orton catches him with the RKO for the pin to win.

Winner: Randy Orton

- After the match, Orton begins celebrating as the music hits and fans go wild. We go to replays. Team R-K-Bro continues to be on the same page as they celebrate with AJ down on the outside.

- We get a video package on recent happenings between Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler

We go back to the ring and out first comes Nia Jax in this battle of former tag team partners. Jax hits the ring to pose as we go to commercials.

Back from the break and Shayna Baszler is out now. The bell rings and they start yelling at each other. Jax says she hates Baszler, and Baszler would be nothing without her. Baszler shoves and Jax shoves back. They briefly tangle and Jax tells Baszler to look how quick she could've ended it. They go at it and Baszler delivers a shoulder breaker for a quick pin attempt.


Baszler is talking with the referee when Jax splashes her into the corner. Jax unloads in the corner but Baszler fights back with knee strikes, dazing Jax. Baszler with a big kick, and another to bring Jax down to her knees. Baszler with another stiff kick. Baszler applies the Kirifuda Clutch in the middle of the ring now.

Jax powers up but Baszler keeps assaulting her. Baszler gets on Jax's back with another Kirifuda Clutch, bringing Jax to the mat. Jax squeals on the mat and starts fading as the referee checks on her. Jax passes out and the referee calls the bout.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

- After the match, Baszler stands tall as her music hits. Jax rolls to the apron and sits up on it. Baszler runs and kicks her in the back, knocking her down to the floor to mostly boos. Baszler with kicks to the face now, and another big kick to the mouth as referees yell at her. Baszler bends Jax's arm back and places it in one of the handles on the bottom part of the steps. Baszler charges and stomps on the arm into the steel. A referee checks on Jax, who is crying out now and begging Baszler to stop. Baszler thinks it over but stomps Jax's arm into the steel. Jax rolls around on the floor and squeals as officials check on her. Baszler paces around at ringside and finally heads to the back.


- Back from the break and we see what just happened to Nia Jax.

Mustafa Ali and Mansoor vs. Angel Garza vs. Humberto Carrillo

We go back to the ring and out first comes Mustafa Ali and Mansoor. Out next is Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. The cousins speak in a pre-recorded promo and Carrillo says they got back together because no team is stronger. Garza says we're looking at the most handsome, charismatic and talented Superstars in WWE today and when you put them together, the world is theirs.

The bell rings and Garza levels Ali with a big dropkick in mid-air, then snatches off his pants for a pop. Carrillo tags in for an aggressive double team for a close 2 count. Carrillo grounds Ali and works him over in the middle of the ring. Ali finally comes back with a big tornado DDT. Mansoor and Garza tag in now. Mansoor with a clothesline and two kicks to drop Garza.

Ali tags in and they hit a big double team from the corner. Carrillo breaks the pin up just in time. Mansoor sends Carrillo to the floor but Carrillo dodges the suicide dive, sending Mansoor into the ring post. Ali comes to the floor and takes Carrillo out but Garza comes from behind and aggressively launches Ali into the ring post. Garza yells in Ali's face while he's down.


Carrillo with a submission on Ali in the middle of the ring now. Carrillo runs in and dropkicks Ali while he's down in the submission. Carrillo covers for the pin to win.

Winners: Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo

- After the match, Garza and Carrillo stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Mansoor crawls over to check on Ali at ringside.

- We get a pre-recorded vignette from Karrion Kross with highlights from his recent matches and new comments on how he's pulverized everyone around him each week.

- We go to the stage and out comes Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Nikki says they'd like to talk about Connor's Cure before their title match. Ripley gets emotional in the middle of her promo but they talk about Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and dedicate tonight's match to the kids, to everyone who's been affected by pediatric cancer, and to everyone who's supported Connor's Cure.

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles Match: Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya and Tamina Snuka

The music starts back up as Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley head to the ring. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out come the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions – Natalya and Tamina Snuka, as Mike Rome does the introductions. Nikki and Tamina start out trading shots. Natalya tags in and they hit a Hart Attack for a 2 count as Ripley breaks the pin up just in time.


Tamina comes in and headbutts Ripley, then tosses her over the top rope to the floor. Natalya unloads on Nikki in the corner now. Tamina tags in for more offense on Nikki. Another quick tag and some double teaming after Natalya comes in. Tamina with a big Samoan Drop to Nikki to lay her out. Tamina goes to the top rope for the Superfly Splash but Nikki gets her knees up. Nikki crawls for a tag but Ripley is still down at ringside.

Natalya tags in and attacks Nikki. Natalya with some of her signature offense now. Ripley ends up leaping off the apron to take Tamina down at ringside. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter on Nikki while Ripley distracts her by slamming Tamina into the edge of the apron with a Riptide. Nikki takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Natalya for the pin to win the titles.

Winners and New WWE Women's Tag Team Champions: Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley

- After the match, Nikki and Ripley stand tall as Nikki's music hits. They begin celebrating with the titles as Natalya and Tamina express anger at ringside. Nikki and Ripley pose on the ropes as fans cheer them on.

- We see recent happenings with Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair.

- We go back to the ring and out comes Alexa Bliss for another episode of Alexa's Playground.


Back from the break and Alexa's Playground is set up in the ring. Bliss takes the mic and welcomes us. She's sitting on a swing while Lilly is also on a swing next to her. Bliss introduces the friend who's coming to play with her tonight, her Extreme Rules opponent, RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. Flair poses on the ramp as the pyro goes off.

Bliss tells Flair to take a seat but she'd rather stand. Flair knocks Bliss and Bliss goes on about how she's no fun. Bliss points out how Flair didn't bring the Charly doll with her. Bliss did bring her. Fans chant "Charly!" now. Flair says Bliss is embarrassing herself. Flair doesn't want Charly. Fans boo. Flair wants Bliss, the old Bliss back, the Five Feet of Fury, the once championship material. Flair says Bliss can fool everyone at home but not her, because this is all a pathetic attempt at hiding how fragile Bliss really is. Flair goes on and says Bliss used to come to the ring with a title under her arm, now she comes with a doll under her arm. Flair asks how it feels to have a doll that is more popular. Flair talks about how things are different because they're on the same brand now. She wonders how she goes from main eventing WrestleMania 35 to playing with dolls. Flair goes on and says she's about to beat a grown ass woman playing around like a kid. Flair says this is all a desperate cry for help and she will make it her job to beat sense back into Bliss. Flair asks if Bliss wants this done tonight or this Sunday at Extreme Rules.


This really bad segment goes on with Bliss talking about Flair's insecurities and how she has nothing if she doesn't have the title. Bliss doesn't need titles. Bliss says Flair Bliss laughs and leaps at Flair but Flair catches her and tosses her to the mat. Flair charges and levels Bliss with a kick. Flair approaches Lilly but Bliss jumps on her back. Flair slams her to the mat. Flair picks up the Charly doll, raises it in the air and then rips it apart to a mixed reaction. Bliss jumps on her back again. They tangle some more and it ends with Bliss dropping Flair. Bliss grabs Lilly and clutches her as Flair regroups at ringside, reaching in the ring to grab the title. Flair backs up the ramp, pulling Charly apart some more. Bliss watches from the ring.

- Drake Maverick is backstage with Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa and R-Truth. Drake has a whiteboard with "Mission 24/7" on it. He plans for them to distract WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie, drop a net on him, and then take the title. Gulak approaches Reggie and just wants to talk to him about Chinese medicine. The net is dropped but Gulak gets tangled up as Reggie escapes. Reggie leaps all around production equipment in the back as the others chase him. Reggie gets away and Drake seethes.


Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

We go back to the ring and out comes Jeff Hardy to pyro and a pop from the crowd. If Hardy wins this match, he will be added to Sheamus vs. WWE United States Champion Damian Priest at Extreme Rules. Hardy heads to the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Priest has joined the announcers for commentary. Out next comes Sheamus. The bell rings and Sheamus takes Hardy to the corner but then backs off as the referee warns him. Sheamus takes Hardy down. Hardy works Sheamus over on the mat now. Sheamus drops Hardy with a shoulder. Sheamus shows off some to boos. Sheamus with a big uppercut. Hardy ducks a clothesline and takes Sheamus down. Hardy with a low dropkick. Hardy works Sheamus over in the corner now.

Sheamus rocks Hardy in the corner but Hardy sends him to the apron. Sheamus grabs Hardy but Hardy fights him off and drops him over the top rope, sending him to the floor. Hardy follows as the referee counts. Hardy runs and leaps off the steel steps for Poetry In Motion but Sheamus catches him and slams him into the edge of the apron. Sheamus takes his mask off and levels Hardy again at ringside with a clothesline, then poses over him as we go to commercial.


Back from the break and Hardy is trying to fight Sheamus off in the ring, sending him into the ring post. Hardy drops Sheamus and delivers some of his signature offense in the middle of the ring. Hardy with a side Russian leg sweep off a counter. Hardy goes to the second rope as fans cheer him on. He leaps with the splash but Sheamus kicks out at 2.

Sheamus blocks the Twist of Fate but Hardy drops him face-first into the turnbuckles. Hardy goes for the slingshot kick in the corner but Sheamus kicks him in the gut on the way down. Sheamus goes to the top and nails the flying clothesline. Hardy kicks out at 2. Sheamus scoops Hardy on his shoulders but Hardy fights out. They tangle and Sheamus nails a jumping knee to the face for 2. Hardy counters the Cloverleaf submission, blocks a Brogue and hits Twist of Fate.

Hardy goes to the top for the Swanton Bomb but Sheamus gets his knees up. Sheamus looks to capitalize but Hardy counters and rolls him up for the win and the spot at Extreme Rules.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

- After the match, it's confirmed that Hardy vs. Sheamus vs. Priest will happen at Extreme Rules. Hardy celebrates as the music hits. Sheamus goes over and yells at Priest, blaming him for everything. Sheamus strikes first but Priest fights back and a big brawl breaks out at ringside. Security and officials break them up but Priest leaps and takes Sheamus back down. The fight spills back into the ring now. Priest clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to the floor and they both land hard to end the segment.


- Still to come, Reigns vs. Lashley vs. Big E. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see what happened earlier to set up our main event.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley vs. WWE Champion Big E

We go back to the ring for tonight's main event as WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is out first with Paul Heyman. Reigns marches right to the ring and he's ready to fight. Out next comes Bobby Lashley, who also gets pyro and looks ready to fight. WWE Champion Big E is out next for a pop.

Big E rushes the ring and the bell immediately rings as he brawls with Lashley. Lashley rocks Big E but Big E drops him as Reigns watches. Reigns comes over but Big E knocks him and goes back to work on Lashley. Big E hits the big running splash on the apron while taunting Lashley. Reigns runs over and takes Big E out with a big Drive By as fans boo. Reigns returns to the ring and stands tall with his fist in the air as the boos get louder. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Lashley has Reigns down on the outside. He goes to work on Big E in the corner in the ring. Big E turns it around and drops Lashley with an elbow for a 2 count. Big E talks some trash while controlling Lashley. Big E with the abdominal stretch, taking shots at Lashley's ribs. Reigns runs in and breaks the hold with a big shot. Reigns clotheslines Lashley over the top rope to the floor, then focuses on Big E. Reigns with a big leaping clothesline for a close 2 count.


Reigns rolls to the floor and tries for a Drive By on Lashley but Lashley decks him in mid-air. Lashley rolls Reigns back in the ring for a 2 count. Lashley takes Reigns to the corner and beats him down. Lashley charges at Big E in the opposite corner with a shoulder thrust. He runs back across the ring and hits Reigns with another shoulder. Lashley charges at Big E again but Big E catches him with the Uranage for a close 2 count.

Big E with a running thrust to Reigns in the corner now. Big E charges again but Reigns catches him with a Samoan Drop for a 2 count in the middle of the ring. Reigns looks a bit frustrated now. Big E rolls to the floor to regroup. Reigns unloads with big clotheslines to Lashley in the corner as fans count along. Lashley is dazed. Reigns takes Lashley to the top for a superplex but Lashley fights back and sends him to the mat. Reigns comes right back with a big right hand, stunning Lashley on the top.

Reigns climbs up for the superplex but Lashley resists. Big E runs over and sends them both to the mat with the powerbomb superplex combo as fans go wild. We go to commercial with Big E looking on at his opponents.

Back from the break and Reigns has Big E down in the corner. Reigns talks some trash and fans boo him. Big E ends up tossing Reigns with two big belly-to-belly throws. Big E ducks Reigns and nails another big suplex as fans cheer him on. Big E runs the ropes for a splash to Reigns but Lashley grabs him from the floor, bringing him out and launching him into the barrier.


Lashley returns to the ring fired up. He blocks Reigns and drops him on his face. Lashley plays to the crowd about how this is still his house. Lashley lifts Reigns for a suplex, holding him in the air and dropping him. Reigns kicks out at 2 in the middle of the ring. Big E comes in and tangles with Lashley. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex. Reigns comes over but Big E drops him next to Lashley. Big E runs the ring and delivers a big splash to Lashley and Reigns at the same time. He covers Lashley for a 2 count.

More back and forth now. Lashley ends up dropping Big E with a Spinebuster but Reigns breaks the pin and tosses Lashley to the floor. Reigns tries to steal the pin but Big E kicks out just in time. Reigns stands tall as Heyman looks on with fans booing. Reigns calls for the Superman Punch now. Big E dodges it and scoops Reigns for the Big Ending, nailing it in the middle of the ring. Lashley pulls Big E to the floor to break the pin. Lashley sends Big E into the barrier, then brings him over to the announce table. Lashley chokeslams Big E through the announce table, leaving him laid out in the debris. Lashley gets fired up at ringside as fans go wild with some boos and cheers.


Lashley returns to the ring and waits for Reigns to get up. Lashley goes for the Spear but Reigns meets him with a Superman Punch. Reigns covers for 2 but Lashley kicks out and Reigns can't believe it. Fans chant "this is awesome!" now. Reigns and Lashley are laid out in the middle of the ring, Big E still down in the table debris at ringside. Reigns gets up first to boos. Reigns calls for the Spear but Lashley meets him with a Spear of his own. Lashley covers for 2 but Big E leaps in to break the pin up just in time.

Lashley grabs Big E for The Hurt Lock now. Big E resists as Lashley tries to lock his hands in. Reigns breaks it up with a Superman Punch, dropping Lashley. Reigns charges but Big E sends him to the apron. Big E runs and sends Reigns off the apron to the floor with a big Spear. Big E brings Reigns back into the ring and hits a Big Ending to Reigns in the middle of the ring. Big E covers for the pin but Lashley breaks it up with a steel chair, which is legal in a Triple Threat. Lashley with several big chair shots to Big E's back.

Lashley keeps Big E down with more chair shots as fans boo. Reigns comes back in out of nowhere and delivers a Spear to put Lashley down. Reigns covers for the pin to win.


Winner: Roman Reigns

- After the match, Reigns' music hits as we go to replays. Reigns gets up first as Lashley rolls out of the ring. Big E is flat on his back in the middle of the ring. Reigns raises the WWE Universal Title in the air as the boos continue and the final RAW before Extreme Rules goes off the air.