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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a spirited contest in the women’s division!

Blair Davenport vs. Nina Samuels

Blair Davenport knocks Nina Samuels right off the top rope seconds after entering. The bell hasn’t rung yet, but Davenport is determined to gain the lead in this bout. They make their way into the ring. Davenport slams Samuels on the mat with a falcon arrow. Davenport grabs Samuels’ hands, and two referees stop Davenport from continuing this match. Again, the bell never rang! Sid Scala charges into the ring and stops the match. He tells Davenport to make her way to his office right now. Instead, she hits a Kamigoye, then smashes him onto the mat with another falcon arrow. Several referees and officials come out to help Scala. Davenport retreats and holds her head up high.

Winner: No Contest

– We look back at Aoife Valkyrie and Jinny’s hardcore bout from last week. This week, Jinny says, despite losing the match, she remains the one who stands tall.

– Next week, Symbiosis will take on Saxon Huxley and two partners of his choosing in a six-man tag team match!

Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz vs. Dan Moloney & Andy Wild

Dave Mastiff and Andy Wild kick things off. Both men go for a tie-up. Wild escapes out of a side headlock but eats a shoulder tackle. Mastiff floats over with a bridging pin. Wild kicks out. Jack Starz makes a quick tag out and isolates Wild in his corner. Another hot tag is made back to Mastiff from Starz. Mastiff continues to wear Wild down in the corner. Another quick tag follows to Starz. In between, Dan Moloney is in for Wild.

Starz floors Moloney with a dropkick. This gives Starz a chance to make another tag out to Mastiff. Mastiff plants Moloney on the mat with a scoop and slam. Mastiff brings Starz back in. Moloney takes over the driver’s seat before tagging Wild back in. Wild connects a belly-to-belly suplex on Starz for a near-fall. Wild eats a boot, followed by another dropkick from Starz. Starz makes a desperate tag to Mastiff. Mastiff hoists Wild and Moloney over his shoulder with two double flapjacks. Starz comes back in to hit a low diving headbutt on Moloney (who’s hung in the tree of woe) in the corner.

Mastiff makes one more tag in this match. Mastiff charges toward Moloney with a well-scouted cannonball for the pinfall victory!

Winners: Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz

– During their TikTok session, the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly is attacked by Gallus (Mark and Joe Coffey)

– Next week, NXT UK will reshow Ilja Dragunov-WALTER’s epic rematch from NXT TakeOver 36. Additional clips and commentary will be provided.

Emilia McKenzie vs. Amale

Amale backs Emilia McKenzie into the corner. Coming out, McKenzie sends Amale to the mat and locks up Amale’s ankle. Back on their feet, Amale puts McKenzie in a side headlock. McKenzie runs to the ropes for an escape but gets hit with a shoulder tackle. McKenzie recovers and connects a spinning neckbreaker for two.

Their fight spills to the outside after Amale launches a bicycle kick on McKenzie. Amale clocks McKenzie in the chin before rolling her back into the ring. Amale looks for a lateral press. McKenzie kicks out at two. Amale spins McKenzie over and onto the mat with a snapmare and then puts another side headlock on. McKenzie breaks it up with a belly-to-back suplex. Cover. Amale pops out. Amale keeps McKenzie grounded for another near-fall. Amale climbs on top of McKenzie and rains down some vicious shots. But that won’t be enough for her to take the pinfall victory yet.

Amale locks in the Million Dollar Dream. McKenzie drops to the mat. Amale looks for another pin. She gets another kick out. McKenzie rolls Amale up in a small package. Amale gets her shoulders up. Amale tries to rag doll, McKenzie. McKenzie counters with a backslide pin for a two. Amale eats a hard elbow in the corner. Amale escapes with a well-scouted dropkick, followed by a face wash. McKenzie evades another counter from Amale and stacks her up for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Emilia McKenzie

– We look back at what Blair Davenport did to Sid Scala earlier in today’s program. Backstage, Scala is being treated by the WWE medical staff.

– Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith want to team with Saxon Huxley and take on Symbiosis next week. Huxley accepts their offer.

Next week:

* Saxon Huxley, Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith vs. Symbiosis

* The Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender’s Tournament will continue with Sam Gradwell taking on Wolfgang. They will conclude the opening round matches.

* Ilja Dragunov vs. WALTER from TakeOver 36 will be reshown with added insight

And now, the main event

Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender’s Tournament: Nathan Frazer vs. Teoman (w/Rohan Raja)

Round 1:

Both men go straight for a collar and elbow tie-up. Teoman drives Nathan Frazer to the mat. Frazer gets back up, and the two bulls lock horns again. Teoman applies a tight wristlock, keeping Frazer pinned on the mat. Frazer’s agility doesn’t reward him an escape from Teoman’s control. With only 59 seconds left, Teoman continues cranking the wrist and fingers of Frazer. Frazer finds a way to escape out. Teoman fires a slap. Frazer lands a perfect dropkick to end this round. No falls/points were awarded.

Nathan Frazer: 0     Teoman: 0

Round 2:

Frazer opens this round with lightning chops. Teoman wraps his hand around Frazer’s neck. Rohan Raja puts himself on the line by throwing Teoman out of the way before Frazer plants an outside dive. Back in the ring, Teoman clocks Frazer and picks up the first fall in this matchup.

 Nathan Frazer: 0     Teoman: 1

Round 3:

Teoman takes the lead with a brutal kick to the face. Teoman hooks the leg on Nathan Frazer. Frazer kicks out at two. Teoman throws Frazer to the corner with an Irish Whip. Frazer floats over after making his way to the corner. Frazer gets trapped in the ring skirt. Teoman punishes Frazer with some wild shots. Both men make their way into the ring. Teoman lands a very gruesome punch on Frazer. Frazer lays flat on the mat and gets smashed with a double-foot stomp. Frazer recovers by hitting a springboard dropkick. Frazer sends Teoman for a ride with a hurricanrana. He climbs over to hook the leg on Teoman, but the bell sounds before he could get the proper count.

Nathan Frazer: 0     Teoman: 1

Round 4:

Frazer rocks Teoman with a flurry of offense. Teoman is laser-focused on grabbing Frazer’s left arm. Teoman heads to the top and executes a missile dropkick on the back of Frazer’s neck. Teoman with a cover. Frazer kicks out! Frazer traps Teoman with a small package and picks up a fall.

Nathan Frazer: 1     Teoman: 1

Round 5:

Teoman is beside himself. He converses with Rohan Raja over what just happened. Teoman was inches away from winning it all with a front face slam, but Frazer pops out of the pin count! Frazer flies out of the ring with a dive through the ropes. Back in the ring, Frazer hits a big elbow on Teoman for another near-fall. Frazer repositions himself on the top rope. Raja tries to distract him. Frazer jumps off. Teoman rolls out of the way in time and hits a flipping DDT for the second and final fall.

Teoman: 2     Nathan Frazer: 1

Winner: Teoman

Teoman advances to the second round of the Heritage Cup Contenders Tournament! That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!