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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with the last opening-round match in the Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender Tournament. Which brute will carry on toward the semi-finals?

Wolfgang (w/Mark Coffey) vs. Sam Gradwell

Wolfgang vs. Sam Gradwell

Making his way out to the ring, Sam Gradwell has a microphone in hand, calling himself the thunderstorm of this match.

Round 1:

Sam Gradwell evades a shoulder lock from Wolfgang. Both men tie up. Wolfgang sneaks behind and locks in a waistlock. Gradwell finds the ropes for a break. Wolfgang and Gradwell test their strength with a Greco-Roman lockup. Wolfgang holds Gradwell and drives him down on the mat. Wolfgang sends Gradwell out of the ring right around the 1:05 mark. Wolfgang meets Gradwell on the outside. Wolgang eats a big elbow and tackle. Gradwell slides back into the ring. Wolfgang makes his way back into the ring. Wolfgang traps Gradwell in the corner and lands a single punch just as the bell sounds to end this round. Neither man picks up a fall/point.

Wolfgang: 0     Sam Gradwell: 0

Round 2: 

Wolfgang is in the driver’s seat seconds after the second round starts. Lots of uppercuts and heavy shots are laid onto Gradwell, but it’s not enough for him to pick up a pin just yet. Gradwell catches Wolfgang in an arm trap. Wolfgang rises to his feet and plants a few shots towards the ribs of Gradwell. Wolfgang then takes Gradwell on a ride with a massive backdrop! Following, Wolfgang heads to the top rope and soars off with a huge elbow drop. Gradwell scuttles to the outside 10 seconds before the second round concludes.

Wolfgang: 0     Sam Gradwell: 0

Round 3:

Wolfgang runs straight into Gradwell’s knee brace – knocking himself out. Gradwell drops Wolfgang with an STO. Gradwell goes for a cover and gets the first fall/pin.

Sam Gradwell: 1     Wolfgang: 0

Round 4:

Sam Gradwell holds Wolfgang down with a chin and arm lockup. Wolfgang fights free and throws Gradwell towards the corner. Wolfgang hits a scoop and slam on Gradwell to pick up his first fall/pin.

Sam Gradwell: 1     Wolfgang: 1

Round 5:

Sam Gradwell charges with a high forearm. Wolfgang blocks it with a shot of his own. Gradwell turns Wolfgang inside out with a nice lariat, but he only scores a near-fall attempt. Wolfgang escapes out of the fireman’s carry and punches Gradwell in the ribs. This allows Wolfgang to precisely hit a spear. Cover. 1-2-3. Wolfgang picks up the second and final fall to earn his spot in the semi-finals!

Wolfgang: 2     Sam Gradwell: 1

Winner: Wolfgang

Wolfgang will advance to the semi-finals of the Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender Tournament. The semi-finals are as follows:

* Noam Dar vs. Kenny Williams

* Wolfgang vs. Teoman

Backstage: Sid Scala provides an update following Blair Davenport’s vicious attack on him and Nina Samuels last week. It’s announced that Davenport has been indefinitely suspended, effective immediately.

– We hear from Noam Dar and Kenny Williams before their semi-final clashing next week!

– Also set for next week, the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly will put their titles on the line against Gallus (Mark and Joe Coffey). Gallus is celebrating Wolfgang’s victory and their challenge for next week in the hallway. Jordan Devlin comes out of a room and yells at them for disrupting his massage.

Ashton Smith, Oliver Carter & Saxon Huxley vs. Symbiosis (T-Bone, Primate & Eddie Dennis)

Saxon Huxley and Eddie Dennis kick things off. Dennis sticks his hand out and grabs a tag from Primate, who will officiate it for his team. Huxley sends Primate right towards the outside. Primate slides in and tags T-Bone in. T-Bone and Huxley lock up. They reset multiple times. Neither man will budge. T-Bone quickens the pace with an elbow smash. Huxley rises to his feet and drags T-Bone in the corner to make a tag to Oliver Carter.

Carter continues softening T-Bone before bringing Ashton Smith in. T-Bone runs roughshod on Smith before tagging Primate in. Primate keeps Smith grounded on the mat. Dennis makes a tag out to Primate. Smith flies towards his corner and makes a hot tag to Oliver Carter. Carter’s aerial skills are in full effect the moment he soars in on Primate. Things change as Symbiosis tosses Carter all over. Eddie Dennis runs in and makes a cover. Carter is still in this. He kicks out at two.

Primate and T-Bone join forces with a double stomp on Carter for a two count. T-Bone makes his way back in. He hoists Carter up. Carter fights free. Carter needs to make a desperate tag, and he does so to Saxon Huxley! Huxley and Dennis come in. Huxley plants a nice leg drop for a near-fall. Dennis is distracted by what’s going on on the outside, he doesn’t see Huxley drop down with a flying elbow! Huxley covers. Dennis kicks out. Ashton Smith is tagged in by Huxley. Smith traps himself in Dennis’ flying DDT for a two count. Primate and T-Bone try and finish Smith off with a double takedown, but Oliver Carter makes the save.

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter come together with a doomsday cutter on Primate for the pinfall victory!

Winners: Ashton Smith, Oliver Carter & Saxon Huxley

– Earlier this week, Stevie Turner made a comment on how she would like to avenge her loss against the NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Stomura. Just as she calls out “The Final Boss,” Emilia McKenzie steps into the frame and challenges Turner instead.

– Pretty Deadly say their playbook has changed since facing Gallus a while back. They promise to outsmart and outdo Gallus once again next week!

Ilja Dragunov Reflects On His Epic Win At TakeOver 36:

As a special treat to the NXT UK Universe, we relive the historic clashing between Ilja Dragunov and WALTER in their second battle for the NXT UK Championship from TakeOver 36. The champion, Dragunov, will be watching along, giving his take on how it all went down and what he had to do to outperform the “The Austrian Anomaly.”

Other stars who comment on the watch along include Rhea Ripley, Cesaro, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Sheamus and Toni Storm.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!

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