WWE NXT UK Results (9/16): Pretty Deadly Vs. Gallus, Noam Dar Faces Kenny Williams

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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with the beginning of the semifinals for the NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender's Tournament!

Kenny Williams vs. Noam Dar 

Round 1:

Noam Dar performs the first move on Kenny Williams with a kick to the hamstring. Then, they square up. Williams duck under with a waistlock. Dar breaks it up with a snapmare headlock. Williams rises to his feet and backs Dar up against the ropes. Williams slaps Dar on the chest before running roughshod on Dar with a stomp. Dar gets a shot in on the ribs of Williams just before the bell sounds. Neither man gains a fall in this round.

Kenny Williams: 0     Noam Dar: 0

Round 2:

Kenny Williams starts this round off strong with a nasty back elbow on Noam Dar for a two-count. More shots follow from Williams with another near-fall attempt. Williams wraps Dar up in the ropes and hits several short kicks. Williams pulls Dar out of the ropes and goes for another pin. Dar pops free at two. Dar takes Williams out by his legs. Williams lands awkwardly, causing him to clutch his left knee. Well, it looks like The Scum of the Earth was just faking his knee injury all along. Williams stacks Dar up and gains the first fall in this bout.

Williams: 1     Dar: 0

Round 3:

Kenny Williams tries to maintain control – similar to how he started the second round. Noam Dar blocks his chances with some nice combination offense. Dar dumps Williams on the mat for a two-count. Dar goes after Williams' arm with a rough stomp. Will this be enough? No. Williams kicks out again from the pinfall attempt. Williams catches Dar in a small package. Dar fights out. Dar applies a kneebar submission on Williams with 5 seconds left. Unfortunately, Williams is saved by the bell on this one.

Williams: 1     Dar: 0

Round 4:

Noam Dar starts to pick up momentum at the beginning of this round. The referee catches him planting his feet on the ropes during his roll-up. The referee stops Dar's count. Williams turns this thing around with a massive spear. Dar tosses a water bottle to Williams and informs the referee that Williams was going to use it on him. Puzzled by what's going on, Dar traps Williams in another kneebar submission. This time, Williams taps, and Dar receives his first fall.

Williams: 1     Dar: 1

Round 5:

Both men come in hot during this round. Williams leaps in with a heavy uppercut that almost gave him the complete victory had Dar not kicked out. Sha Samuels is underneath the ring and grabs Williams' leg while he's on the apron. Not sure what to make of it, Williams climbs back into the ring and eats a Nova Roller. 1-2-3. Noam Dar banks in this match.

Dar: 2     Williams: 1

Winner: Noam Dar

Noam Dar now moves on to the finals of this tournament!

Backstage: Joe & Mark Coffey are getting ready for their title challenge later on today. Jordan Devlin walks over and tells them not to choke while holding a smirk on his face.

Ilja Dragunov's Segment:

The NXT UK Champion holds a sit-down segment. He looks forward to making his return back to NXT UK and defending it against the hungriest of competitors. He would like to know who his first opponent will be.

Back at the BT Sport Studio, Sid Scala is standing in the ring. Then, Nathan Frazer, Rampage Brown and A-Kid all make their way down to the ring. Scala suggests these three have a triple threat match to determine who will be the next man to step in the ring with "The Mad Russian." Dragunov is on board with this.

Backstage: Jinny is very upset that Isla Dawn is in her dressing room.

- Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate) are eager to watch the NXT UK Tag Team Title match today. Regardless of who wins, they insist they'll get their rematch for the titles again very soon.

Emilia McKenzie vs. Stevie Turner

Both women start things off with a lockup. Emilia McKenzie backs Stevie Turner to the corner. Turner returns the favor on McKenzie. Back in the center of the ring, Turner applies a side headlock on McKenzie. McKenzie finds her footing with a perfect dropkick for a two-count. Turner comes back with a big knee that leads to a near-fall attempt. Turner keeps the pressure on with another big knee while McKenzie is caught in between the ropes. Turner locks McKenzie up with a monkey stretch. McKenzie fights out with a textbook spear for a 2.8 count! Turner gets caught in a German Suplex, followed by a double knee strike. McKenzie hooks the leg and gains the pinfall victory.

Winner: Emilia McKenzie

- Wolfgang and Teoman trade words before their showdown next week in the second semifinals match for the Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender's Tournament.

- NXT UK introduces us to their newest signee, Charlie Dempsey.

- Following Emilia McKenzie and Stevie Turner's matchup, Blair Davenport jumps over the rail and lays a beatdown on Turner. Davenport promises she'll continue this onslaught if Sid Scala doesn't overturn her suspension.

Next week:

* Rampage Brown vs. Nathan Frazer vs. A-Kid

The winner will face Ilja Dragunov for the NXT UK Championship

* Wolfgang vs. Teoman in the Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender's Tournament

And now, the main event!

NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Gallus (Joe & Mark Coffey)

Lewis Howley and Mark Coffey get things started. Both men lock up. Mark sends Howley to the corner. Howley leaves the corner and dances around the ring. They reset. Mark applies a side headlock, then turns it around with a huge hip toss. Howley falls out of the ring. Howley makes a desperate tag to Sam Stoker.

Mark gets some more offense in before bringing Joe Coffey in. Joe eats a boot from Stoker but turns it around with a big crossbody! Joe puts Stoker in a cover. Stoker kicks out at 2. Joe tag Mark back in. Mark comes in red hot with an arm drag that sends Stoker flying. Stoker has had enough and decides to bring Howley back in. Howley tosses Mark Coffey out of the ring and tags Sam Stoker back in.

Stoker focuses on cutting the ring off on Mark. Mark fights free and rolls over to his corner to make a tag on his brother. Joe Coffey ragdolls Stoker to the other side with a hard-hitting suplex. Stoker grabs Joe by his hair and slams him down on the mat. Stoker runs over and makes a tag to Howley. Howley runs in with a lateral press on Joe. Joe is still in this. Joe drops Howley with another suplex before Stoker returns in the ring.

Stoker hurls Joe Coffey towards his corner and tags Howley back in. Howley sends Joe to another corner with a strong short arm reversal. Howley hooks the leg for a cover. Joe Coffey pops free at two. Mark Coffey steps in and unleashes a brutal monster on Pretty Deadly. Mark flies off the second rope with a nice drop on Lewis Howley. Will this be enough? Not yet! Howley implores his way back up to make another desperate tag to Sam Stoker.

Stoker drives Mark Coffey onto the mat with a spiked DDT for another near-fall! Lewis Howley is back in and eats a boot right away from Mark. Mark makes a hot tag to Joe Coffey. Joe sends Stoker off his feet with a big crossbody from off the middle rope. Howley rolls Mark Coffey up right beside them, and another near-fall presents itself. Off the top, Joe Coffey executes a missile dropkick and was an eyelash away from winning this whole thing!

Mark and Joe Coffey join forces with an assisted All the Bet of the Bell (lariat). Cover on Howley. Sam Stoker runs in on time and breaks it up. Pretty Deadly toss Joe Coffey out of the ring and launch their Spilled Milk finisher on Mark Coffey for the pinfall victory. Pretty Deadly will sit pretty once more as the retaining NXT UK Tag Team Champions!

Winners: Pretty Deadly

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!