Adam Cole Names The AEW Star He Most Wants To Wrestle

During a new interview with Bleacher Report, AEW's Adam Cole went into detail about how his debut with the company came about at the very last minute. Cole was presented with the idea of re-joining The Elite, something he was immediately comfortable with.

"So, the idea for me to debut at All Out and stuff like that was decided on very quickly and super last-minute," Cole said. "But initially, when I heard the idea of rejoining The Elite, immediately my mind was like, 'Yeah, let's go.'

"There wasn't really any talk or any discussion of bringing me in any differently. And I think because that first idea was pitched and I was so on board. And, obviously, the Bucks and Kenny were super on board. To me, it just felt like a no-brainer. So, yeah, I was all about that idea."

The former leader of The Undisputed Era took some time to detail the AEW stars he most looks forward to stepping in the ring with. There are a few rising stars like Darby Allin and MJF on the list, but at the very top is none other than CM Punk.

"As far as the young guys go. Darby Allin is one," Cole said. "I'd really like to get in there with MJF. He is incredibly talented, I'd love the chance to work with him someday. I do want to step in there with Bryan [Danielson] again. I've only wrestled Bryan in a singles match one time, and it was that last-minute SmackDown event, which is super memorable for me. So I'd love the chance to wrestle him again in AEW.

"CM PunkĀ is at the top of my list. I've been very open and honest about how much he influenced me in my career. He's a guy who introduced me to Ring of Honor and independent wrestling as a whole. He was the guy who made me realize I really want to focus on promos. I never thought I'd get the chance to step into the ring with him."

Cole's real life partner, Britt Baker, is also signed with the organization, and she's been a dominant AEW Women's Championship since May. With his girlfriend by his side, Cole has enjoyed the newfound perks he gets with AEW.

"It's been really cool because I think people forget that Britt has not been wrestling that long," Cole said. "So to see her spike in growth in such a short amount of time has been really cool. You know, when I wasn't working for AEW, watching her kind of find herself as a character was really exciting. And watching her develop her promo style and get even better in the ring has been a really fun process to watch.

"One of the coolest parts about AEW is to be able to see her go out and have a killer match, or have a killer promo, and to be able to be there in the back when she comes through the curtain and talk about how great it went. So it's been really awesome to see her development. And the coolest thing is, again, she's not even close to her full potential yet. So it's really exciting."

Despite being the more experienced pro wrestler among the two, Cole noted how Britt still shows him ways of standing out better. He acknowledges her as his inspiration for the jackets he has started wearing during his ring entrances.

"Britt always has this top-of-the-line, excellent gear consistently, whether it's this awesome, flashy new ring jacket, or new gear, and she always looks like a million bucks," Cole said. "And for me, I've always been someone that kind of liked the stuff that I wore, but it was more traditional. I am just going to wear some trunks, maybe wear a T-shirt.

"After watching her and seeing how much of a superstar that she looked like, I'm like 'OK, I think I'm going to get a ring jacket and I'm gonna start changing up my appearance a little bit more.' I think that's a huge part of her appeal and her presentation. So watching her kind of develop that habit of getting new stuff all the time is something I'm going to start to implement. And that would not have been in my brain if it wasn't for Britt."