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– Tony Schiavone welcomes us to Dark: Elevation from the Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, FL. Also on commentary is Mark Henry and Paul Wight as we go straight away to our first match of the night.

Diamante & Xtina Kay vs. Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizunami

Diamante and Mizunami start off this tag match. Mizunami pushes Diamante off a side headlock. Diamante goes at the hair as they trade strikes. Mizunami chops Diamante down. Kay tags in and calls out Leyla. Kay tells Mizunami to tag in Leyla, and she does. Leyla hits a huge shoulder tackle off the headlock push off. Kay jumps over Leyla, but Leyla rolls her up for a two count. Kay escapes a wristlock and fires in shoulder tackles in the corner. Diamante tags in and hits a running knee strike.

Diamante mocks Mizunami and chops Leyla from behind. Diamante lays in strikes, cover but only a two count. Diamante hits some short-arm clotheslines followed up by a back elbow. Diamante tries a splash dive, but Leyla gets her knees up. Leyla hits a German suplex and tags in Mizunami who runs through Diamante and Kay. Mizunami hits one more shoulder tackle as she goes for machine gun chops in the corner. Kay stacked on top and takes more machine gun chops.

Kay knocked outside. Mizunami Irish whip to the corner, lariat and then a leg drop, cover but only a two count. Leyla jumps in and gets whipped into Diamante. Mizunami with a leg trip, and Leyla hits an assisted leg drop, cover 1-2-no! She goes up top for a moonsault attempt, but Kay intercepts. Diamante hits a running dropkick while Leyla’s in the tree of woe for two. Kay tags in, has a near fall, but Mizunami breaks it up. Diamante sent outside, Mizunami hits a spear and Leyla hits a running knee for the win.

Winners: Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizunami via pinfall

Mike Reed & Toa Liona vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) (w/ Tully Blanchard)

Reed and Cash start off this tag match as “FTR” get support from the crowd. Cash with a drop toe hold into a front facelock to start off. Reed transitions into a waistlock and prevents a tag out, but Cash works his way out, its a hard slap and an uppercut. Dax tags in and hits a right hand, sends Reed to the corner and lights up Reed with more stirles. Dax hits brainbuster and tags in Cash. Reed escapes FTR and tags in Liona. Dax flips Liona double birds, and Cash, now legal, flexes in front of Liona.

Cash with a go behind, hits some strikes and applies a sleeper, but Liona backs into the corner. Liona then hits a huge pounce! Cash on the apron  as Dax goes for the hair. Liona picks Dax back into the ring and goes for a tree slam, but Tully comes in to hold onto Liona’s legs. Cash comes in as Liona looked to bring Tully into the ring. FTR rock Liona in the corner. FTR continue their double team and try to keep Liona in their corner. FTR looking for a double suplex, but Liona fighting it off. Liona breaks through FTR and hits a double splash! Reed tags in, but FTR hit Big Rig for the win.

Winners: FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) via pinfall

– We cut to commentary as Schaivone previews what’s to come including Wight in the main event. Wight is pumped for his match tonight and admits he probably doesn’t get paid twice tonight.

Emi Sakura (w/ Lulu Pencil) vs. Reka Tehaka

Sakura rejects the handshake. Tehaka and Sakura trade strikes. Sakura hits a big chop sending Tehaka to the corner, and she then whips Tehaka by the hair. Sakura pulling on the hair more, but Tehaka not happy about it. Sakura hits a strike from behind, but Tehaka responds with body shots and then shoulder tackles in the corner. Sakura fights her way out and hits a chop and a slam by her hair. Sakura going for a Romero Special, but Tehaka fights out of it. Sakura going at the hair again and manipulates the 5-count.

Sakura with a double underhook, but Tehaka fights out and reverese into a back body drop. She hits a thrust kick for a two count. Tehaka and Sakura trade chops. Tehaka hits a headbutt and goes for one more. Sakura reverses a sidewalk slam into a spinning neckbreaker. Sakura sizes up Tehaka in the corner and hits a crossbody with a thumbs up from Lulu. Sakura to the middle rope and hits a spinning senton for the win.

Winner: Emi Sakura via pinfall

QT Marshall (w/ The Factory) vs. Preston “10” Vance (w/ Dark Order)

10 gets a “10” chant, and QT rolls outside. QT taking his time to get back in the ring as the crowd chants “QT sucks.” 10 shows off his power pushing QT off the lock up. QT tries a shoulder block but bounces off 10. 10 hits a huge elbow strike. 10 hits a chop in the corner, hammer throw into a lariat in the opposite corner. 10 with another hammer throw into a back drop. 10 charges in the corner, gets elevates over, hits an elbow strike. Solo distracts 10 allowing QT to hits an enzuigiri.

10 on the outside as QT drags him back in. QT hits a suplex followed up by a knee drop for a two count. QT sporting a black eye, which he got from an elbow strike. 10 hits some chops, but QT responds with a back elbow. QT’s eye is looking worse as Wight comments from commentary. QT covers 10 for a two count. QT goes at the mask. 10 and QT trade strikes. 10 with a powerbomb as he and QT go down.

10 with a boot up in the corner followed up by a series of lariats, a pump kick in the corner and looking for one more, but QT gets an elbow up. QT then runs into a spinebuster. QT rolls outside. 10 meets him there. The Factory in his face. Dark Order intercept! 10 back in the ring, but he gets rolled up 1-2-no! QT removes his elbow pads and calls for the Diamond Cutter. 10 reverses into a backslide pin 1-2-no! 10 locks in the full nelson and taps out QT.

Winner: Preston “10” Vance via submission

Paul Wight vs. Arjun Singh, Carlie Bravo & Cole Karter

All three men jump Wight right as the bell rings. Karter hits a dropkick as they go at Wight in the corner. Karter dropped with a headbutt, and Wight hits two bodyslams on the other guys. Each men take turns getting chopped. Singh jumps in and eats another chop. Bravo walks into Wight’s hand. Karter and Singh beating Wight down, but they get sent outside. Wight hits a spear on Bravo! Singh taken out with a chokeslam. Karter flipped back in and takes KO punch for the Wight win.

Winner: Paul Wight via pinfall