AEW Dark Results: Bryan Danielson & Too Fast Too Fuego Make Dark Debuts

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- We see a recap from Dynamite where CM Punk confronts Bobby Fish. Excalibur and Taz welcome us to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL as we go to our first match of the night.

Invictus Khash vs. Bobby Fish

Khash gets some strikes off early on, but Fish knocks him down with a round kick and tees of on him in the corner. Fish hits a sliding lariat for a two count. Khash catches a kick, spins Fish around and hits an elbow strike. Fish catches Khash with a flying knee strike, hits more knee strikes and then an exploder into the ropes. He hits a KO kick for the win.

Winner: Bobby Fish via pinfall

- Post-match: Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Fish. Schiavone asks Fish about his match against Punk tomorrow night. Fish says Punk is allegedly the best in the world, and we'll find on Dynamite just how good Punk is. "Tony, you know, I know, he knows it, it's clobberin' time."

Riho vs. Xtina Kay

Riho and Kay trading wristlocks to start off. Riho pushes off, but Kay hits a shoulder tackle to two. Riho bridges out and hits a dropkick. Riho twisting up Kay's legs and stomps on her knee. Kay stops Riho in her tracks and drags her down. Kay slams Riho face first in the corner and hits a series of shoulder tackles. She hits a bodyslam for a one count. She hits another bodyslam for a two count. Kay applies a headlock. Riho fights her way out as Kay drags Riho down. Kay keeping up the pressure. Kay does a backflip, and Riho meets her with a series of strikes.

Riho cut off, but she responds with a handspring into a dropkick. Riho going up to the second-rope and looks for a crossbody, but Kay catches her. Riho pushes off and hits a rising knee strike. She goes up top and hits a crossbody for the two count. Riho looking for a nortern lights suplex, but Kay fights out, Riho then counters a suplex into one of her own. Riho going up top, misses a foot stomp and runs into a spinebuster. Riho gets the knees up on the standing moonsault. Riho hits a Somato for the win.

Winner: Riho via pinfall

- TNT Champion Sammy Guevara makes his way to the ring. Sammy takes a mic and addresses the Orlando crowd and his TNT Title match tomorrow against Ethan Page. Sammy says Page does deserve this match because they both came from similar places. He asks Page what will happen when he fails, "like you've done your entire life." He says all of Page's "b*tching and complaining" won't get him the TNT Title. Sammy says Page will have to kill him to win the title.

Page emerges out and interrupts. Page notes he's thrown a man down the stairs and through a crowd. He says he's been ready to kill since he stepped foot in AEW. Page knows that the people love Sammy. "You're an immature ass civilian like everyone else in this building." Page says he has the best look and the best style. He says TNT will have a champion they deserve and will take TNT to larger heights.

He says he will be TNT Champion tomorrow night and will make sure tonight. Scorpio Sky comes in and attacks Sammy from behind! Page continues the beatdown as Sky does play-by-play. Sammy is bleeding as Page continues his assault. Page going for an Ego's Edge, but Santana and Ortiz come in for the save! Sammy and Page stare each other down as Sammy raises his title up high.

Eddie Kingston vs. Jack Evans

Evans talks trash to the crowd. Eddie doesn't care for it. The crowd chants for referee Bryce Remsburg and then Eddie. Evans and Eddie dodge each other's strikes. Evans hits a corkscrew kick. He then hits a handspring back elbow followed up by a springboard kick. Eddie creates distance with a chop, but Evans pops back up and continues the pressure. Evans with a back elbow on the back bodydrop attempt. Evans with a leaping heel kick followed up by a standing sky twister press for two.

Evans going up top, but Eddie catches him and hits an exploder suplex. The crowd going strong for Eddie as he hits a series of chops. Evans still up, but one more chop takes him down. Eddie hits a DDT, cover 1-2-no! Eddie picks Evans up. Evans escapes a back drop attempt, hits a leg lariat then a Michinoku Driver, cover 1-2-no! Evans can't believe Eddie kicked out. Eddie pops Evans off, hits a back fist, a back drop driver and taps out Evans with a stretch muffler.

Winner: Eddie Kingston via submission

JDX vs. Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush)

Lio coaching up Dante in the corner as the bell rings. Dante and JDX trading wristlocks to start off. Dante gets off an arm drag, but he's pressure into the middle rope. JDX showing off some confidence as Dante fights off the test of strength. Dante showing off his speed and agility and hits a dropkick. JDXX with a back elbow then a punch. JDX then hits an enzuigiri followed up by a back heel trip for a one count. Lio coaching up Dante as Dante avoids JDX and hits a pescado! Dante rolls JDX back in the ring. Dante lands on his feet on the double jump moonsault. JDX hits a flatliner for a two count. JDX sizing up Dante in the corner. Dante escapes, goes over, back on the apron and hits the double jump moonsault for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin via pinfall

- Post-match: Schiavone is in the ring with Dante and Lio asking them about their tag match against the Sydal Bros. Lio says it's a great match, but Dante will prove he's the best wrestlers in the business. Lio says the Sydal name needs to go away because Sydal hasn't done what Dante will do. Lio says this will be good for Dante as Dante shows mixed emotions.

- Adam Cole makes an appearance as we see a replay of his and The Young Bucks' attack on Jungle Boy from last Dynamite. Cole joins "his mortal enemy" Schiavone in the ring. Schiavone asks Cole about his actions towards Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy noting Cole enjoys things like that. Cole notes he told Jungle Boy to "wake up" after he threw Jungle Boy off the stage. He says guys like Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Christian Cage are in denial over how great The Elite are noting the company is called All Elite Wrestling. He says pro wrestling has everything to thank for them, and the fact that the locker room doesn't understand that shows how stupid they are.

- Schiavone is backstage with Jade Cargill and Smart Mark Sterling discussing the TBS Title Tournament. Sterling says Cargill has defeated numerous opponents earning her a first round bye in the tournament. He says the TBS Title is perfect for Jade. Jade says she is "that b*tch" for "that b*tch show."

Tiger Ruas vs. DJ Brown

Brown charges in, but Ruas hits a spinning heel kick for the win.

Winner: Tiger Ruas via pinfall

- Post-match: Schiavone is in the ring with Ruas. Ruas says he's not here for no reason, and he is seeking competition his whole life. He says Brown didn't have the technique to compete. He knows AEW has "All Elite fighters" and asks Tony Khan for more competition.

Diamante vs. Skyler Moore

Moore tries to go at Diamante right away, but Diamante is ready for it. Moore kicks Diamante off the back body drop attempt. She hits a dropkick for a two count. Diamante turns the tables on Moore in the corner, but Moore answers back. Diamante sent to the corner, rolled up for two. Diamante hits a running uppercut in response. She hits some short-arm clotheslines and then a standing Sliced Bread. Diamante taps out Moore with a nerve hold into a body scissors.

Winner: Diamante via submission

- Schiavone is backstage with Tony Nese asking his intentions. Nese says he heard AEW is the hottest play to be so where else for "the premiere athlete and the hottest free agent." Nese says there are talent that don't belong in AEW. Nese says he will take on Fuego Del Sol next week to prove he doesn't deserve to be in the same ring as "the premiere athlete."

Shayne Stetson vs. Preston "10" Vance (w/ Dark Order)

Test of strength to start off, but Stetson slaps 10. 10 responds with lariats and then a pump kick in the corner. 10 throws Stetson back in the ring and hits a spinebuster. 10 taps out Stetson with the full nelson.

Winner: Preston "10" Vance via submission

Too Fast Too Fuego (Fuego Del Sol & Fuego 2 [Cody Rhodes]) vs. Dean Alexander & Kidd Bandit

Fuego 2 and Alexander start off this tag match. Fuego 2 getting the crowd going as the crowd chants for Fuego 2. Fuego 2 with a wristlock and a tag to Fuego 1, and the two hit stereo dropkicks for a one count. Bandit tags in and runs into an arm drag. Fuego 2 tags in and hits his own arm drag. Bandit fighting free as Fuego 2 drops down and hits a high kick. Fuego 2 with a wristlock and a tag out to Fuego 1 who hits an assisted dropkick for a two count. Fuego 1 calling for a tag out as Fuego 2 tags in and goes up top. Fuego 2 hits an axehandle.

Fuego 2 with a boot and then an elbow drop on Alexander, but Alexander sweeps Fuego 2's legs. Bandit hits a corkscrew kick. Alexander tags in and hits a punch, but Fuego 2 responds with his won punch in the corner. Alexander turns it around and continues the pressure on Fuego 2. Fuego 2 escapes a chinlock, but Alexander hits a springboard kick. Bandit tags in and uses Alexander for a rana, but Fuego 2 counters into a powerbomb.

Fuego 1 and Alexander tag in. Fuego 1 with a series of cross chops, running uppercut then a corner spear. Fuego 1 hits a springboard moonsault, kick to the head, cover, but Bandit breaks it up. Bandit knocks Fuego 2 out but gets dropped by Fuego 1. Alexander hits a tombstone, but Fuego 2 intercepts. Bandit catches Fuego 2 with a top suicida! Fuego 1 hits a springboard tornado DDT for the win.

Winners: Too Fast Too Fuego via pinfall

Bryan Danielson vs. Aaron Solo (w/ QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto)

Danielson and Solo playing to the crowd. They lock up and exchange holds as Danielson gets off an arm drag takedown and does some joint manipulation. Solo trying to fight his way out, but Danielson keeping up the pace and hits a shoulder block sending Solo outside. QT coaching up Solo as Solo takes his time to get back in the ring. Danielson and Solo lock up again as Solo kicks Danielson in the mid-section as he has control of the wrists. Danielson reverses and hits a northern lights as Danielson keeps up the pressure with pin attempts.

Danielson transitions into a cross armbreaker. Solo reverses into a pin, but Danielson keeps the hold intact as he pulls Solo's wrist towards the mat and stomps on his arm. Danielson lights up Solo with chops. Solo turns it around with chops of his own, but Danielson fires back with a chop of his own. He's throw into the corner and gets a boot up, but Solo drags Danielson off the corner. Solo hits a shotgun dropkick. Solo covers for a two count. Solo arguing with the ref allowing QT to get an extra shot in.

QT pleads innocence as Solo hits a suplex for a two count. Solo hitting knees to the back, but Danielson hits a series of uppercuts. Solo cuts him off with a knee lift as he hits an elbow, hammer throw into the corner. He goes for a shotgun dropkick, Danielson catches him, launches him, but Solo bounces off and hits a foot stomp for a two count. Solo pressuring Danielson on the ropes. The ref breaks it up, and QT gets an extra shot in again. Solo keeping the pressure going.

Danielson running the ropes as he hits a big elbow strike. Danielson feeding off the crowd as he sizes up Solo in the corner for a running dropkick. Danielson going back and forth with round kicks and chops. He hits another running dropkick, sets up Solo up top and hits a hurricanrana! Danielson sizing up Solo for more round kicks. Danielson hits one more to the back of Solo's head as QT gets on the apron. Comoroto grabs onto Danielson's feet. Solo hits a dropkick, cover 1-2-no!

The Factory can't believe that wasn't it. Solo collecting himself as Danielson goes to the corner. Solo hits a chop and goes for a hammer throw, but Danielson back flips off the corner and hits a tope suicida on Comoroto! Danielson fights off Solo from the apron. He goes up top for a crossbody, but Solo hits a dropkick! Solo going for a double underhook facebuster, but Danielson reverses it and taps out Solo with the LeBell Lock.

Winner: Bryan Danielson via submission