AEW Rampage Results (10/15): Inner Circle Vs. American Top Team, Danielson & Suzuki Brawl

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**The Buy-In pre-show begins. **

Commentators Excalibur, Ricky Starks and Taz welcome fans to Rampage! We kick things off with a singles match in the women's division!

Tay Conti (w/Anna Jay) vs. Santana Garrett

They kick things off with a lockup. Santana Garrett gains the upper hand by tightly locking in a side headlock. Both women trade nice counters. Tay Conti rolls Garrett over with a calf slicer. Garrett snatches Conti's head and reverses out of the hold. Conti connects a ripcord then executes a knee strike. Cover. Garrett kicks out at two. Conti eats a forearm smash sandwich. Garrett lunges over with a handspring back elbow. Garrett and Conti drop to the mat. Conti plants four high punt kicks and rocks her with a DDT. Conti hooks the leg on Garrett and continues her winning ways.

Winner: Tay Conti

- Before American Top Team and The Inner Circle collide in trio's action tonight, we hear from the commentary panel and their take on this bout.

Ahead of their MLW Opera Cup Opening Round matches, we'll see Bobby Fish and Lee Moriarty do battle next!

Bobby Fish vs. Lee Moriarty

A "Bobby" roar rings through the crowd seconds after the bell sounds. Bobby Fish is fired up. He ducks under Lee Moriarty and holds him in waist lock. Moriarty sends Fish to the mat and starts in with an ankle pick. Moriarty keeps Fish grounded. Fish finds the corner and pushes Moriarty into it. Moriarty kicks Fish's left elbow. He goes for a lateral press. Fish pops out at two.

Fish sends Moriarty from the corner to the center with a nice dragon screw leg whip. Fish then catches him with a senton, followed by a snap suplex at two. Fish drives a heavy knee into Moriarty's chest. Fish applies weight on Moriarty's shoulder and sends him to another corner. Moriarty flies off the ropes and rocks Fish with a perfect uppercut. He follows through with a double jumping stomp! Cover. Fish stays alive with a kick out.

Moriarty dishes out a series of body shots. Fish fights back with a roundhouse, which sets up a snap suplex for two. Moriarty captures a Saito suplex for another near-fall. Fish floats over and hooks in a rear-naked choke. Moriarty escapes but gets caught with an exploder straight towards the ropes. Fish puts Moriarty out with his KO roundhouse kick for his first victory in AEW!

Winner: Bobby Fish

- Tomorrow night, Bobby Fish will meet Bryan Danielson on a special Saturday Night Dynamite!

- Speaking of Danielson, a video package is shown highlighting his career with the company since his debut at All Out.

Up next, "The American Dragon" and "The King of Pro-Wrestling" will clash in the Buy-In main event!

Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki (30-Minute Time Limit)

Everyone is on their feet for this contest! They square up in a Greco-Roman lockup. Like two stubborn bulls, neither man budges when they go shoulder to shoulder. Bryan Danielson starts to work on Suzuki's smaller joints. Suzuki fastens a snapmare. They tangle to the rope as Suzuki locks in a kneebar. They are told to back it up. Suzuki blocks a dragon screw but gets fired up after a kick to the thigh. Suzuki plants a blistering palm strike chop. Danielson shoots back with a round kick. Suzuki tees off with another chop. Danielson repeats the sequence with another round kick. Suzuki falls to the corner but picks himself up quickly to land a thunderous elbow shot that sends Danielson flat on the mat!

This pisses Danielson off. He hammers down a flurry of elbows, then forces a Cattle Mutilation on the Japanese icon. He finds the ropes to break it up. Suzuki straddles Danielson over the ropes and locks in a perfect cross-arm breaker. Back in the ring, Suzuki manipulates Danielson's wrist and tightly fastens a hammerlock. Danielson drags himself out. On the outside again, Suzuki lands face-first into the ring post. Danielson flies off the apron with a double stomp!

Danielson starts in on his repeated shoot kicks. Suzuki begs him to keep them coming. Danielson captures his arms and stomps away. Suzuki rolls into Danielson as he tries to lock in another Cattle Mutilation. Danielson floats over and turns it into a pin. Suzuki pops free at two. Danielson and Suzuki trade corner shots. Suzuki breaks it up with two nice penalty kicks. Danielson rises back up with determination in his eyes. Suzuki goes for another one. Danielson drops, and Suzuki covers. The American Dragon kicks out at two.

Danielson whips up more strikes. Suzuki sends him to the mat with a Fujiwara armbar. Danielson crawls to the bottom rope. Danielson plays possum and traps Suzuki. Suzuki uses his feet to grasp the ropes. Suzuki plants his hands behind his back, indicating any elbow strikes fired on Danielson won't cause him any damage. He starts to topple after the third elbow strike but slaps Danielson so hard Danielson plummets straight down but instantly rises back up!

Both men are giving it their all with back and forth elbow smashes. Suzuki sidesteps Danielson, who's coming off the ropes, and tries to lock in a sleeper. Danielson counters with a backdrop. Suzuki eats a running knee. Danielson immediately hooks in a pin. 1-2-3, The American Dragon slays The King. What a match!

Winner: Bryan Danielson

- We revisit the history between CM Punk and Matt Sydal, who'll kick things off once the main card starts up. Their entire match will be commercial-free.

**The Buy-In Concludes **

Welcome to the main card! Punk/Sydal's match is underway!

CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal

Both men shake hands before locking up. Punk sends Matt Sydal to the mat with a side headlock roll through. Matt Sydal turns it around with an inverted wristlock that he transitions into an arm drag. Sydal stacks Punk up. Punk darts out at two. Punk rolls him through for a two-count. Both men set up a Greco-Roman lock. Sydal holds Punk in a bow and arrow stretch. Punk counters it into a pin. Sydal squirms out at two. Sydal launches a low kick. Punk slides just underneath the bottom rope. Sydal hopes this will be enough to end things early. His wish doesn't come true as Punk kicks out from another pin attempt.

Sydal looks for the Lightning Spiral, but Punk counters it with a slam followed by another near-fall. Sydal charges in with a knee strike in a corner. Punk body slams Sydal right on the edge of the apron! Punk goes up and over the ropes with an Eddie Guerrero-inspired senton! Another cover, another kick out. Both men are up top. Punk throws down hammer strikes, and both men come crashing down on the outside.

Back in the ring, Sydal counters out of a brainbuster and stacks Punk up. Punk fights free before hitting a rising knee strike and a short-armed clothesline for two. Sydal sends Punk flying off the top rope with a hurricanrana takedown! Cover. Punk wiggles out. Punk floats over from a straitjacket crossface and applies an Anaconda Vice. Sydal frees himself once he clutches the bottom rope. Sydal plants a lightning-quick roundhouse. Sydal fires away with his Lightning Spiral. Sydal was just an eyelash away from unseating Punk! But it's Punk who gets the last laugh – by the skin of his teeth. He hits the GTS for the overall victory! After a 17 year delay, both these men know how to recreate their past chemistry.

Winner: CM Punk 

- The Dark Order are so happy their pal "Hangman" Adam Page is back. They want a match with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks. They are eager to hear their reply.

Ruby Soho vs. The Bunny

They kick things off with a collar and elbow lockup. Ruby Soho pushes The Bunny straight into the corner. She breaks the hold cleanly. The Bunny matches the same order but refuses to break it up politely. Soho throws The Bunny for a loop with back-to-back arm drags. The Bunny executes a dropkick for two. Soho hits a back heel kick, then heads the ropes. The Bunny tosses her off just before the commercial break.

We're back from the break. On the outside, Soho slows down The Bunny with a flatliner. They head back into the ring and Soho rains down clubs. The Bunny's face gets driven into the middle turnbuckle. Soho nails two heavy running kicks in the corner, but it's not enough for her to capitalize on a win yet. Soho is tuck in the corner. The Bunny plants a nasty kick to Soho's face and goes for a cover. Soho jumps out at two. The Bunny ends up on the receiving end of a backslide. Soho grabs the victory.

Winner: Ruby Soho

Post-Match: Penelope Ford charges down the ramp and lays a beatdown on Ruby. She hauls Soho in the ring and hits her with a pair of brass knuckles.

-Don't forget, Saturday Night Dynamite will take place at 8/7C on TNT.

Next Friday on Rampage:

* The TBS Women's Championship Tournament Bracket will be announced.

* Full Gear World Title Eliminator Tournament begins

* And PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo II

And now, the main event!

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager & AEW TNT Champion Sammy Guevara) vs. Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) & the debuting former UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos (w/Dan Lambert & Jorge Masvidal)

Scorpio Sky withers the TNT Champion with multiple elbow strikes. Sammy Guevara finds himself with a beautiful roundhouse after Sky and Guevara exchange perfect aerial counters. Chris Jericho and Junior dos Santos head into the ring. Santos pummels Jericho with some burgeoning fists. Jake Hager takes himself in to save Jericho. Hager presses Santos to the mat and rains down hammer shots. Jericho heads to the outside and finds himself on the wrong side of town. Santos drags him back into the ring before we head to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Santos keeps grounding Jericho before making a hot tag to Ethan Page. Jericho sends Page to the mat with a single-leg takedown. Page picks himself back up and flashes an arrogant grin to the camera. Page tags in Scorpio Sky. Sky sets Jericho up on ropes. Jericho comes flying down with a crossbody, but it isn't enough for Inner Circle to capture the victory. We head back to full screen.

Santos makes a quick appearance in the ring with a well-placed powerslam for two on Jericho! Sammy Guevara is tagged in, and he comes in red hot. Guevara hits a shooting star press and helps Jericho clean house on everyone but Sky. Jericho tries to send Sky away with a Lionsault. Cover. The American Top Team run-in to break it up. Hager drives Santos straight through the time keeper's table with a Uranage!! Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. With a little distraction, Jorge Masvidal runs in and blindsides Jericho with hits a running knee strike. That's going to do it for poor Inner Circle. American Top Team gain the victory.

Winners: American Top Team

Post-Match: The brawl continues as ATT dominates Chris Jericho. Santana and Ortiz storm in and help clean house. ATT retreats, and the Inner Circle stays in the ring just as the show ends.

This caps off an explosive episode of Rampage. Thanks for watching!