AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results: New AAA Tag Champions, Bryan Danielson Vs. Bobby Fish

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- Jim Ross welcomes us to AEW Dynamite. CM Punk's music plays as he joins Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur on commentary, but he first goes around to high-five fans while avoiding beer in the process. Tonight's card is run through as we start off tonight's show with Dante Martin vs. Malakai Black.

Malakai Black vs. Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush)

Black with early control, but Dante flips out and grabs a headlock as the pace starts to quicken with Black trying to maintain an armdrag takedown. Dante fights out of it, but Black keeps the pressure as the crowd is even on both sides of support. Dante using the ropes to escape as he launches off the bottom rope to hit a shotgun dropkick to send Black outside. Black cuts off a dive attempt and hits a back elbow. Dante avoids Black in the corner and tries to springboard in, but Black counters with a powerbomb into a single-leg Boston Crab.

Dante grabs the ropes to break the hold. Black targeting the left leg with round kicks. Dante keeping his balance and tries some strikes, but Black hits an uppercut and then a back heel trip. Black hits a knee breaker and then catches Dante in a kneebar. Dante trying to break the hold, and he does so kicking Black in the chest multiple times. Dante on the apron as Black looks to bring him back in. Dante hits a series of forearms and tries to springboard in, but Black intercepts.

Dante counters into a roll up for a two count. Dante gets a back elbow in the corner and hits a poison rana! Black retreats to the ramp outside. Dante fighting through the pain as he hits a springboard rolling senton! Dante gets Black back in the ring as he looks for a double springboard moonsault, but Black avoids it. Dante and Black exchanging strikes. Black gets a kick blocked but eats another. Dante responds with an enzuigiri! Black gets his knees up in the corner and hits a Meteora. He hits a high round house, German suplex, bridge 1-2-no!

Fans start chanting "this is awesome" as Black grabs wrist control and drags Dante to the corner. Black going up top and looks to bring Dante with him. Dante trying to fight out. Both men fighting for position. Dante hits a super hurricanrana! He tries to go for the cover but too much damage has been done to the knee as he landed on his knee on the top rope move. Dante wants the double jump moonsault, and he hits it! Dante crawls for the cover, but Black kicks out at two. Black with a single-leg crab again. Black releases the hold as he grabs his ribs. Dante elevates to the ropes. Dante with a kick to the mid-section. He springboards off one foot but misses. Black hits the back heel kick for the win.

Winner: Malakai Black via pinfall

- Schiavone is backstage with Jungle Boy and Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy says his neck isn't feeling great and Christian Cage is at home because of their eight-man tag match. Jungle Boy says it's a miracle that Luchasaurus can walk as The Elite come in and attack Jurassic Express. Cole gets Jungle Boy in a Camel Clutch as The Elite powerbomb Luchasaurus through a table!

- The Inner Circle reunite as they enter the ring. Santana has a mic as the crowd show their support. Santana asks how the Miami crowd is doing in Spanish. He's glad that the crowd brought the same energy they did last night. Santana gets down to business. He says he and Ortiz have been handling their own business, but they've also noticed that Chris Jericho and Jake Hager have been dealing with American Top Team. He's interrupted as Dan Lambert, ATT and Men of the Year walk out.

Lambert says he wants respect pointing out how many titles ATT has brought to Miami. Jericho says welcome to the "fat-faced dipsh*t." The crowd chants "fat-faced dipsh*t." Jericho calls out Paige VanZant and asks if she's obsessed with him and wants to "slide into my DMs", and he says he wouldn't touch her with "her husband's genitalia." He also calls VanZant a "b*tch". He says the jokes are done because the Inner Circle are reunited, and they want a 5-on-5 tag team match. "There's no one crazier than the Inner f-ing Circle!"

Lambert says if it was up to him, they would beat them up easily, but they have bigger plans "championship gold." Lambert calls out Hager's big head. He notes that the only man with a title is "Tiny Tim" Sammy Guevara. He says Guevara is the only one that has something to negotiate with. He says he will state his terms next week. Scorpio Sky takes the mic and notes he pinned Jericho twice. Guevara interrupts. He says he can take on anyone in ATT because he's the TNT Champion. "I'll see you b*tches next week, and I'll beat all y'all's asses."

AAA World Tag Team Championship match: The Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo) (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs. Las Super Ranas / FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (w/ Andrade El Idolo)

The taller Super Rana and Fenix start this tag match as they trade counters and pin attempts. They stare down as The two lock up. Fenix escapes a wristlock as prevents a tag out. The Super Rana escapes a wristlock and goes after Fenix's mask. Fenix reverses as The Lucha Bros. go after Super Ranas masks. The fight them off as The Lucha Bros. cur them off and unmask them, and it's FTR! We got into picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture: FTR in control as they keep up the pressure on Fenix. Cash tags in and applies a top wristlock keeping Fenix grounded. Fenix looking for an opening as he sends Cash towards the ramp. Dax knocks Penta off the apron to keep Fenix in the ring. Dax sends Fenix and smothers him on the ropes, and Cash gets a stomp in when Dax is backed away. FTR looking for a double suplex as we go back to action.

Fenix sent on the middle rope. Penta runs in and he's sent on the apron. Penta fights off FTR as he calls Fenix over. He helps launch Fenix into a springboard double dropkick! Fenix laying in punches on FTR. He sets FTR up for Penta up top for a double diving stomp. They both cover 1-2-no! Penta gets his foot grabbed, but he launches Cash into Dax on the outside. Penta hits a tope con giro, and Fenix hits a plancha on the outside! Penta and Dax legal in the ring.

Lucha Bros. looking for a Fear Factor /stomp combo. Cash cuts them off. Penta misses a sliding dropkick. Cash misses the title hit, and Penta hits a superkick. Penta sent to the timekeeper's table. Fenix avoids a title hit and knocks Cash out. Dax rolls up Fenix and grabs the ropes, but Fenix still kicks out. Fenix slingshots from the ropes and hits a hook kick. Tully Blanchard runs in. Dax hits Fenix with the title belt. Dax hits a brainbuster for the win.

Winner and NEW AAA World Tag Team Champions: FTR via pinfall

- Schiavone is backstage with Dante Martin and Lio Rush. Rush says tonight was meant to happen. He tells Dante to listen to him and "everything will be money." He says from this day forward, Dante will have a new tag team partner, Lio Rush. Dante reluctantly fist bumps Rush.

- Schiavone meets the new AAA World Tag Team Champions. MJF comes in and celebrates. He asks for his money, and Andrade asks "check or cash." MJF says both and is given money. He tells Andrade that he only gets FTR for one night and walks out.

Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta (w/ Orange Cassidy)

Moxley attacks Yuta right away starting the match. He hits clubbing blows and then flips Yuta inside out. Moxley keeping up the pressure as he hits a Paradigm Shift for the win and walks out.

Winner: Jon Moxley via pinfall

- Schiavone is backstage with Serena Deeb asking her about her "attitude change". Deeb says it was a matter of time until the division got to her level. Hikaru Shida attacks Deeb, and they brawl as we go straight to our next match.

SuperKliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) (w/ Don Callis & Brandon Cutler) vs. Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno & John Silver)

The SuperKliq attack Dark Order from behind. They look to hit Silver with a triple powerbomb, but Silver fights out. Reynolds hits a diving crossbody on Cole and Matt. Nick is sent in the ring officially starting the match. They take on Nick 3-0n-1 and fight off Cole and Matt. Silver is legal and beils Nick across the ring. Silver hits some big elbows and talks some trash to Cole. Cole kicks Silver in the back on the whip. Silver knocks Cole and Matt off. Silver sent to the apron, but he hits a Gamengiri and lays waste to The Elite outside, until Matt cuts him off.

Uno comes in to even the odds, but Nick hits a kick. Reynolds sends Nick to the barricade and tries a tope suicida, but Cole hits a superkick. SuperKliq hits a superkick / neckbreaker combo. SuperKliq celebrate in the ring. Matt tags in, and The Bucks hit a double hip toss and a double dropkick for a two count. SuperKliq keep Silver in their corner cutting the ring in half on him as we go into picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture:  The Young Bucks team up for a stomp on Silver's wrist. Silver hits a series of strikes on Matt, but Matt rakes Silver's face. Nick holds Silver down with the ref's back turned to give him an assist. Nick drops Uno and Reynolds from the apron as Matt and Cole stomp on Silver in the corner. Silver tries to find an opening, but Matt cuts him off again and keeps Silver in his corner. Silver fighting out of a suplex. Nick tags in, but Silver staying strong as we go back to the full show.

The Young Bucks looking for a double suplex, but Silver reverses it into his own! Uno and Cole tag in as The Bucks are dropped. Uno catches a superkick and gets an assist for the neckbreaker. Uno takes Nick's shoe off. Matt sent over the top outside. Uno takes out Nick's sock and does his version of Socko! Cole superkicks Uno. Nick can't believe what just happened as Cole takes in and applies a Camel Clutch. The Bucks run the ropes and get dragged outside by Reynolds and Silver. They kiss Cole's cheeks and get an assist from Uno to back drop Cole into the The Bucks outside!

Reynolds tags in as Cole is left alone. Reynolds and Silver with a combo of moves, Uno hits Something Evil, cover 1-2-and The Bucks break it up. The Bucks force Uno and Silver outside, Matt hits a diving dropkick and Nick dive s onto them. Reynolds and Cole hit dual boots and pump kicks. Cole with a roll up 1-2-no! Reynolds hits an elevated knee drop. The Bucks hit superkicks, and Cole hits a Panama Sunrise. Uno and Silver dropped with superkicks. Bucks hit a BTE Trigger and Cole hits The Boom for the win.

Winners: SuperKliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) via pinfall

Post-match: Jungle Boy runs in and attacks Cole! The numbers game is too much, but Jungle Boy grabs a chair from under the ring. Cutler tries to the cold spray, but the chair blocked it. Jungle Boy locks in a snare trap and uses the cold spray on Cutler as SuperKliq back off.

- We see footage from Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson. Lee Johnson, Brock Anderson and Red Velvet aren't happy that Rhodes it late, and Red Velvet slaps Rhodes in the face. Rhodes is in a training session with his Nightmare Family crew. KiLynn King slaps Cody, and Cody isn't happy noting he isn't learning anything. Arn shows Cody a pic of Dusty. "Malakai Black has it coming." Cody back elbows Johnson and shows that he is ready.

- MJF makes his way to the ring. "Silencio, por favor." He calls Miami trash and calls out Justin Roberts for not announcing him for his match against Darby Allin. MJF does his own ring introduction. MJF tells Darby to come to the ring for their match. He notes MJF isn't in the building. He claims he no showed their match like a "gutless coward" proving that he did break Darby.

MJF plays innocent over Darby being attacked last week. "I feel horrible. I feel truly horrible." He still says it was unprofessional for Darby to not show up and says Darby is the number two guy behind him. MJF says he's going to give the crowd MJF vs. Darby Allin as he calls Wardlow over who bring in referee Bryce Remsburg. MJF tells Remsburg to count to 10 to prove that he is "the past, the present and the future of professional wrestling." Remsburg starts his 10 count. Before Remsburg says 10, Sting's music plays! Sting walks out of the tunnel and goes to the ring with a baseball bat. MJF pushes Wardlow into Sting, and Sting nails him with a baseball bat. Sting tells MJF to come to the ring. MJF takes off his jacket and scarf and looks to go into the ring, but MJF backs off and walks away.

- Schiavone is backstage with Anna Jay. Britt Baker interrupts and calls Dark order losers. Jay isn't having it and brawls with Baker.

Penelope Ford vs. Kiera Hogan

Ford backs Hogan into the corner. Ford hits a shoulder black and gains control with an armdrag takedown. Hogan gains back control and gets a quick nearfall. Ford cuts off Hogan and hits a bulldog into the corner. She then whips Hogan into the middle ropes as we go into picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture: Ford sends Hogan outside and keeps up the pressure. She whips Hogan into the guardrail. Ford gets Hogan back in the ring and pressures Hogan on the middle ropes.

* full commercial break*

Back from break and Hogan slaps Ford while she's on the top rope. Hogan meets her there and hits a superplex. Both women are down and they rise up at the same time and trade strikes. Hogan firing in a series of strikes. She hits a clothesline and then a back elbow. She follows up with a sliding dropkick for a two count. Ford catches Hogan with a Stunner. Hogan escapes a fireman's carry and sends Ford down onto her knee for a two count. Ford hits a forearm and hits a handspring cutter, and she taps out Hogan with a Muta Lock.

Winner: Penelope Ford via submission

Post-match: Ruby Soho comes running in and attacks Ford from behind! She sends Ford onto the ramp as The Bunny comes in for the save. Ruby dares the two of them to come to the ring, but they back off and stare down Ruby.

- "The Redeemer" Miro is in a dark room. He prays to God as he wonders what he has to do. He asks why he has forsaken his champion. He says his God is not mistaken, and he will be made your champion. "Everyone else will know pain, until I become your champion until I see her once again."

- Schiavone is in the ring and introduces Hangman Adam Page to the ring. Page takes the mic and says he and friends left ROH in 2019 with the goal to change the world. However, the world change, but more importantly, he changed. He promised to win the AEW World Championship, but he lost each time, and he lost his friends.

He says the fans chanting "cowboy sh*t" helped him along the way. "Cowboy sh*t" helped him forget the past and connect with his friends that helped him when he was down. He says he won the Casino Ladder Match after putting his body on the line. He says he won't predict how Full Gear will go for him, but he knows the fans believe in him, and "for the first time in my life, I do too. He says at Full Gear he will give the fans everything. "At Full Gear, I will give you cowboy sh*t!"

Bryan Danielson vs. Bobby Fish

Fish getting going early with some knee strikes and then a shoulder tackle. Fish talking some trash as he snapmares Bryan and hits a kick to the back for a two count. Bryan with a go behind as he gets to work. Danielson going for a Romero Special, and he insteads pulls on Fish's mouth and stomps on his knees. Fish counters Danielson in the corner and lays in some shots. Danielson tries to quicken the pace, but Fish counters with a kick to the chest. Fish avoids the back drop and goes back to the kicks. Danielson sends Fish over the top on the outside and hits a tope suicida! Fish escapes a fireman's carry and hits a series of strikes. Danielson pushes Fish into the ring post. Danielson with a running start, but Fish cuts him off with a kick to the legs as we go into picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture: Fish takes a break in the ring allowing the ref to initiate a 10-count. Danielson gets back to the ring, and Fish goes at him right away. Fish sets up Danielson's legs in between the corner post and slams his legs onto it while talking trash to the fans outside. Fish back in the ring as he keeps up the pressure with knees to the mid-section along with more strikes in the corner.

Back live and Fish continues damage on Danielson's leg. Danielson trying to fight out of the corner, but Fish cuts him down. Fish takes in boos as the ref checks on Danielson's left leg, and Fish kicks Danielson down. Fish hits a sliding lariat for a two count. Fish applies a single-leg Boston Crab. Danielson trying to fight his way to the ropes. He slides under and looks for an ankle lock and drags Fish to the middle of the ring. Danielson then hits a release German suplex.

Both men are down as Danielson gets up first and hits an uppercut / leg kick flurry. Fish responds with leg kicks of his own. Danielson catches a kick and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Danielson follows up with another going after the left leg of Fish. Danielson returning the favor as he slams Fish's leg onto the post. Danielson then chop blocks Fish. Fish catches a kick and hits a back drop driver with the knee capture, cover, but Danielson kicks out at two. Fish going at Danielson in the corner.

He elevates Danielson up top. He fires in strikes. Fish hits a avalanche Falcon Arrow, cover 1-2-no! Fish transitions into a kneebar right away. Danielson reverses into one of his own! Fish trying to kick hits way out, but Danielson responds with kicks of his own. Danielson releases the hold and drags Fish in the middle. Danielson taps out Fish with the heel hook.

Winner: Bryan Danielson via submission

- The bracket for the AEW World Eliminator Tournament is revealed. Orange Cassidy will take on Powerhouse Hobbs next week as will Lance Archer and Eddie Kingston and Dustin Rhodes and Bryan Danielson.