AEW Tag Team Nearly Parted Ways Prior To Signing With The Company

In a recent interview with Nicholson Student Media, Bear Boulder, one-half of AEW's "Bear Country" tag team, noted how despite a burly appearance, he and his tag partner are nice guys.

"It's pretty much just two big, burly guys, who just go in there, that are very mean, very stiff. They will just beat the crap out of you and love it," Boulder said. "When they're onstage, they have so much more of a meaner, more aggressive persona. They get off stage, everybody will tell you, 'Oh, they're the nicest guys to work with!'"

The AEW star also revealed that the duo was close to splitting up their team until the opportunity with AEW came to fruition.

"Me and Joe actually thought about splitting up for a little while," Boulder said. "But then when we got the shot at AEW, and after we killed it in our first time there, the fire was literally just back, like that. The fire reignited in that instant."

Now that AEW is back on the road following the pandemic era of pro wrestling, Boulder needs some special travel accommodations due to his anxieties.

"There's a clause in my contract that I need first-class flights... I hate flying on planes because I'm so big!"