On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with MLW’s Alicia Atout. Atout began by reflecting on being featured on MLW TV as a backstage interviewer and as a talent over the past two years.

“It’s been wild, especially when it comes to being an interviewer,” Atout admitted. “For me, I always wanted to sign somewhere, but I never knew if anyone would accept me or want me because when it comes to signing somewhere, wrestlers, there’s so many per roster. Meanwhile interviewers, there’s one or two, so when they approached me and said, ‘Hey, we want to lock you down,’ and it just made sense. I was so excited, but I never thought I’d get to the point where I’d become so much more than an interviewer, and be working so many different storylines, and be in the middle of posters and promotions and have press days.

“It’s absolutely wild just being treated as talent, someone in the locker room, and I really appreciate them for that. I never quite expected it to just gel this well. To hear about people signing places, you just hear nightmare stories, and for me, it’s just been so smooth sailing. Anytime we’re doing something and I have advice, they’ve always openly taken and vice versa, so we’re talking about vibes, and MLW is just a good vibe all around. The locker room, I love my bosses and now all these opportunities with Vice, it’s just continuing to grow into something amazing.”

Tonight’s Fightland show will feature a new segment in the middle of the broadcast called MLW Embedded. Atout will host the panel along with Wrestling Inc. owner Raj Giri, Emilio Sparks and Andreas Hale. MLW President Court Bauer was on The Wrestling Inc. Daily yesterday to talk about the new segment, and Atout gave more details on MLW Embedded.

“I will be the official host for a brand new segment. I’m sitting down with all of the talent that we are bringing on, and in terms of people who were on the show, it’s really just the hottest journalists and analysts within the wrestling business and we’re going to be changing that up every single time, which is super exciting,” Atout said. “New names, keeping it fresh and we go into unknown territory in wrestling.

“I don’t really know about a roundtable that is put within a wrestling brand or promotion show where they talk about other companies. It’s kind of that forbidden thing where you don’t mention it. It’s all hush hush, but we don’t beat around the bush here. We don’t tiptoe. We’re getting right down into it. We’re talking about the hottest topics within wrestling, and it’s all airing within our own brand being MLW, and the beauty of it too is of course, we are talking about some controversial topics, things that are just buzzing at the moment, but there’s also going to be a lot of breaking news.

“On the one that will be airing during Fightland tonight, I break some huge news about a huge star who’s going to be debuting with the company this fall, and hands down, one of my favorite wrestlers… yet alone, not just my words, coined by many, one of the best wrestlers in the world at this very moment will be coming to MLW, so I am so excited! The news will be broken tonight, and I think everyone’s in for a treat.”

Fightland is MLW’s first pro wrestling special that will air on Vice TV. Atout discussed what fans can expect from what will arguably be MLW’s biggest show in history.

“We have two great events that are going to be happening during Fightland,” Atout stated. “Of course, we have the massive main event, which is for our world championship. It’s [Jacob] Fatu going one on one against Hammerstone, and then we have a fantastic Middleweight Championship match, Myron [Reed] vs. Tajiri, which is insane, and Aramis and Arez, who are just two of the best luchadores I’ve ever seen live. It’s a stacked show, and then you have us in the middle giving you all of the news, all these scoops and just our opinions on some really neat stuff happening in the world of wrestling.”

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