Becky Lynch Reveals Why She Is Not As Active On Social Media Anymore

SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch says motherhood has changed her approach to social media.

Lynch recently spoke with to promote her WWE Crown Jewel Triple Threat title defense against Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair. Lynch, who returned at WWE SummerSlam in August after giving birth to her first child with Seth Rollins back in December, said she's aware of her position as a role model, and how her actions can influence so many people.

"One thing I find I look at differently now is social media and how that affects people, and young people, in particular," Becky said. "You may have noticed but I don't really post as much any more, and it very much around the narrative of how we empower woman to use our voices in an appropriate way, especially when there is so much noise all the time.

"I think I am very much still trying to figure all that out, but I think anything I do has that much more weight to it now I am a mom."

As seen in the tweet below, Lynch recently endorsed the "Tag Me In" PSA to break the stigma and normalize a conversation around mental health. For those who missed it, you can click here for full details on the campaign and the many wrestlers involved.

"More than the battles fought on tv, this is important #TagMeIn," Lynch tweeted on the campaign.

Lynch will be in action during tomorrow's Supersized SmackDown episode on FS1, in a non-title match against Banks.