Brandi Rhodes Reveals Origin Of Her And Cody’s Daughter’s Name “Liberty”

As a guest on the latest episode of the Insight with Chris Van Vliet Podcast, Brandi Rhodes joined the show to talk about her family's new show on TNT Rhodes to the Top. The fifth episode of the show drew 340,000 viewers on TNT at 10pm ET on Saturday night. Rhodes spoke about episode three of the show and how her and Cody got into a disagreement over there not being a bed on his bus, The Nightmare Express. Brandi revealed that she isn't a fan of her husband's bus and described what it was like to be on camera during the toughest times of her pregnancy.

"They followed me from about seven months all the way up through the end and the beginning of the new baby," Brandi said. "The hardest part of it was being pregnant and having constant eyes on me and constant requests trying to keep a good face forward. It bombed considerably as noted in the episode where I had the melt down about the bus and the bed not being on there. Let me say, they were very kind to me at that moment, it was so much worse. I went completely out the world backwards on that one and I don't know how Cody missed that piece but it's no secret that I hate The Nightmare Express [bus].

"I just don't like it, to me it's a waste of money and time because I can get on a flight and get there faster or I could drive for however many hours. It's a bus so it takes longer, I've never been a fan. So me pregnant, totally not a fan because I'm uncomfortable. The only place to be comfortable was to lay down in the back, also the nausea, I had terrible nausea the entire pregnancy so rolling around in the back of a bus was rough. That moment when I recognized there was no bed on that bus, the meltdown was substantial. I did throw something, we didn't show that but we should've shown that, I knew what I was doing. I did not care about the camera's in that moment but they let me look okay in that scene."

On Sunday, October 24th, Cody will be debuting as a masked wrestler and teaming with Fuego Del Sol as Too Fast Too Fuego. This is coming off the recent AEW Dynamite where Cody was brought to his coach Arn Anderson's gym to reinvent himself and start fresh.

Brandi continued on the podcast to speak about the birth of her daughter and the reason she and Cody came up with the name Liberty. Rhodes revealed that although many believe the name has to do with Cody's passion for the United States, there's a different reason why they chose the name Liberty for their first child.

"I feel like people think that the meaning behind Liberty has everything to do with Cody being a patriotic dude, and I love it," Brandi said. "That's really cool that he's a patriotic dude but I wouldn't name my daughter Liberty for that reason. I'm going to totally wow you with the reason why her name is Liberty, Disney. I'm a huge Disney fan obviously, Cody and I are huge Disney fans, it's a massive part of our lives. Before we ever even found out we were pregnant, we were at Disney walking around and just whimsically talking about our future and maybe if we had kids and what their names would be.

"I said I definitely would have to have a Disney connection but I don't want it to be on the nose, it can't be Elsa or Ariel or one of the princesses because I feel like I can do better than that. We were just walking around and talking and throwing things out there and then we walked into Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom, I saw the sign for Liberty Square and said 'What about Liberty? We can call her Liberty.' He was like 'I love that.' Cut to a year or so later, we were pregnant and immediately we knew Liberty was going to be her name. Completely different from what people think."

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