Bruce Prichard Recalls Celebrity’s Teeth Falling Out In Front Of Vince McMahon

Earlier this year, Ozzy Osbourne was inducted into the WWE's celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame for his guest appearances with the company. Osbourne made several appearances over the years for WWE, including his first coming at WrestleMania 2 where he managed The British Bulldogs along with Captain Lou Albano to a World Tag Team Championship victory.

On a recent episode of the Something to Wrestle With Podcast, Bruce Prichard spoke about his encounters over the years with Ozzy Osbourne, with his most memorable one happening in 2006 prior to the No Mercy pay-per-view. Prichard spoke about the memorable time Osbourne said hello to Vince McMahon prior to a show he was on to perform his latest song.

"We had Ozzy, his new album was coming out and he was going to sing his new hit single," Prichard said. "Ozzy came in and he was absolutely fan-f***ing-tastic, he was great during the day. He was one of those guys that you would say, man, give me an Ozzy Osborne every week. I'll work with him every day. So then Ozzy left to go back to the hotel to relax, Ozzy came back and I met someone else when he came back. He was a completely different cat when he came back and he was eating chicken breast okay, a big fat juicy chicken breast. He was picking it up and eating the chicken breast, and he wanted to say hi to Vince. He kept asking me 'Is Vince here, I want to say hello.'

"I go and grab Vince and say, 'Vince, Ozzy would love to say hi.' I bring Vince in, and he's got the chicken breast in his hand. In his right hand and it's got sauce and sh** on it and Ozzy bites into the chicken, and he sees Vince and goes to pull the chicken out, and his teeth came out. Then he just kind of put everything back in and went to shake Vince's hand with the chicken juice and all the stuff all over it, which again was a high spot for me."

Prichard also spoke about how Osbourne was brought in to criticize Jillian Hall's singing during the time she was pretending to be a great singer. The Senior Vice President of WWE talked about how Ozzy was having a difficult time comprehending what they were asking from him that night, which led to a memorable comedic moment between him and Prichard.

"We're getting ready to go do the bit with Ozzy and he was going to do something with Jillian Hall, and Jillian's gimmick was that she was a bad singer but she thought she was a great singer. I'm explaining this to Ozzy and I said, 'Ozzy, you have to look at her like oh f***, man, keep practicing dear,' or something along those lines, and she's horrible. We're trying to rehearse it and he's just not getting it, he's not getting what I needed and we're gonna live live in Baltimore up on that sh** f***ing stage, and it's like, I've got to go live with Ozzy. I said, 'Dude, I just need you to be you. I just want you to be Ozzy, man.' He looks at me dead in the eye and says, 'I'm Ozzy, I'm Ozzy.' And just kept repeating 'I'm Ozzy' as if I was confused now."

Prichard also talked about The Miz and his current role on Dancing with the Stars. He praised Miz for being the hardest working guy in show business, and pleaded that listeners vote for him on the show.

"I want everybody, vote for Miz," Prichard said. "You know what, there's not a harder working guy in show business than Mike Mizanin. Go back to this time and here he was busting his a** every single night and now he's on Dancing with the Stars, show your support. Vote for The Miz. You can vote like 10 times on your phone. He does have the highest numbers of any guy on the show."

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