Bubba Dudley Recalls Spike Dudley Asking Vince McMahon For Weed

Current co-host of Busted Open on Sirius XM and WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Dudley recently joined fellow wrestling legends Gerald Brisco and JBL for an episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw.

During the interview Bubba Dudley spoke about different talents he would travel with on the road. JBL points out that Bubba and D-Von used to ride with the Rock at the height of his popularity. Bubba spoke a bit more about the experience of riding with The Great One.


"We spent about a year on the road together with Rocky," remembers Bubba. "It was me, D-Von, and Rocky. . . The three of us got along great. We'd go out to dinner, and Rocky, at that time, he would just call Morton's [Steakhouse] and they'd keep Morton's open until two in the morning for us. It was a genuine friendship, a genuine comradery, [we] stay in touch to this day."

In the interview Brisco also asks Bubba about Spike Dudley as someone who helped the Dudleys. Bubba agrees, noting that Spike had a pivotal role as a part of the Dudley family. He then goes on to praise Spike for his talent and attitude.

"Spike is a very, very important part of me and D-Von's journey," shares Bubba. "I really hope that Spike one day gets his chance to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Everybody needs somebody to get them over. You can't do this on your own. Spike was on the end of the a** kicking every single night. We'd beat the sh*t out of him and he'd just keep coming. He's one of the toughest guys I've ever come across in this industry. . . I can't thank him enough. I love him to death.


"Anybody who has worked with him knows that he was willing to put his body on the line for them to help anyone get over. He was the ultimate underdog and had so many great matches with [Bam Bam] Bigelow in ECW. He's very respected by the boys. He helped us out tremendously because of his willingness to do whatever we needed him to do to get over that night."

Brisco interjects and agrees with Bubba. He notes that the office and creative knew they could rely on Spike Dudley to do whatever needed to be done, and at a high level. He says that the creative team had a lot of trust and respect for Spike Dudley and his abilities.

"I know in his run in the WWE he was so well respected by all of us guys in the office," shares Brisco. "When we had something complicated and wanted something very important done that was right on the edge of being 'well, should we do this or not?' Someone would say 'Spike Dudley could do it'. Why? Because Spike Dudley was like Gumby, he could contort his body any way he wanted.

JBL agrees with both men. He says Spike was great in the ring and outside of the ring. He praised him for his kindness and his willingness to do anything asked of him.

For what it's worth, when Spike Dudley was released in 2005 he posted a message on his official website where he criticized the WWE for putting him in so many vulnerable positions.


Bubba later goes on to tell a story about not being able to find Spike in an arena one night. So, he went looking and finally finds Spike in the bathroom doing something unexpected.

"I walk into the men's room and I see his boots in one of the stalls," smiles Bubba. "He used to spray paint them with polka dots. I was like 'Spike, are you in here?' And all I hear is [Spike coughing], and this big cloud of smoke came out of the stall and I was like 'Oh, so that's how you're able to do it every night'."

JBL then asks Bubba to tell the story about Spike Dudley asking his boss, the Chairman and CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon, for weed.

"Me, Shane [McMahon], [Tommy] Dreamer, and Spike; this was when Shane was on the road with us [while] we were doing house shows," recalls Bubba. "We're probably driving at three in the morning. We probably had no business being on the road, but we were. Shane looks over to me and goes, 'Come on, let's call pop'. I'm like, 'Horrible idea, do not call your father'. [Shane's] like, 'No, no, let's call him'. I say, 'He's probably sleeping'. [Shane's] like, 'He never sleeps'.

"Before I can say anything else he's dialing the phone. He's like, 'Pops? Hey, Bubba wants to talk to you' and he hands me the phone. I'm like 'Vince?' And [Vince] is like, 'Why are you corrupting my son, Bubba?' I was like, 'You know it's the other way around'. [Vince laughs], 'Don't do anything stupid and make sure you get home safe.


"I hand it back to Shane, and Shane says, 'Hey, Spike, you want to say hello to Vince?' Spike doesn't think Vince is on the phone, Spike thinks it's a rib. Spike takes the phone and he goes, 'Hey, Vinny, you got any good pot?' And Vince starts yelling. Spike threw the phone at the windshield, Shane's phone exploded. Spike was terrified. The next day at TV he did everything he possibly could to avoid Vince."

Brisco also asks Bubba if he became close with Shane. Bubba notes he and Shane did develop a friendship. He says that their friendship was not as much about wrestling as much as it was the fact that they both simply got along well.

"We had a lot of fun together," shares Bubba. "We just got along together as men, as friends. It was never about wrestling. We just enjoyed each other's company. Me, Shane, and Tommy had a good comradery."

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