Dan Lambert Talks The Possibility Of King Mo In AEW

Dan Lambert of American Top Team recently sat down with the Miami Herald's Jim Varasallone to talk PFL and AEW. Before cutting promos in AEW, Lambert was doing the same in Impact and MLW for Bobby Lashley and King Mo respectively. Lambert discussed how those experiences prepared him for his current AEW run.

"I think it was good practice, unless you count 40 years of sitting in front of your bathroom mirror talking sh*t and cutting promos, unless you count that as real practice, it was good to get in front of people and and try to do some of the things you need to do to get your points across," Lambert said. "I just kind of get out there, and say what's on my mind, and go with the flow and seems to be working pretty good so far, knock on wood."

King Mo still competes in MLW having last done so on Fightland and at Battle Riot. Lambert talked about the work King Mo has done for ATT and whether or not fans can expect King Mo to help out ATT in AEW.

"King Mo's probably the best teammate we've ever had at the gym, which is why we knew he would become such a good coach," Lambert noted. "Even when he was full time fighting, he was putting in so much time and helping everybody else. It was a natural fit for him to make the transition into a coach, and as far as his pro wrestling career, he's gone to wrestling school. He's been in developmental territories for WWE.

"As soon as we started the AEW crossover, the first thing he did was grab a couple of the guys that were going and said, 'Hey, let me show you some things. Let me show you how it works,' very good, very instrumental. He was a big help to JDS (Junior Dos Santos) before his first match, and he's always at our gym and he's always looking to help everybody else get better. He's under contract somewhere else, but Tony Khan's got that forbidden door that he likes to open, and I wouldn't be surprised to see King Mo climb through it at some point."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Jim Varsallone with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.