Dana Brooke Apparently Responds To Criticism From Corey Graves On WWE RAW

Dana Brooke has apparently responded to comments made by Corey Graves during her loss to Shayna Baszler on last night's WWE RAW.

"I'm all for giving people time to develop, giving people time to realize their potential, but on a long enough timeline, you gotta cut your losses," Graves said of Brooke. He later added, "You can give me a chest full of tools, that doesn't mean I can build you a house, OK? It's a matter of putting things together, and Dana Brooke, in my opinion, hasn't exactly done that."


Brooke, who was drafted to stay on RAW in the WWE Draft, posted a message to her Instagram Stories today and speculation is that she included a message in response to some of the criticism she received from Graves and others.

She wrote, "You CANNOT entertain everything regardless if its INDIRECT or DIRECT!! Let people do what they do best . TALK!! Y'all act like y'all gone die because somebody said something about you. IT IS NOT THAT DEEP!! You cannot stop and throw stones at every dog that barks . ONCE you entertain a clown , you BECOME ONE [woman waving emoji] YOU THE CLOWN [clown emoji] I'M THE QUEEN [queen emoji] I KEEP PUSHING THRO! WATCH ME WORK"

After some time away from the ring, Brooke returned to in-ring action on the September 9 edition of WWE Main Event, losing to Doudrop. Before that, her last RAW singles match was a loss to RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair on May 3, and her last RAW match was a six-woman bout on June 28. After last night's loss to Baszler, Brooke was saved from a post-match attack by Doudrop.


You can hear some of Graves' commentary below, and see a screenshot of Brooke's Instagram Stories post: