Dark Order Joke About Reported WWE Pitch To Adam Cole (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* John Silver and Alex Reynolds try to sneak up on Adam Cole while he's on the phone. They try to tell him how good the kiss was during their previous match. Cole said it meant nothing and they should hit the bricks. Reynolds and Silver say to be honest, Cole is "dog s***" at wrestling and The Young Bucks really carried the match. They think his true calling is being a manager (call back to WWE reportedly pitching an idea for Cole to manage Keith Lee on the main roster) and throw out some ideas for him to manage them. Cole says maybe he should practice this idea. He tries out an introduction for them, then tells them to "eat s***" again, and walks off.


* Young Bucks show off their new sneakers. Shopping day with Matt and Nick Jackson.

* Cutler's camera view of The Elite sneak attacking Jurassic Express during a backstage segment.

* Ryan Nemeth gives an update about his break-up. Shows his remaining items he has to move out, which is spray tan. Apparently, that's the reason she broke up with him, because he uses it. He ends up playing a ukulele and trying to sing out his emotions. He ends up breaking down and says Hangman Page was right and he should keep this stuff private. He tells Brandon Cutler not to add this clip to BTE, even though he realizes he should just not send it to him to begin with. Cutler obviously uploaded it anyways.

* Highlights of The Elite vs. Dark Order from Cutler's camera. More post-match stuff when Jungle Boy takes out Cutler and sprays him in the face with cold spray.