Dark Order Tries To Give Adam Cole Advice (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* The Elite get prepped for their promo segment in front of a chain link fence, they think it shows their toughness! Kenny Omega says the group should said they stole their shoes since people keep telling them they are overpaying for their sneakers.

* Adam Cole getting ready in the locker room, John Silver and Alex Reynolds roll up and talk to Adam Cole (who they call "Budge"). They try to offer up some advice on how to find his stride, but Cole doesn't want the help. Reynolds say they just want to help out since that's what friends do! Cole says they are terrible friends and gets instant anxiety when he sees them. This week, Silver says they need to talk about his "s***ty gear." Cole says there's nothing wrong with his gear. They want something that snaps — leather (and leather straps). Cole has had it and tells them he has an idea where they get shirts with s*** on them and they can eat their shirts and their stupid ideas. Cole storms off.

* Young Bucks say they want to get cooler and possibly recruit to The Elite. The camera pans over to -1. They try to bribe him with some merch to leave Dark Order. They ask him "How about he leaves those losers?" -1 says Matt and Nick are the real losers. Matt tells Nick to superkick him, they've done it to kids before. Nick goes for it, but -1 catches his foot, throws it into Matt, lowblow kicks Nick, and splashes off the table on both of them. -1 hides until the table, Cutler tells them he went under the table, they look, and he's gone.

* Ryan Nemeth says it's pretty childish of Brandon Cutler for putting his footage on last week's BTE. He says that's probably why Cutler is still editing home movies for his friends because he can't do anything else! Cutler throws in editing jabs while Ryan Nemeth talks about Hollywood movie scripts, his schedule, life as an actor, and his break-up. Nemeth says he's going to find some dirt on Cutler and show it next week!

* BTE Tournament: Dante Martin and Fuego del Sol play some garbage basketball, first to get it through the tiny hole in the trash bin wins the challenge. Martin ends up winning and advancing.