Drew McIntyre Reveals His Biggest Money Match In WWE

One of the newest members of WWE SmackDown, Drew McIntyre, recently took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with DAZN. One thing Drew focused on during the conversation was how thrilled he is to be drafted to a show where he can chase after Roman Reigns, someone he calls "The Final Boss" in WWE.

"I have unfinished business in a lot of ways, just from a career perspective and things not working out when I was a kid on SmackDown," Drew explained. "But at the same time, there's unfinished business there with Roman, 100 percent. In WWE, he's the final boss and I'm excited when the time comes for that story. Maybe it's not right now, perhaps it's the future. But when it happens, it's going to be big.

When asked which future match of his is the "biggest money match", Drew acknowledged that it is a match with Roman. He believes that the feud he had with Randy Orton inspired a similar need to elevate himself so he can claim the top spot on the roster.

"Personally and professionally, 100% [the biggest money match is against Roman]. He already was the top dog, the big dog, and now his evolution over the past year, he's operating at a different level. He's been unbelievable as a character in the ring and every aspect, and I want to be able to step up to that level and I want to be able to put him down.

"So I'm excited to – just like Randy Orton when I won the WWE title initially, I knew I had to step onto his level as a character in the ring, on the microphone, to prove that I belong at the top of the mountain," Drew said. "Now that I've proved myself, I want to knock that tall guy off the top of the mountain and take his spot, and that's Roman Reigns.

McIntyre will challenge Big E for the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel on Thursday, October 21 from The Mohammed Abdu Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.