Former WWE Star Reveals He Plans To Retire At Age 40

Former WWE star Dirty Dango (fka Fandango) did a virtual signing with the Asylum Wrestling Store on October 30.

During the signing, Dango revealed that he plans on retiring from pro wrestling around the age of 40.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion also revealed that he thought about going to AEW or Impact Wrestling, but they never reached out to him.

"Yeah, I thought about both of those companies [AEW and Impact Wrestling]," said Dango. "They haven't really reached out to me. But I've spoken to some other companies and other companies as well. But, you know, I think maybe in the next year so just kind of a character change, you know, by landing on a different TV show. kind of mix it up a little bit. I'm 38. I plan on retiring at around 40. So, right now, it's pretty much just having fun and doing some independents and getting to see some of my buddies from WWE that I haven't seen in a couple of years and if I end up on TV somewhere, then [that's] even better, you know?"

WWE released Dirty Dango on June 25.