GCW Fight Club Results: Jon Moxley Vs. Nick Gage

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- The crowd is hot to start off with "GC-dub" chants from everyone. Dave Prazak and Kevin Gill on commentary as we go right away to our first match of the night.

- This match was booked as a singles match, but someone else's music plays. It's Lio Rush! Rush is in his gear and makes his way towards the ring as this looks like it will be a three-way match.

Alex Zayne vs. Ninja Mack vs. Lio Rush

The bell rings and Mack and Zayne go at Rush right away. Rush fights them off as Rush hits a corkscrew kick on Mack and an enzuigiri on Zayne. The crowd chants "Lio" as Rush sets his sights on Zayne. Rush takes out both guys with a handspring back elbow and then top suicidas on both sides of the ring! Rush and Mack fist fighting on the outside. Rush seats Mack down and runs around, slaps Zayne and hits a running boot knocking Mack off the chair. Rush commanding the crowd as he looks to run around towards Zayne, but Zayne counters with a chop.

Zayne sends Rush back inside the ring and hits an elbow in the corner and follows up with an uppercut. Mack leaps into the ring. Rush sandwiched in the corner. Zayne hits a tijeras on Mack and leap frogs Mack to hit a shotgun dropkick on Rush. Zayne then hits a tijeras to send Mack into Rush sending Rush outside. Zayne looks to plancha outside, but Mack cuts him off and hits a Spanish Fly, cover 1-2-no! Rush looks to catch Mack by surprise, but Mack lands on his feet off the springboard.

Both men showing off their speed as Mack flips everywhere and hits Zayne on his way and gets in Rush's face. Rush and Mack trade strikes. Mack with a ripcord inverted atomic drop and then a few kicks followed up by an atomic drop and an enzuigiri, cover but only a two count. Mack looks to go up top, but Zayne cuts him off. Rush cuts Zayne off, but Zayne retreats and hits a top rope rana on Mack and a German Suplex on Rush onto Mack! Zayne covers Mack for a two count.

Zayne misses a moonsault outside. Mack handsprings outside into a sunset bomb on Rush onto Zayne! Rush on the apron and hits a springboard rolling senton onto Mack. Rush and Mack in the ring, and Mack lights up Rush with chops. Rush though reverses an Irish Whip and hits a few clotheslines and then a Falcon Arrow, cover 1-2-no! Zayne catches a baseball slide from Rush and hits a senton on Mack.

He hits super kicks on both men. Rush and Mack hit their own kicks on Zayne. Rush gets superkicked, Zayne gets booted and all three men hits dropkicks at the same time. Everyone trying for roll ups. Rush gets kicked out of action. Zayne hits a high block on Mack in the corner, a high round kick, and he goes up top and hits a Shooting Star Knee Drop for the win as Rush was not there in time to break up the pin.

Winner: Alex Zayne via pinfall

Chris Dickinson & Starboy Charlie vs. Joey Janela & Marko Stunt

Marko and Starboy start off this tag match as they go back and forth trading counters and holds. Starboy hits a shoulder tackle and that quickens the pace. Both men matching each other strike for strike as they back up to their corners. Janela and Dickinson tag, and Dickinson runs through Janela with a shoulder tackle. Dickinson with a snapmare into a kick, but Janela rises up and fires some forearms. Dickinson snapmares Janela again and kicks him in the back, chops him and tags in Starboy.

Starboy keeping up the pressure as he hits a suplex for a one count. Dickinson tags back in, hits a double back elbow with Starboy and uses himself to help Starboy launch into a dropkick. Starboy not knowing he's not legal leading to a delayed pin for Dickinson for two. Starboy tags in and hits a chop on Janela, but Dickinson teaches him how to really hit a chop. Janela hits a jawbreaker and catches a rana into a sit-out powerbomb. Both men are down, but Janela is up first and tags in Marko. Marko takes out Dickinson and hits a German Suplex on Starboy.

Dickinson looks for a Pazuzu Bomb, but Marko hits a rana and hits a flurry of offense on Dickinson. Marko hits a tope suicida on Starboy and then a top rope dropkick on Dickinson sending him outside! Starboy looks to take advantage, but Janela helps out Marko. He tags himself in and hits a Falcon Arrow on Starboy. He follows up with a snapmare into a kick to the back, cover, but the ref is checking on Marko. Starboy trying to find an opening, but Janela cuts him off and sends Starboy straight to the corner.

Starboy tries for a sunset flip, but Janela counters with a punch. Starboy hitting some strikes. He tries to tag Dickinson, but Janela reverses into an inverted atomic drop. Starboy catches Janela with a hurricanrana. Janela tries to prevent the tag, but he eats an enzuigiri. Marko runs in but takes a bicycle kick. Starboy uses Marko to hit a DDT on Janela. Dickinson tags in, catches Marko and hits a fallaway slam on Marko. Dickinson hits clotheslines back and forth on Janela and Marko.

He sends them on top of the other, clotheslines and throws Marko across, suplex for a two count and then a transition into an armbar. Marko breaks it up, but Dickinson throws Marko on top of Janela. Dickinson then applies a single-leg crab on Marko and Janela! They both reach the ropes to break the hold. Janela pulls down the rope to send Dickinson outside. Starboy hits a corkscrew kick on Janela and a standing shooting star on Marko. Janela hits a Gamengiri on Starboy on top. Marko flies off Janela onto Dickinson, and Janela hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron!

Janela and Starboy back in the ring, and Janela hits a brainbuster on Starboy. Janela covers, but Starboy is not legal. Dickinson sneaks up behind and hits a German Suplex. Janela fires up. Marko and Starboy enter but get taken out. Dickinson and Janela now with each other's partners and hit stereo piledrivers. They trade strikes back and forth. Dickinson hits a Death Valley Driver, cover 1-2-no! Dickinson transitions into a STF, and Marko applies a Sharpshooter. Marko applies a Sleeper on Dickinson forcing Dickinson to break the hold.

Janela tags in Marko as he and Dickinson trade strikes. Marko and Starboy going at it. Dickinson and Marko going at each other's partners. Starboy hits a tope con hiro on Janela! Stunt hits a second-rope swinging DDT on Dickinson, but Dickinson gets a boot up in the corner. Dickinson looking for a top rope Pazuzu Bomb and hits it on Janela! Starboy hits a twisting press, and Dickinson sends Janela outside. Starboy hits a brainbuster, and Dickinson covers for the win.

Winners: Chris Dickinson & Starboy Charlie via pinfall

Post-match: Janela takes the mic and notes he and Dickinson have known each other for 10 years traveling everywhere. He says Dickinson is responsible for the "piece of sh*t in front of you right now." He says Dickinson has been around too long to be with "this piece of wagyu beef" prompting a "wagyu beef" chant." Janela says their "wagyu beef" is over as well as their tag team. He tells Dickinson to get Starboy a big contract one day. Both teams shake hands.

Atticus Cogar vs. Jordan Oliver

Oliver starting out quick with a shoulder tackle followed up by a series of arm drags. Cogar escapes a head scissors slowing down the pace. Oliver working over Cogar with a waistlock. Cogar escapes, but Oliver pulls out skewers. Cogar and Oliver now trading strikes. Cogar hits a suplex and takes in the boos. Cogar sent over to the apron, headbutt, shoots in and tries a superkick, but Oliver catches it. Oliver with an O'Connor Roll, but Cogar kicks out. Oliver goes to the apron and tries a springboard, but Cogar hits a shotgun dropkick sending Oliver outside. Cogar then launches in for a stomp.

He brings Oliver back in the ring to cover for a two count. Cogar brings out some chairs and sets them up outside. Cogar then takes out two doors and sets them up on the chairs. Cogar bites Oliver looks to suplex Oliver through the doors. Oliver counters with a suplex back in the ring. Oliver tries for some pin combinations, but Cogar kicks out at two each time. Oliver sends Cogar outside but misses an Acid Kick. Cogar looking to go up top, but Oliver meets him up and elbows him on the back of the head. Oliver hits a butterfly suplex from up top, cover 1-2-no!

Cogar and Oliver trade forearm strikes. Oliver catches Cogar with a cross armbreaker. Cogar reverses it into a pin forcing the break. Oliver and Cogar match each other strike for strike as Cogar hits a clothesline for a two count. Oliver and Cogar on their knees as they go back and forth on strikes as they rise to their feet. Oliver elevated over the corner and hits a Stunner.

Cogar blocks a Clout Cutter, pushes the ref into the corner and hits a low blow followed up by a headlock driver, cover 1-2-no! Cogar can't believe he didn't win. Cogar now going back to his doors. He's setting Oliver up. Oliver trying to fight out of it, and he does. Oliver leaps up and hits a Clout Cutter through the doors! Oliver takes Cogar back in the ring to cover Cogar, and he wins.

Winner: Jordan Oliver via pinfall

Post-match: Oliver extends his hand to Cogar. Cogar pulls out skewers but drops it and shakes Oliver's hand. Cogar then jumps Oliver and drives the skewers on top of Oliver's head! Cogar runs away as Oliver is checked on.

- GCW owner Brett Lauderdale makes his way to the ring and is given a mic. He says this isn't his special announcement, but he notes this is a Showboat attendance record. Lauderdale says someone he looked up to in this business told him, "there are 1 million GCW's and this one won't last." The crowd chants, "F*ck that guy." Lauderdale puts over the record attendance in LA and in Chicago, twice. "In my opinion, I haven't seen a million GCW's. We're the only one."

Lauderdale now teases his major announcement, but Matt Cardona's music plays. Cardona enters to a sea of middle fingers in his face, boos and "f*ck you's." The crowd chants, "We want Effy". Cardona takes the mic from Lauderdale. "All hail the deathmatch king!" The crowd response with, "Shut the f*ck up!" Cardona asks, "Who's here to see Jon Moxley? Who's here to see Mick Foley? F*ck Mick Foley! I'm the hardcore icon!" Cardona says you're welcome to Lauderdale for the attendance record.

* stream broke down *

Internet Title vs. GCW Career: Effy (c) (w/ Allie Katch) vs. Matt Cardona

Cardona with a Rough Ryder right as the bell rings, but Effy reaches the ropes to prevent a pin. Effy traps Cardona on the ropes. He hits a back suplex followed up by a senton for a two count. Cardona gets his knees up in the corner, but he gets sent outside, and Effy hits a tope suicida! Effy brings out a chair and hits Cardona right on the back multiple times. Effy sets up Cardona on the chair, but he misses the dive. Cardona hits a Dirty Deeds on the floor. Cardona taking time to flip off the crowd.

He sends Effy back in the ring, cover, but Effy kicks out at two. Cardona hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Cardona now roughing up Effy with the chair and hits a huge dropkick. Cardona grabs the belt and raises it up high. Cardona grabs the chair again and rocks Effy in the head. Effy tells Cardona to bring it, and Cardona obliges. Cardona covers, but Effy kicks out at two. Effy now bleeding as Cardona brings out a headband and chokes out Effy with it. Effy powers out, bites the nipple and hits a northern lights bridge, but Cardona kicks out at two.

Cardona hits Effy with the chair again as he takes time to set up the Broski Boot. Effy avoids it and hits a TKO into a Dragon Sleeper. Cardona escapes, but Effy works over Cardona in the corner. Effy takes Cardona Under The Rainbow, cover 1-2-no! Effy tries to pick Cardona up, but Cardona can barely stand, but he was baiting him in with a Code Breaker into a Tiger Driver, cover 1-2-no! Cardona can't believe that didn't end the match. Effy reverses an Effy Variant into a small package, but Cardona kicks out.

Cardona hits a clothesline and tries to get more blood from Effy pounding on his cut on his head. Cardona grabs the belt and takes out the ref as Effy gets out of the way. Allie holds onto Cardona, and Effy goes for the chair, but he takes out Allie! Cardona and Effy take each other out. Effy sets up Cardona for the Zack Ryder, cover 1-2-the ref is dragged outside. Effy attacks the mystery person, but Cardona with a low blow. The mystery person hits a low blow, and Cardona hits a second-rope Zack Ryder for the win.

Winner: Matt Cardona via pinfall

Post-match: The mystery person is Chelsea Green! Cardona and Green celebrate together as Cardona gains back the Internet Championship and his GCW career will still continue.

* intermission *

Scramble Match: Gringo Loco vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Calvin Tankman vs. Brayden Lee vs. Dante Leon vs. ASF vs. Thunder Rosa

The match is about to begin, but someone else's music plays, and it's Thunder Rosa! The match is now a seven-way scramble! Everyone trying to go at Tankman, but he's not budging for anyone. Lee taken out with a clothesline. Tankman taken out with a rana and double superkick. ASF hits a Code Red on Lloyd. Loco and ASF going at it matching each other counter for counter. ASF with a tijeras followed up by an arm drag. Rosa now enters the ring. Rosa with a hurricanrana and a series of chops followed up by a dropkick. Loco comes in and gets arm dragged. Loco and ASF working together, but Rosa bounces off the ropes and sends both of them down.

Rosa hits a series of kicks on Lee. Lee set up on the middle rope for a dropkick to the back and then to the chest. Lee showing his agility and hits Rosa with a dropkick. Lee poses, but Tankman is behind him. Tankman with a pounce on Lee, back elbow on Loco and ASF. Leon and Lloyd in the ring as Leon hits a DDT on Tankman. Lloyd and Leon going at it. Leon hits a cutter after missing the first. Leon then hits a twisting plancha on the outside! Loco going up top and dives outside. Rosa now going up top and hits a twisting dive outside!

Lee goes up top and hits a Sky Twister on everyone. Tankman now teasing a dive. ASF comes in and bounces off Tankman. ASF elevated outside for a rana. ASF leaps in and hits a spike DDT. Lee and ASF inside as Lee sets up ASF on the top rope. ASF fights him off, but Lee cuts him off. Loco now inside as Lee hits a rana on ASF into Loco. ASF sets up Loco up top. He hits an enzuigiri, but Tankman cuts him off and takes him down with a clothesline. Lee trying to take out Tankman, but Tankman is still up after a series of strikes.

Lee gets off a poison rana. ASF goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. Loco hits a top rope moonsault, cover, but Tankman breaks it up. Tankman sends Loco into the ropes, but Loco hits a Destroyer! Rosa leaps in for a top tope stomp. ASF going at Rosa hitting a German Suplex. Lloyd and ASF now as Lloyd and Leon combine for an assisted facebreaker.

Lee hits a 630 senton to break up the pin! Lee goes for a Shooting Star outside on Tankman, but Tankman catches him and throws him onto the chairs! Loco hits a top con hiro on Tankman. Rosa going up top and hits a rana. ASF hits a tope con hiro on Rosa! ASF and Lloyd inside as Lloyd hits a spinning piledriver for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Lloyd via pinfall

AKIRA, Alex Colon & G-Raver vs. Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice)

SGC surround AKIRA, but AKIRA doesn't back down. He kicks Justice and hits a northern lights suplex on Gray, but Warner hits a spinebuster on him. Justice hits a boot, and Gray hits a leg lariat. Gray follows up with a chop and hits another as he tags in Justice who continues the pressure with a chop of his own. Warner tags in and also hits a chop. SGC keeping AKIRA in their corner as they take turns chopping AKIRA. Gray whips AKIRA into the ropes and hits a spinebuster.

Warner tags in and continues the pressure. AKIRA looking to find an opening, but SGC cut him off. AKIRA sent outside as Gray meets him and hits a series of stomps, and Warner joins him. Justice brings out a chair from under the ring and hits AKIRA in the back. SGC each hit chair shots on AKIRA. Colon and G-Raver come in to even the odds. Colon attacks Warner with a table. Justice hits Colon with a chair. AKIRA hits a series of kicks on Gray. Justice rocks AKIRA with a chair.

Gray hits AKIRA with a suplex on the floor. Colon hit with a table. Justice is up top with a chair. Warner and Gray setting him up with a doomsday chair shot, and Justice hits it. Justice and Gray setting up the door as Warner deals with AKIRA and Colon. Justice sends AKIRA back inside the ring. Justice steps on AKIRA's ankle, and SGC set him up for a triple team combo. Gray takes out G-Raver and Colon. AKIRA hits a double kick on Justice and Warner. G-Raver and Colon going at Gray, but Gray fights them off.

AKIRA hits a bicycle kick. AKIRA, G-Raver and Colon hit stereo tope suicidas! Justice going one-on-three, but he's hit with a flying kick / German suplex combo for a two count. Colon hits Warner with a diving DDT. AKIRA hits a backbreaker on Gray, and G-Raver hirs a Swanton Bomb. Colon hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Gray now alone in the ring. Triple spinebuster followed up by a pendulum submission. G-Raver and Colon hit stereo dropkicks. AKIRA applies a Muta Lock, and G-Raver and Colon apply full nelsons. Justice hits a suplex on G-Raver, and Colon is thrown on AKIRA and Gray.

Both teams now face-to-face. They start throwing shots and brawl in the ring. Gray hits a big lariat on Colon. AKIRA hit with Total Elimination. G-Raver hit with a double chokeslam. Chairs are being brought in. A shelf is set up on the chairs. G-Raver elevated up top. SGC setting up a triple team combo. Warner hits a superplex through the shelf, Colon sends Gray through the door outside and Warner and Justice take out AKIRA for the win.

Winners: Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) via pinfall

Post-match: Warner takes a mic. Warner says they have the belts and no other tag team on AEW or 205 Live that is better than them. "Name a team." Music plays and it's The Briscoe Brothers! The Briscoes are on the apron staring SGC down. They enter the ring and go face-to-face with Justice and Warner. The Briscoes say they want a shot at the GCW Tag Team Titles. The two teams stare each other down. The fans chant "tomorrow" hoping the match gets booked for tomorrow's show.

Shane Mercer vs. Yoya

Mercer talking trash to Yoya. Mercer catches a punch, but Yoya escapes a military press and shows off his quickness. Yoya trying to gain an advantage, but Mercer picks up Yoya and military presses him over his head. He tosses Yoya into the crowd! Mercer goes outside and hits a series of chops on Yoya. He drags Yoya across the crowd near the entrance curtain. He picks up Yoya by the throat and throws him back through the curtain. Yoya charges in and hits a series of strikes followed up by a Sliced Bread off the post.

Yoya hitting Mercer back towards the ring. Mercer throws Yoya back towards the ring, but Yoya bounces off into a swinging DDT! Yoya back in the ring and launches himself for a tijeras. Yoya drags Mercer back in the ring, cover but only a two count. Yoya keeping up the pressure, but Mercer pops him up. Yoya counters into a double wristlock. Mercer tries a suplex, but Yoya still has the hold locked in. Mercer back on his feet as he slams Yoya onto the corner to break the hold and throws him over his head.

Mercer covers, but Yoya kicks out at two. Mercer sets up Yoya in the corner for a big chop. Mercer setting up Yoya for a pop up powerslam for a two count. Yoya looking for an inside cradle, but Mercer fights out of it. Mercer cuts off the casadora and has Yoya in a Torture Rack. He looks for a spinning Torture Rack, but Yoya counters into an arm drag. Yoya tries for a tope, but Mercer catches him, places him on the apron and hits a clothesline. Mercer looking to take Yoya back in the ring the hard way.

Mercer has Yoya up top looking for a piledriver, and he hits! Mercer unable to go for the cover as Yoya looks out of it. Mercer goes for the cover, but Yoya kicks out at two! Yoya catches Mercer in a kneebar. Mercer close to tapping as he's nowhere near the ropes. Mercer back on his feet and stomps Yoya in the face. Mercer picks up Yoya and hits a springboard moonsault battery, cover, but Yoya grabs the rope! Mercer keeps Yoya up. Yoya slaps Mercer in the face and collapses.

Mercer calling for the end as he tells the people to get out of the way. He looks to throw Yoya again, but Yoya counters into a poison rana followed up by a Destroyer, cover 1-2-no! Yoya trying to get Mercer up. Yoya unable to get off a suplex as he favors the back. Yoya firing himself up. Yoya hits a brainbuster, cover 1-2-no! Yoya sent over the top.

He hits a Gamengiri and goes up top. Mercer hits his own Gamengiri. Mercer picks up Yoya looking for a moonsault battery. Yoya cuts him off and applies a rear-naked choke sending Mercer off the top rope. Mercer looking like he's fading. Mercer back on his feet as he carries Yoya up top. Mercer hits a moonsault tombstone for the win.

Winner: Shane Mercer via pinfall

- Brett Lauderdale now in the ring to make his special announcement, which will be in the form of a video. The video plays of the GCW roster voicing the things they've been told against them. At 1/23/22, GCW will be in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Lauderdale tells his hater who said "there are a million GCW's" to "suck my d*ck" and "f*ck you". He tells him to buy a ticket to the Hammerstein Ballroom.

- WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is introduced. Foley is given a mic, and the crowd chants "Foley", "Cactus", "Dude Love" and "Mankind". Foley admits he wished his kids were there to see the response the fans gave him when his music hit. A "Foley" chant breaks out. Foley says he always points to his final ECW match with Mikey Whipwreck as a highlight of his. Foley puts over that he met Thunder Rosa tonight, "a true women's hardcore legend." The crwod chants "Thank you Foley."

Foley talks about the matches he and Terry Funk had. He notes it was called "garbage wrestling." He says, "one man's garbage is another man's art. I beleive in the art of deathmatch wrestling. I believe in the soul of deathmatch wrestling." He calls for silence and says, "From the bottom of my heart, f*ck Matt Cardona." Foley notes he wore a fanny pack to hide his "Foley hard on". Foley says he will be on commentary and thanks the fans as we go to our main event.

GCW World Title Deathmatch: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Nick Gage

Before Moxley's name could be announced, Gage attacks Mox with a light tube, and Mox is busted open! Mox smashes light tubes over Gage's head. The two trade strikes as both men are busted open. Mox back body drops Gage outside on the glass door! Mox goes outside and tells Gage to get up. Mox picks up Gage and rolls him back inside. Mox takes out a pizza cutter! Mox now looking to cut Gage, and he slices Gage's forehead. Mox sets up Gage on the middle rope and slices up Gage's forehead even more and even celebrates with the broken light tube glass.

Mox sizes up Gage in the corner, but he's sent on the apron. Gage drives Mox's head on the turnbuckle. Gage then baseball slides on the tubes onto Mox! Gage working on Mox on the outside. He gets a chair and tells a fan to hold a chair while he drives Mox's head onto the chair. Gage and Mox fighting all over the crowd. Back in the ring, Gage hits a spinebuster on the glass. Gage grabs the barbed-wire board. Mox cuts off Gage and flips Gage onto the barbed-wire board!

The ref tries to free Gage, but Mox grabs the cutters from the ref to cut off a piece of barbed-wire to make a barbed-wire fist. Mox fires in a flurry of punches with the barbed-fire fist. Mox now driving the barbed-wire on the forehead cut. Gage trying to fire himself up, but Mox wraps the barbed-wire around Gage's face and hits a neckbreaker, cover, but Gage kicks out at two. Mox points at the glass set up in the corners. Mox setting it up as he has Gage in a fireman's carry.

Gage escapes and spears Mox through the glass! Gage sets up a chair on the chest of Mox, and he hits a senton. Gage breaks the tubes and drives the sharp edges on Mox's head. Gage now has his own pizza cutter. Gage has Mox on the middle rope and slices up Mox's forehead. Gage goes to another side of the ring and slices up Mox's tongue! Gage now with more light tubes. Mox fights out of a piledriver and hits a Saito Suplex, clothesline and a DDT, cover, but Gage kicks out at one!

Mox says "f*ck you" and hits a cutter on the tubes, cover 1-2-no! Both men are down as Mox's back is covered with glass. Both men get on their knees and exchange forearm shots. Now they trade headbutts. They're on their feet, and Gage hits a DDT. Gage drives a chair on Mox's head. Gage now setting up a tube on Mox in the corner, and Gage hits a running boot.

Gage hits a piledriver, cover 1-2-no! Gage now setting up a chair as Mox struggles to get back to his feet. Gage setting up a sheet of glass on two chairs as Mox's face is covered in blood. Gage looking to go up top and send Mox through the glass. Gage looking for a piledriver, but Mox fights him off. Mox bites Gage's nose! Mox hits a Paradigm Shift through the glass for the win!

Winner: Jon Moxley via pinfall

Post-match: Mox celebrates his title defense victory. He hobbles back through the crowd as Gage recovers in the ring. The crowd shows their support and appreciation for Gage, but Gage shows disappointment in the result. Gage takes a mic. Gage tells the fans he loves them. Gage says the energy from the crowd always keeps him going back up noting his head smashed the mat five times. He says he's going to keep doing this until someone kills him or his body can't handle it anymore as long as the people chant "MDK". Gage promises he'll bring the GCW Title back home because "it's MDK, all f*cking day!"