Hangman Page Returns, The Elite Joke About Botched Powerbomb (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* The Elite botch a powerbomb in their match on this past week's Dynamite. Backstage, the group wants to give it another shot and Adam Cole ends up lowblowing Nakazawa. They try to figure out how to do it. The four of them can't lift Nakazawa because he's really heavy.

* Travel day to Philly for The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler. Matt and Nick see the airport alerting Kenny Omega (using his real name) that he needs to pick up something. Matt and Nick check on him, it was him, he left his passport/boarding card behind, but was able to retrieve them. Young Bucks visit Rocky's statue as they've been to Philly a bunch, but never checked out the statue. They also visit the steps Rocky ran up. Young Bucks tell Cutler to run up it. He gets to the top and celebrates. Young Bucks and Cutler go sneaker shopping.

* Hangman Page in bed at home. He gets some mail from AEW HR that he's used up his off-days. He has to work or he will have his payment withheld. He then sees a Joker card enclosed for him to enter the Casino Ladder Match.

* Locker room, Dark Order banter time, Anna Jay shows up and asks them how they forgot about her for five months. She then offers up the group kicks out Stu Grayson. They vote to keep him. They try a few more votes. Silver offers up the Bollywood Boys as new recruits. They decide on going to Chili's and Alex Reynolds asks they group if they saw Hangman returned, nobody seemed to realize he was back.

* Leva Bates says she's feeling blue lately with all the ups and downs she's dealt with lately. She thought if anyone would understand feeling blue, it would be the Blue Meanie! He talks about experiencing every shade of blue and when it comes down to it, you have to just embrace it.

* Adam Cole on the phone, John Silver and Alex Reynolds roll up and start talking with him. The guys continue thinking he says "boobs" in his entrance and not "boom." They offer their friendship again, but Cole says he has friends. They try to convince him to be friends, but Cole wasn't having it and tells them to "eat s***" again and leaves.

* Clips from The Elite's match on Dynamite.

* Ryan Nemeth talk about Anna (not Anna Jay) and how they were a couple, but the relationship ended. He ends up shooting this segment in her apartment (?) and noted she broke up with him long distance. Initially he's calm, but then he starts to breakdown talking about it.

* 2point0 on the BTE Championship Tournament bracket: Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana; Fuego del Sol vs. Dante Martin; John Silver vs. Evil Uno; Chuck Taylor vs. "the joker."

* Behind-the-scenes clips of the Casino Ladder Match entrants. We see more highlights from the match with Hangman Page getting the win.