Harry Smith – WWE Update, Smith Reportedly Had COVID-19

Harry Smith revealed on his Twitter that he was backstage for both WWE Draft shows – Friday's SmackDown in Baltimore and Monday's RAW in Nashville.

There's been a lot of speculation on Smith's status after he wasn't picked by RAW or SmackDown in the 2021 WWE Draft. Smith returned to WWE at the July 16 SmackDown, teaming with Austin Theory for a dark match loss to Xyon Quinn and Odyssey Jones. He then announced that he was back with the company during a post-match interview, but that was the last we heard of him.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Smith wasn't around for a bit because he recently got over a bout with COVID-19.

There's no word on when Smith, son of WWE Hall of Famer The British Bulldog, will return to WWE action full-time, but he continues to tease that he will be back shortly. He noted in a Thursday tweet that he will be back in action very soon.

"Keep getting more and more Jakked each day. Steady diet of Persian food and Puppy Power. [winking face with tongue emoji] [dog face emoji] [flexed biceps emoji x 2] [collision symbol emoji] The Tosa Inu will be back in action very soon.....Activity is expected. [dog face emoji] [Japanese flag emoji] [lifting weights emoji] [UK flag emoji] [Canadian flag emoji] [United States flag emoji] [wrestling emoji] [fire emoji]," he wrote.

Smith has been signed to a WWE contract for a few months now. PWInsider reported in mid-September that internally he was still not assigned to any brand, and that he was in "hurry up and wait" mode.

Stay tuned for more on Smith. You can see some of Smith's recent related tweets below: