Impact Wrestling Digital Media Title New Details Revealed

It's now official that male and female wrestlers will be competing for Impact Wrestling's new Digital Media Title. New details have also been confirmed on how the title will be defended once the first champion is crowned.

As noted, it was announced on Thursday night that the new Impact Digital Media Title will be defended through the company's social media channels and their Impact Plus streaming service. The inaugural champion will be crowned with a multi-man match at Bound For Glory on Saturday, October 23 in Las Vegas. Qualifying matches will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays via Impact Plus, and then they will be released 24 hours later on YouTube for Ultimate Insider members. It was noted that first round tournament matches announced for next week include Hernandez vs. Crazzy Steve and Zicky Dice vs. John Skyler.

In an update, Impact has confirmed that male wrestlers and the Knockouts will be competing for the Digital Media Title. This was speculated as Knockouts were featured in the teaser promo released on Thursday, but now it has been confirmed by the promotion.

It was also revealed that the inaugural Impact Digital Media Champion will be crowned during the Countdown To Glory live pre-show to the Bound For Glory pay-per-view. A six-way match will be held on the pre-show, which will stream across all digital platforms as the lead-in to the pay-per-view. The one-hour Countdown To Glory pre-show begins at 9pm ET that night.

Twelve contenders, from the Knockouts and male rosters, will compete in six single-elimination matches over the next three weeks. The winners of those matches will be the final six that advance to the title match at Countdown To Glory, which Impact Executive Vice President Scott D'Amore called Before The Glory. There's no word yet on potential challengers past next week's matches with Hernandez vs. Steve and Dice vs. Skyler.

"Twelve contenders, drawn from both the Knockouts and male rosters, will compete in six single-elimination matches over the next three weeks. The winners of those matches will be the final six who go on to BEFORE THE GLORY and the Digital Media Championship six-way," D'Amore said in a press release.

Once the first-ever Impact Digital Media Champion is crowned, the title will be defended on Impact's digital platforms in exclusive matches, as well as on the weekly Impact TV shows, the monthly Impact Plus specials, and pay-per-view events.

"IMPACT Wrestling is an innovator in the digital space," D'Amore added, pointing to how Impact's wildly successful Facebook strategy is the subject of an upcoming best practices report to be published by the social media giant. He continued, "It is fitting to recognize the huge audience IMPACT has online. After the first champion is crowned, the Digital Media Championship will be defended on IMPACT's digital platforms in exclusive matches as well as on television, monthly IMPACT Plus specials and pay-per-views as it takes its place as one of the most coveted titles in our sport."

Stay tuned for more on the Impact Digital Media Title. Below is the teaser promo: